Driving tour in Romania 7 days

Highlights of the itinerary:

Day 1: Welcome to Bucharest
Day 2: Peles Castle & Sinaia
Day 3: Bran Castle & Rucar-Bran pass
Day 4: Poenari fortress & Transfagarasan road
Day 5: Sibiu /Driving to Paltinis
Day 6: Transalpina, the highest road in Romania
Day 7: Back to Bucharest



Duration: 7 days
Start and endpoint: at your hotel in Bucharest or another chosen location
Departure time: 08:00 A.M.
Note: “Driving tour in Romania – 7 days” is a private tour, so the schedule can be customized according to your needs.

Due to weather conditions, this tour is available from July till October. In the rest of the year, some roads are closed, so we will adapt the itinerary.

Horezu pottery Romania
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Spend 7 days in Romania driving on its most beautiful roads. Romania is known as a land with breath-taking landscapes, as a country where nature is still wild and waiting to be explored. The different land-forms shape the scenery, offering an appealing view to the eye.

This 7-day Romania itinerary was designed to take you to famous belvedere points in the mountains and help you enjoy the ride on winding roads. You must be an experienced driver if you want to do it on your own, because the tour includes some of the most beautiful drives, but also tight and dangerous. Are you ready for it?

If you just want to admire the view, you have the option of a guided tour. Your guide will drive and you can relax and take pictures.

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7 days in Romania Driving tour

Self-guided tour in Bucharest

Start your tour in Bucharest, the capital of Romania. Pick up your rental car from the airport and go to your hotel. Now you have several options. After check-in, you can either rest in your hotel room for a few hours, or you can go directly to explore the city.

Try an audio-guided tour in the city center and discover the main attractions: the Revolution square, the History museum, Calea Victoriei and the old town. If you have time, you can also go and visit the Parliament Palace, one of the most famous buildings in Bucharest.

We will also provide you with restaurant recommendations so you can try some delicious Romanian dishes.

Accomodation: hotel in Bucharest

One day in Bucharest





Day 1: Welcome to Bucharest

Peles Castle & Sinaia resort

After breakfast, it is time to pack and go to Sinaia. Sinaia is a beautiful mountain resort developed after the royal family built a castle here, Peles Castle, 100 years ago.

Sinaia is the former residence of kings. It was named after the holy mountain Sinai, a name that was given first to the Sinaia Monastery and then to the resort. The resort is located at an altitude between 798 and 1055m, on the southeastern slope of the Bucegi Mountains.

After you check in at your hotel, you can try a treasure hunt that will take you to see the main points of interest. During it, you can also visit Peles Castle. Peles Castle is built in the royal domain of Sinaia by the first king of Romania, becoming the summer residence. Completed in 1914, the castle has 160 rooms and more than 30 bathrooms.

Accommodation: hotel in Sinaia

Sinaia self guided tour

Day 2: Bucharest to Sinaia

Bran Castle & Rucar-Bran pass

It is time to conquer the Romanian mountains. Leave Sinaia behind and go to Bran. On the way, you will pass through another mountain resort: Parau Rece. You can admire the high peaks of the Carpathians because the road crosses the mountain.

Once in Bran, you will stop to visit the best-known castle in Romania: Dracula’s Castle. The most representative legend of Transylvania – that of Dracula or Vlad Tepes, is also related to Bran Castle. It is strategically located on the edge of a high cliff to increase visibility over the area. Initially, it was an irregular quadrilateral fortification, whose towers were built much later. Visiting the interior of the castle you will find out the connection between it and Dracula, but also what role the royal family of Romania played in the history of Bran.

After you visit the Bran Castle, go on to Curtea de Arges, an old town, ex capital of Walachia centuries ago. Until you get there, stop and admire the Bucegi mountains on one side and the Piatra Craiului mountains on the other because you will drive on the Rucar-Bran pass. You will spend your night in Curtea de Arges.

Accommodation: hotel in Curtea de Arges

Rucar Bran scenic roadReady to see other UNESCO heritage sites in Romania? Book the Unesco sites in Romania tour in 14 days.

Day 3: Sinaia to Curtea de Arges

Curtea de Arges Monastery & Balea lac

Your day 4 will take you on the celebrity of this tour: Transfagarasan road voted the most beautiful road in the world during the Top Gear TV show. After breakfast, visit the Curtea de Arges monastery, a beautiful church with a dark history.

After that, take your car and go up to the mountains. First, you will reach the Poenari fortress, known as the real castle of Vlad the Impaler.  It is closed for restoration in 2022, but you can admire it from below.

After this, continue your ride and stop on the Vidraru dam. Don’t spend too much time here, because the best is yet to come! Drive until Balea lac, the highest point on Transfagarasan, and stop here for a while. Tight parts, hairpins, and unbelievable views will keep you alert during the whole road. In the afternoon you will arrive in Sibiu, where you will spend your night.

Accommodation: hotel in Sibiu

Driving on Transfagarasan road

Day 4: Transfagarasan-the most beautiful road in the world

Self-guided tour in Sibiu or Paltinis

After so many days in the car, you will probably need a break, so you have two options for this day. One option is to stay in Sibiu and discover this amazing city, visiting its museums and attractions and wandering its narrow, medieval streets. Sibiu is considered one of the most beautiful cities in Romania and it was included in the top 10 idyllic locations in Europe, made by Forbes magazine.

If you feel you don’t need a break, you can drive to Paltinis, a mountain resort near Sibiu. The road until there offers amazing views! Go back in the evening to your hotel in Sibiu.

Accommodation: hotel in Sibiu

Driving tour SibiuDo you want to spend more than 7 days? Try the 10-day tour in Romania.

Day 5: Sibiu or Paltinis mountain resort

Driving on Transalpina

Your 7-day trip to Romania will bring you a challenge today because you will drive on the highest road in the country. But the difficult dilemma you will face will be: which road in Romania is your favourite?

Take your car and drive on the highest road in the country, a road that is even wilder than Transfagarasan: TransAlpina. Alpine pastures and rocky peaks will make you want to stop every other meter and will make you wonder: which one do you like better: Transfagarasan or Transalpina? We will tell you where to stop on the way to have the best views and the most amazing pictures.

You will spend the night in Horezu, a mountain village known for its pottery masters.

Accommodation: B&B in Horezu

Transalpina, the highest road in Romania

Day 6: TransAlpina – the highest road in Romania

Horezu & back to Bucharest

Your driving tour in Romania will end in Bucharest. Depending on the hour of your flight, you can spend your morning taking a walk in Horezu and shopping for some traditional souvenirs. Here you will find handmade pots and pans and you can even attend a pottery workshop. Or you can go directly to Bucharest. Drop off your car at the airport and take the plane back home filled with memories and great pictures!

Horezu pottery

Day 7: Back to Bucharest

What should you know before a driving tour in Romania?

What is a driving tour?

This is a kind of tour that includes accommodation, car rental and a predefined itinerary, but no guide. We book you the car and the accommodation and customize together the itinerary. You will receive a detailed description of each day (detailed route, info about the attractions you will visit, restaurant recommendations, tips and tricks). Plus, you will have an assistance phone number that you can use every time you need our help.

Can foreigners drive in Romania?

Yes, foreigners are allowed to drive in Romania. They must use their international driving license (IDL) for a maximum of 90 days. If they stay in Romania longer than that, they need to apply for a Romanian driver’s license in order to continue driving.

Is it difficult to drive in Romania?

Driving in Romania can be quite challenging. Unfortunately, Romania has one of the highest accident rates in UE. It is important to respect the law and drive carefully. And if you do that it will be a real pleasure to drive in Romania, considering that it has some of the most beautiful roads in the world!

How can you book it?

If you like driving, book the self-guided option (Driving tour). But if you just want to admire the breathtaking views and take pictures, a private tour with guide on the same itinerary is a better choice.

Driving tour in Romania 7 days

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Car rental for 7 days
Detailed itinerary & assistance during the entire tour
Self guided tour in Bucharest
Treasure hunt in Sinaia and Sibiu
6 nights accommodation in 3/4* hotels
6 x Breakfast

Not included:
Other meals
Fuel and parking fees
Entrance fees

Private guided tour in Romania 7 days

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English-speaking guide
Transport by car/minivan
Assistance during the entire tour
6 nights accommodation in 3/4* hotels
6 x Breakfast

Not included:
Other meals
Entrance fees

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