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We are a team of passionate travelers who have decided to transform their passion into a lifestyle. So we started our travel agency and developed the “Secret Romania” project. Secret Romania became one of the most famous DMCs in Romania. Our mission in this project is to inspire and offer support for worldwide travelers to discover Romania in a fun and interesting way.

We designed interesting tours that inspire our tourists to explore Bucharest, Transylvania, or the whole country. We also help them plan their holiday in Romania if they want to visit it alone. And we work with companies to organize perfect corporate events for them and business trips. We practice sustainable tourism so Romania can grow healthy as a holiday destination.


We believe that a true journey will change you and will make you friend of the visited land. That is why we plan each tour with the purpose that, at the end of it, you can say: “That was a true journey!”.

Our tours are easy to book (read some frequently asked questions), easy to pay and offer memorable experiences! If you are curious what our clients have to say after a trip with us, see their reviews.

Please check our terms & conditions, privacy policy and cookies to get all the details you need about the legal part. At the end of this page you can find the documents attesting that we are a Romanian tour operator authorized to organize your trip here.

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