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10 amazing Romanian castles

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Romanian castles are known to be among the most beautiful ones in Europe. Not all of them are well kept, so today some are in ruins, some are closed to the public and only a few still welcome their guests. The most visited tourist attraction in Romania is a castle: Bran castle, due to its “connection” with the vampire Dracula.

When visiting Romania some of these jewels will be among your points of interest, so you need which one to choose. Here is my list of the 10 Romanian castles:

  1. Peles Castle in Sinaia – a newer castle, Peles was built to become the summer residence of the Romanian Royal family. In Autumn the landscape around it looks amazing.
  2. Banffy Castle in Bontida – Today is only a ruin, but it is known for the music festival Electric castle that takes place here every summer
  3. Red castle in Hemeius – surrounded by a dendrological park, the castle is closed today
  4. Teleki castle in Mures – Just a small part of it is open to the public, but the baroque architecture of the building makes it a good choice
  5. Cantacuzino Castle in Busteni – used today for private events and expositions, the castle in Busteni has also a restaurant that offers a breathtaking view over the Carpathians
  6. Bethlen castle in Cris – Partly ruin, partly restored, the castle in Cris is not very known so probably you will have it just for you during the visit
  7. Royal Castle in Savarsin – It is still close to the public.
  8. Corvin Castle in Hunedoara – A beautiful, medieval castle that keeps the traces of history in it
  9. Bethlen Haler castle in Cetatea de balta – Known for a famous wine brand that is produced here, you can visit the castle only with a pre appointment
  10. Bran castle – the most famous on my list has an interesting story behind that (I’m sorry to tell you) has nothing to do with Dracula. So you may wonder why is it known as “Dracula’s castle”? A day trip from Bucharest to Peles Castle and Bran castle will show you why.

So which one will be on your list to visit?

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