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Welcome to Secret Romania travel agency, your trustful partner when it comes to visiting our beautiful country! We offer a wide range of private tours in Romania, day trips from Bucharest and vacations in Transylvania.

This way, you can discover the best-known attractions, but also the secret places of this beautiful country. It is a magic land full of legends and dark history!

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Secret Romania is one of the first Romanian travel agencies specialized in creating experiences for those who want to enjoy this hidden gem of Europe.

We are a travel agency based in Bucharest, founded in 2014. After welcoming more than 2000 tourists and leading more than 300 tours in Romania, our experience can help all those searching for a tour operator in Romania or a DMC as local partner.

10 days in Romania itinerary

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If you are searching for a 10-day tour in Romania that includes the main attractions, this Romania Grand tour is the perfect choice for you! On this trip, you will discover what are the best places to visit in Romania and why is Romania worth visiting. The tour will help you discover the unspoiled Maramures, enjoy the green Bucovina and visit Transylvania, the mysterious land of Dracula. Or you can try another multi-day trip to Romania.

2 weeks in Romania Unesco tour

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The UNESCO itinerary in Romania was created to offer you a 14-day holiday in which you will enjoy a mix of culture, adventure and relaxing moments. During this 2 weeks in Romania you will discover the UNESCO heritage sites and other famous places. The Horezu monastery, the fortified churches in Transylvania, the old, wooden churches of Maramures, the ancient fortresses in Orastie mountains, the painted monasteries of Bucovina, with their unique colours and Sighisoara, the only medieval citadel in Europe will show you why they deserve to be on the UNESCO world heritage list. This Romania guided tour will take you to see also other beautiful attractions in Romania so you can have a full image of what this Eastern-European country has to offer to its visitors. Or you can try another long tour in Romania.

2 weeks Romania & Bulgaria itinerary – UNESCO tour

Price on request
If you are ready to discover what Eastern Europe has to offer, this 2 weeks itinerary in Romania and Bulgaria is a great option. During it, you will see the best of both countries and enjoy a great mix of natural attractions and cultural places. Also, you will visit the most important UNESCO heritage sites in Bulgaria and Romania. At the end of your trip, you will have a better understanding of these countries and you will leave back home with your heart full of memories. If you have less than 2 weeks to spend in Eastern Europe, check this itinerary and write us about what you would like to see from it. We will design a custom-made trip in Bulgaria and Romania according to your wishes and your availability. Or you can try another multi-day trip to Romania and Bulgaria.

3 days in Transylvania medieval tour

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Transylvania is a land full of legends, fortresses, and shadows of the knights that once lived here. Are you ready to discover them? Medieval Transylvania tour will show you the beautiful cities of Sibiu and Brasov, both dated from ancient times, the Sighisoara citadel, the only citadel in Europe still inhabited, some amazing fortresses and the remains of medieval history – the fortified churches. This itinerary in Transylvania will be enough to make you want to come back again. And if you want more, choose a longer tour from our Transylvania experiences.

4 days in Transylvania itinerary

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Are you interested in a 4-day tour in Transylvania? Enjoy this amazing itinerary starting and ending in Bucharest that will show you the best of Transylvania: medieval cities, secluded villages lost in time, natural wonders, and of course Bran castle, the famous castle of Count Dracula! For those who don't have so much time to explore Transylvania, this is the perfect choice! Or you can try another tour in Transylvania.

5 days in Romania itinerary

Price on request
Looking for a 5-day tour in Romania? You have now the perfect choice! This trip combines some of the famous attractions in Romania (castles, fortresses and medieval towns) with its less-known natural attractions (the Mud volcanoes). Take your time and discover the nature and the cities of this beautiful corner in Europe. Or you can try another multi-day trip to Romania.

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