Best of Bucharest tour

Best of Bucharest walking tour -3 hours (30 €/pers)

Is this your first time in Bucharest and you need a city preview? So many places to see and you don’t know which one to visit? Is not your first time and you want to see again Bucharest’s main attractions? Best of Bucharest tour is made for you!

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Haunted Bucharest tour

Haunted Bucharest walking tour - 4-5 hours (49 €/pers)

Romania is well known for its dark legends – it’s the country of Dracula afterall! Bucharest, it’s capital, looks like a quiet city, but it has also his secrets and his creepy stories. Amazing ghost tales and urban legends will be whispered and hidden places will be explored, all in the Haunted Bucharest tour!

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Bucharest classic tour


Bucharest classic tour - 8 hours (from 49 €/pers)

Do you have a whole day to visit Bucharest? Spend it wisely! Bucharest classic tour offers you the opportunity to see the main landmarks in town, to hear their stories and to visit the most important of them. At midday we will stop for lunch in a cosy restaurant. At the end of it you will realize that you want to stay longer than a day in Bucharest!

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