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7 days in Romania: Discover 4 unique itineraries

7 days in Romania itineraries

If you only have 7 days in Romania, that’s enough time to cover the essentials you must see at least once in a lifetime. Romania is a unique and spectacular country, thanks to its various environment that allows people to have a good time regardless of the season. This means that this place can adapt to your preferences which is good news for avid travellers who want to explore every bit of it.

Are you a fan of heavy snow and magical-looking cabins? Romania’s got the Carpathians to host you over winter. And what about a lovely summer on the Black Sea Coast? You can already see yourself sipping cocktails on the sunny beach. Regardless of your season choice, you’ll find everything that means relaxation and a good time here.

Plus, you’ll absolutely love the unique mixture of secular traditions, remote villages, vibrant cities, magical castles, spectacular scenery and sunny beaches.

Below you will find 4 spectacular Romania itineraries crafted to your preferences. Read on, find all the details you need and choose a plan that truly fits your travel style.

One week is more than enough to see the best parts of Romania and increase the desire to explore more. That’s just another reason to come back and discover more of this country’s untamed nature, historical cities, and epic villages.

Whether you want to spend seven days at the beach or driving thru scenic roads, we covered all sorts of trips in the following paragraphs. Thus, if you are considering booking your next holiday in Romania, look at these 4 itineraries to try and start planning your trip.

Itinerary 1: Scenic roads in Romania

For those who love the mountain landscapes and belvedere point, this itinerary is the perfect choice.

7 days driving tour romania - Transfagarasan

Day 1: Welcome to Bucharest
Day 2: Peles Castle & Sinaia
Day 3: Bran Castle & Rucar-Bran pass
Day 4: Poenari fortress & Transfagarasan road
Day 5: Sibiu /Driving to Paltinis
Day 6: Transalpina, the highest road in Romania
Day 7: Back to Bucharest

Your epic seven days road trip starts in the glamorous Bucharest and its delightful parks. You will have an entire day of exploring its legendary landmarks like the House of Parliament, Antipa Museum and other significant attractions.

The scenic road trip starts with the medieval route that links Transylvania and Wallachia. Right there, your first main attraction awaits, the majestic Peles Castle. Peles was built in the Neo-Renaissance style, and it was, for a long time, the mountain residency of the Romanian royal family.

Not far from Peles Castle, you’ll have the opportunity to admire the natural beauty of Sinaia. This is one of the finest holiday resorts located in the Carpathian Mountains. The area has a lot of stunning forests, impressive wildlife, and many paths to follow.

The journey continues with another natural wonder which is the Rucar-Bran pass, that’s has a lot of legends attached to it. It is said that this was the passage of knights, craftsmen, and nobles that left incredible traces through this natural pass.

The next stop includes a beloved landmark by Romanian people and foreigners alike, the Bran Castle. This medieval castle enjoys worldwide fame, mostly thanks to Bram Stoker’s novel Dracula.

Before heading to one of the most beautiful roads in Romania, Transfagarasan, you’ll have a stop at Poenari fortress. Even though everyone thinks that Bran Castle was Vlad the Impaler’s home, the truth is that he actually lived in Poenari.

Moving forward in mystical Transylvania, you’ll drive to the next destination, Sibiu. This is a medieval town full of history and peculiar-looking houses. Because you’re in for a scenic road trip, you’ll drive around the curvy roads of Paltinis, which will offer a view worthy of a magazine.

Of course, the best part is always the last one. The final destination is the highest road in Romania, Transalpina. On this route, you will also get to see the natural beauty of Lake Oasa and Oltet Gorges and experience peace at Polovragi Monastery.

Itinerary 2: One week beach holiday in Romania & Bulgaria

If you visit Romania in summer, why not try a mix of beautiful beaches and cultural landmarks on this tour?

7 days black sea holiday

Day 1: Bucharest to Constanta transfer & Constanta guided tour
Day 2: Beach day – Mamaia resort & Corbu beach
Day 3: Vama Veche resort – Balcik Castle – Sunny beach
Day 4: Sunny beach resort & Nessebar
Day 5: Burgas & afternoon at the beach
Day 6: Sozopol guided tour & the Black Sea wonders
Day 7: Madara rider & transfer to Bucharest

Did someone just say sunny days on the beach? If summer is your favourite season, make sure you choose this fantastic itinerary. Not only you have a great time on Romanian beaches, but you will also have the chance to see a few Bulgarian destinations.

Like any other epic itinerary, your adventure starts in Bucharest and then Constanta. Constanta is Romania’s most important port city, with a beautiful landmark recognised worldwide, the Constanta Casino. This masterpiece of the art nouveau style faces the beautiful waves of the Black Sea.

A fun time at the seaside must have a few hours of sunbathing. That’s why you’ll have a few hours for that in Mamaia resort and Corbu beach. While Mamaia is famous for its active nightlife, Corbu is still one of those remote beaches with wild areas and silence.

The last Romanian beach you’ll get to explore is the nonconformist Vama Veche. This beach is considered the land of freedom of thought, artistic creativity, and free spirits. So the best place to behave as you wish.

As you cross the border with Bulgaria, the first stop will be the stunning Balchik Castle. The place was built in 1925, and it includes an exceptional Botanical Garden. The Palace is the former summer residence of the Romanian Queen Maria, so expect a glamorous tour.

Bulgarian beaches are just as entertaining as Romanian ones. That’s why you’ll have plenty of time to explore Sunny beach resort and Nessebar. Burgas is another place worth your attention as you’ll get to see the famous pink lake Atanasovsko, walk around the most beautiful park Sea Garden, discover the old city, and of course, have some rest at the beach.

From there, you’ll get to Sozopol, perhaps the oldest city on the Bulgarian coast. You’ll benefit from a guided tour and the chance to see the Black Sea wonders.

The last trip happens on Madara, which is ultimately famous as the location of the global symbol of the nation and the country – the Madara Horseman. This is a bas-relief carved in the face of a rock 23 meters above ground level. From Madara, you’ll be relocated to Bucharest to finish the trip.

Itinerary 3: Best of Romania in 7 days

This trip will show you the best known attractions in Romania.

Best of Romania 7 days - Sibiu

Day 1: Welcome to Bucharest, the capital of Romania
Day 2: Bucharest (Old town, Parliament Palace and Village Museum)
Day 3: Peles Castle, Bran Castle & Brasov
Day 4: Viscri fortified church and Sighisoara
Day 5: Targu Mures and Turda salt mine
Day 6: Corvin castle and Alba Iulia
Day 7: Sibiu and back to Bucharest

As we already said, seven days are more than enough to see the best of Romania. This itinerary starts with Bucharest and its beautiful old town, impressive Parliament Palace, and the Village Museum, which will help you immerse in the remote Romanian villages.

The next part of your adventure focuses on marvellous Castles like Peles and Bran, both famous for stunning architecture and all sorts of legends. You’ll also discover Brasov, one of the most important medieval towns.

Because Romania still values the old country life, you’ll have the proper time to explore Viscri fortified church and meet the lovely people.

Sighisoara, your next stop, will leave you in awe with its colourful buildings and the tremendous Clock tower. This is a place to take pictures worthy of a postcard.

A walk through Targu Mures will teach you a valuable lesson about harmony since the architecture is a mixture of Romanian and Hungarian styles. Also, you’ll get to see the old citadel that still guards the town.

Moving deeper into Transylvania, you’ll stop at Turda Salt mine, the ultimate underground park. You’ll have plenty of activities to do here and also improve your health in the meantime.

Romania has plenty of castles to discover, and Corvin Castle is one of them. This is the largest medieval castle in Transylvania and represents the XVth century’s military architecture.

The stunning white citadel of Alba Iulia awaits to be discovered. The main reason you should visit this city is its unique architecture. Many architectural styles can be admired here, including Gothic, Romanesque and Baroque.

On your way back to Bucharest, you’ll stop in the charming medieval city of Sibiu.  Its towers, stairs, and narrow passages in the medieval centre, combined with colourful houses, fortified churches, and centuries-old buildings, give visitors the sense of going back in time while still enjoying all the advantages of the present.

Itinerary 4: Road trip in Transylvania

Ready to drive on Transylvania? Try this amazing route throughout medieval cities and traditional villages.

transylvania 7 days

Day 1: Arrival and Bucharest tour
Day 2: Road trip in Transylvania – Sibiu
Day 3: A white citadel in Romania and Corvin castle
Day 4: Biertan fortified church & Sighisoara citadel
Day 5: Fagaras citadel and Brasov
Day 6: Bran Castle and Rasnov citadel
Day 7: Back to Bucharest

Transylvania is perhaps the main attraction of Romania since it’s a land full of myths and legends. Also, it is a place full of charm, medieval towns, castles and fortresses, scenic old villages, traditions, crafts, incredible landscapes of the Carpathian mountains, green rolling hills, and majestic forest. No wonder everyone wants a tour here.

The itinerary starts in Bucharest, where you’ll stroll around the old town and see remarkable buildings. Soon after, you’ll admire the scenic roads to the first medieval town, Sibiu.

Your journey will feel like a walk into the past after discovering the white citadel of Alba Iulia and the narrow corridors of Corvin Castle.

You’ll then discover Biertan Fortified church, famous for its legends and local beauty.

Nothing beats the walk through colourful Sighisoara and its remarkable crafts towers. Also, this is the place with an iconic school passage.

Before getting to Brasov and its Tampa mountain, you’ll see the old Fagaras citadel, one of the best-preserved feudal castle complexes in the country.

Not long after you see Brasov, you’ll also wander around the corridors of Bran Castel, another epic landmark of Romania.

Before heading to Bucharest, the last stop will be Rasnov citadel. This fortress is a Romanian historical monument used as a defence system for the Transylvania villages exposed to Tartar and Ottoman invasions.

How can I book these itineraries?

If you like one of the itineraries above and you want to enjoy it, it is enough to contact us. All 4 tours can be planned as self-driving trips or tours with guide. Once we know your preferences regarding the accommodation and type of tour, we will send you the best offer.

The itineraries can also be adapted if you want to include attractions that are not mentioned or you want to extended them.

Closing thoughts

Are you in for a fabulous holiday? Book your itinerary today, and let’s discover the natural wonders of Romania together. We are professionals willing to craft the best tour for you and your loved ones. Rest assured that we will take care of everything while you just sit back and enjoy the ride. And if you want to know more about Romania, check our travel blog.