Complete itinerary 5 days in Romania

Romania itinerary 5 days:

Day 1: Bucharest – the capital of Romania
Day 2: Sibiu medieval city
Day 3: Fagaras citadel and Brasov
Day 4: Peles Castle and Bran Castle
Day 5: Muddy volcanoes and back to Bucharest

Details of the Best of Romania in 5 days:

Duration: 5 days
Start and endpoint: your hotel in Bucharest or another chosen location
Departure time: 08:00 A.M.
Note: “Best of Romania tour – 5 day Romania itinerary” is a private tour, so the route can be customized according to your needs.

2 weeks Bulgaria Romania
Mud volcanoes day trip
Weekend in Transylvania
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Looking for a 5-day tour in Romania? You have now the perfect choice! This trip combines some of the famous attractions in Romania (castles, fortresses and medieval towns) with its less-known natural attractions (the Mud volcanoes). Take your time and discover the nature and the cities of this beautiful corner in Europe.

Or you can try another multi-day trip to Romania.

Best of Romania in 5 days

Old town, Parliament Palace and Village museum

Start your 5 days in Romania tour exploring Bucharest, the largest city in the country and also its capital. Its mix of buildings from different times is really interesting and a great way to learn more about its history.

But Bucharest is more than just communism meats royalty meats modern era. It is also an excellent place to visit for the gourmands. Coffee, ice cream and delicious food are just some reasons why your taste buds will tank you for coming here.

Start the day with a walk in the old town and discover wander on its narrow streets while discovering the famous buildings like the History Museum and the CEC palace.

Your next stop will be at the Parliament palace, the second largest building in the world. Take a tour inside and see how far a dictator’s madness can go.

Continue your day with a visit of a concert hall that will amaze you with its architecture: the Romanian Athenaeum. Your last stop for the day will be outside in the Village Museum, which is considered a green oasis in the busy Bucharest.

You will spend your night in a city central located hotel in Bucharest.

One day in Bucharest





Day 1: Bucharest city tour

Sibiu old town

It is time to leave Bucharest behind and cross the Carpathian mountains because a new city is waiting for you: Sibiu. One of the most amazing cities in Romania, Sibiu greets its guests with tasty restaurants, medieval buildings, narrow streets and colorful houses. Its squares are preserved from hundred years and its tall towers offer a breath-taking view over the mountains. And by the way, now you are in Transylvania!

One day in Sibiu




Day 2: Visit Sibiu medieval city

Fagaras Citadel & Brasov

Driving from Sibiu to Brasov will take you around 2 hours. But on the way, you will have plenty of attractions to visit. Fagaras fortress, located in a small city with the same name, is just one of them. The medieval fortress surrounded by a water defense moat hosts today a history museum with medieval furniture and different expositions.

In the afternoon, you will arrive in Brasov. After check in, go to the old town and explore the famous landmarks in the city: the Black Church, the rope street and the defense towers surrounding the center.

You will spend your night in a cosy hotel in Brasov.






Day 3: Fagaras citadel and Brasov

Peles castle and Bran Castle

your 5 days in Romania are almost over. But since you are in Transylvania, you cannot miss 2 famous castles near Brasov.

Peles Castle, located in Sinaia, was the summer residence of the royal family in Romania. Built in the last center, the castle was one of the most modern ones in Europe. Its luxurious chambers and large gardens can be visited today. Don’t miss it!

Bran Castle is probably the most famous attraction in Romania. Due to its connection with the famous vampire count Dracula, Bran receives daily thousands of visitors. Explore its interiors and find out who exactly lived here. in the evening, go back to Brasov.

Spend your night at the same hotel in Brasov.

Bucharest to Brasov


Day 4: Peles castle and Bran Castle

Mud volcanoes

On the last day, say good-bye to Transylvania and come back to Bucharest on a road less-traveled. This way, you will have the opportunity to discover a peculiar natural attraction: the mud volcanoes. After parking, you will need to walk a little to reach the volcanoes. Once you see them, you will get the feeling that you are on the moon. Large and small craters and gray mud make this landscape seem out of this world.

When you arrive in Bucharest, you have 2 options: either go to the airport and go back home or extend your stay in Romania with extra nights.

muddy volcanoes buzau.

Day 5: Muddy volcanoes and back to Bucharest

How to enjoy 5 days in Romania?

Private guided tour

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English-speaking guide
Transport by car/minivan
Assistance during the entire tour
4 nights accommodation in 3*/4*/5* hotels
4 x Breakfast

Not included:
Other meals
Entrance fees

Self Driving tour

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Car rental for 5 days
Detailed itinerary & assistance during the entire tour
4 nights accommodation in 3*/4*/5* hotels
4 x Breakfast

Not included:
Other meals
Fuel and parking fees
Entrance fees

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