Haunted Bucharest

Haunted Bucharest tour 4-5 hours (49 €/pers)

Haunted Bucharest tour description: Romania is well known for its dark legends – it’s the country of Dracula afterall! Bucharest, its capital, looks like a quiet city, but it has also its secrets and its creepy stories. Amazing ghost tales and urban legends will be whispered and hidden places will be explored, all in one half a day Haunted Bucharest tour!

In the „Haunted Bucharest tour” you will see the most famous cemetery in Bucharest (an open-air museum), secret quiet places, haunted buildings and other spots with dark history. This is an unique tour and this way you can discover another face of Bucharest, a face hidden or forgotten of this city. Don’t be afraid, be curious!


Start point: Eroii Revolutiei subway station or in the lobby of your hotel
End point: Old town of Bucharest
Departure hour: We will choose it together

  • Group of 2-6 persons - 49 €/pers

*For larger groups please contact us to send you the best offer

-A friendly, English speaking guide
-Assistance during the entire tour
-Transport with tram