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Beach holidays in Romania 2024

Romania beach holidays

Do you want to experience one of the best beach holidays in Romania? Then find below all  the details you need to plan it: when, what, where. To have a perfect vacation, you need some information about Romania: beaches, places to visit, resorts and of course offers.

Beach holidays in Romania – vacation packages 2024

We have several guided tours on the Black Sea coast, but also interesting beach vacation packages. Our vacations packages are fully customizable, so please contact us to send you the best offer.

Those who want also to explore the attractions, not just stay at the beach, can book a private tour of Danube Delta and Dobrogea.

Dobrogea and Danube delta 4 days tour

This private tour allows you to discover the newest land of Europe: the Danube Delta. Formed at the point where the Delta river flows into the Black Sea, the Danube Delta offers one of the most spectacular environments in all of Romania. Here you will find wildlife, rich fauna and unspoiled nature. This tour includes a boat trip to Danube Delta so you can have the opportunity to see all that.

After the Delta, you will explore Dobrogea, an interesting region with fishermen’s villages and old fortresses. The last part of the tour will focus on the beach. You will visit Constanta, the largest Romanian port and spend a day at the beach in Mamaia resort.

Black Sea vacation – 7 days in Romania and Bulgaria

During this 7-day tour in Romania and Bulgaria on the Black Sea shore you can combine beach days with visiting interesting tourist attractions.

This way, you will explore the popular resorts on the Black Sea, the best-known beaches in Romania and Bulgaria, and also the charming cities with an ancient past.

During this Bulgaria and Romania holiday, you will visit 2 major ports on the Black Sea: Constanta and Burgas and you will be able to explore their old town. Sozopol and Nessebar are two charming cities built on peninsulas that go into the sea. A walk through their narrow streets will delight you!

Book now the Black Sea vacations – 7 days in Romania and Bulgaria

You can book these tours any time of the year because the Black Sea in Romania can be spectacular in any season. But, if you want to sunbathe, it is better to come in the summer.

When is the beach season in Romania?

Romania beach season

The beach season in Romania is shorter than in other countries further south. It opens in late spring and lasts about 3.5-4 months, until mid-September. In May, the Black Sea is usually quite cold – the average water temperature is + 17 ° C, the air temperature is + 20 ° C and sometimes it can rain. At the beginning of June, the water in the sea warms up and becomes pleasant for swimming.

July and August are the peak months on the Romanian coast when hotels are busy and the beaches are crowded during the week, not just on weekends. Then the weather is sunny and warm: the air temperature is around 30 ° C and the seawater is + 25 ° C. This period is ideal for families with children. Tourists who can’t stand the heat will most enjoy their Romanian beach holidays in early September. Then, the sea is warm, but the sun is not as strong as in summer.

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The Black Sea coast in Romania has several interesting beaches and resorts. Depending on what you want you can choose a beach holiday in one or another. Here is a list of the most important Black Sea beaches and resorts in Romania:

Beaches in Romania

Sulina Beach Romania

Sulina Beach is located about 3 km from the town of Sulina. From the city, you can reach the beach on foot in 20-30 minutes, or by maxi-taxi, on an undeveloped road. The sand is fine, the seawater is shallow and very clear, free of algae, with a smooth sea entrance. Sulina Beach has been arranged and modernized to optimal standards. It has playgrounds, showers, a lifeguard point and an access road that connects the beach with a bike path. It has even a wooden paved walkway and parking at the entrance to the bridge.

Sulina beach is the widest of this kind on the Black Sea coast and has the finest sand. It is a nature reserve and therefore camping is not allowed on it. Also, it is considered one of the best beaches in Romania.

Perisor Beach

Best beaches Romania - Perisor

To get to Perişor beach, you have to go for a few hours by boat on the canals known by the locals. However, the wonderful landscape that awaits you on arrival is worth every effort. Crystal clear water, wild horses, sand mixed with shells, birds of all kinds, miles of secluded beach and a deserted cherhana (fish restaurant). Perisor beach is one of the wildest beaches in Romania and due to the difficult access to it, it is often deserted.

Tourists come and go on the same day by boat. It is not a landscaped beach and there are no facilities have been allowed nor accommodations or restaurants. Overnight camping is not recommended due to vipers and other animals (wild horses, and even jackals).

Corbu and Vadu beaches

Corbu beach Romania

Vadu and Corbu beaches are also considered wild beaches, although they are much more accessible to tourists.

Vadu Beach can be reached by car, but camping on the sand is prohibited. On the beach, you will find only a cherhana, located by the sea. The sand is finer than in Corbu, with much less  shells, and the entrance to the sea is very smooth.

Corbu Beach is also wild and secluded. There are no sunbeds, terraces, bars, restaurants or music. There is only peace and pure nature. It is one of the few right places for windsurfing or kitesurfing in Romania.

Mamaia Beach Romania

Romania Mamaia beach

Going further south on the Romanian seaside you will find the beaches in resorts, invaded by tourists.

Mamaia beach is located on the territory of the Romanian resort of the same name. In Romanian, “mamaia” means grandmother. The name reflects exactly the status of the oldest resort area in Romania, opened more than 100 years ago. Today, the coastal area of the famous resort is a modern beach. It is a strip of silky sand with a length of 8 km and a width of up to 200 m. And it is full of everything you need for a comfortable beach holiday in Mamaia.

Because Mamaia is a public beach, entry to it is free. But you will have to pay for the service in the form of a parasol with a sun lounger or sports equipment rental. It is quite crowded during the season, especially on weekends. The popularity of the beach is growing due to its convenient location. Mamaia is located on the northern outskirts of Constanța. Plus, it is accessible by any type of transport – by bus, car or taxi – in 5-10 minutes.

Part of Mamaia beach has been certified by the international body “Blue Flag” since 2007. Ia was the first Blue Flag certified beach in Romania. In the meantime, there are 3 more Blue Flag beaches in Romania.

The new Mamaia beach

Mamaia beach is popular among families with small children. With a very smooth entrance to the sea, families with children can relax freely. The little ones can play in the shallow water, thus enjoying the sea breeze and its calm waves.

Some of it was widened with sand from the sea, and the entrance to the water became steep. Over the winter, however, the sea is slowly taking its sand back. And because of that, the extensive beach in Mamaia has begun to narrow. The culprits are the waves that pulled the sand back into the water. The phenomenon is natural and is really beneficial. It helps to stabilize the shore and to have a smoother entry into the sea water.

Constanta Beach Romania

Mamaia has always attracted the attention of tourists who love wide beaches, fine sand and blue sea. That is why the beach in Constanța always remained on the second place in the top of preferences.

Constanta has 3 beaches known among tourists: Modern beach, 3 Slippers beach and Faleza Nord beach.

The Neversea beach in Constanta

Modern Beach has managed to become the venue for the largest beachfront event: the Neversea Festival. Access from the city is made on the steps that descend from the Modern Cliff. The Modern Cliff is a place of promenade preferred by locals and tourists alike.

Modern beach is 100-200 meters width, with very fine sand. The entrance to the sea is smooth, and the water has a very shallow depth, up to a few tens of meters offshore. The beach has lifeguard services and is equipped on a medium level. That means that it offers leisure areas, terraces, restaurants, football fields and volleyball, etc.

Other beaches in Constanta

On 3 Papuci Beach, you can reach Mamaia Boulevard, by descending the cliff on a series of concrete steps. The beach is wilder, unorganized and quite narrow. The entrance to the water is slightly difficult, being guarded by stones.

Going to Mamaia resort, you can reach the third beach, generally preferred by locals or tourists staying in the area: Faleza Nord Beach. It is divided into two sections: the southern one is undeveloped, and the northern one is arranged with sunbeds and umbrellas.

Neptun Beach Romania

The main beach in Neptune is known as “La Steaguri” beach. It continues with the beach in Jupiter, in the south and with the beach in Olimp, in the north. The beach in Neptun doesn’t communicate with the one in Olimp. The beach of Neptun resort has an average width (of 30-100 m). It consists of sand mixed with shells. The entrance to the sea is steep in places (the depth of the water increases suddenly). The beach is bordered by reed fences, and in some places shops and terraces. It is arranged (umbrellas, sunbeds) and has multiple Beach-Bars and terraces. In summer it can become very crowded.

You can visit all these beaches on your holiday to the seaside. But it is important to choose where to stay, so below you can find the best Black Sea resorts in Romania:

Romania Beach Resorts

Mamaia resort

Black sea resort Mamaia

Mamaia resort is located on the North of the coast and separates Lake Siutghiol from the Black Sea. The arrangement of the resort started in 1905 when the construction of the first tourist sites on the coast began on the strip of land between the sea and Lake Siutghiol.

The resort is experiencing an accelerated “flowering” during the interwar period when its fame crosses the country’s borders. It is the moment when the first important constructions of the resort appear, the Casino, the Albatros villa (the first accommodation unit by the sea) etc.

Today, it is one of the most popular beach resorts in Romania and a great choice for those searching for Black Sea holidays in Romania. The main attractions of Mamaia are the Holiday Village, Aqua Magic and the gondola. But more than that, the resort is known for its expensive clubs and nightlife that attract a lot of tourists.

Eforie resort

Eforie Nord resort is the second-largest resort on the Romanian coast. It is located 12 kilometres from Constanta, on the road to Mangalia. What makes it popular for both Romanians and foreign tourists are the treatment bases that offer modern cures using natural factors from the area. In the southwest there is Lake Techirghiol known for its healing properties of mud. This way you can combine recreational tourism with spa treatments.

The resort has a wide opening to the sea and a cliff over 30 m high. The beach, over 3 km long, also has sections that reach 100 m in width. It is one of the most crowded Black Sea holiday resorts.

Neptun resort

Neptun-Olimp Resort is an oasis of peace and fresh air. It is distinguished by the fine sandy beach, specially designed for all ages (sunbeds and umbrellas, canopies, beach bars, water sports, playgrounds for children).

It is a chic resort, preferred by thousands of tourists in the past decades. Among the countless accommodation units, there is also the presidential holiday villa. It is known for its green spaces and is recommended for a relaxing holiday at the Black Sea.

Vama Veche beach & resort

Vama Veche beach Romania

Vama Veche is the southernmost resort on the Romania Black Sea coast. Here you can get from Mangalia, which is the terminus of the railway, with the help of minibuses that can be taken from the train station. Vama Veche was and remains one of the most non-conformist holiday destinations. The Vama Veche beach is wide, with over 200 meters in some areas. Intimate and wild, the beach is populated at night by young people who gather around the campfires.

In Vama Veche, there are very few hotels, and tourists stay mostly at villas and guesthouses. Its name means in Romanian „the old customs”.

2 Mai Resort

2 MAI is located between Vama Veche to the south (6 km) and the town of Mangalia (5 km) to the north. A quiet place until a few years ago, May 2 became a crowded town during summer, tourists being attracted by the low accommodation rates compared to those in other resorts. Accommodation can be done in villas and guest houses, in a tent, on the beach or in locals’ backyards.

The beach in 2 Mai is bordered by the doke of Mangalia Port and by an undeveloped part of the coast that communicates with the beach from Vama Veche. It is a largely unorganized beach. There are not many possibilities for dining and fun, so tourists head to Mangalia or Vama Veche in the evening.

If you want to include some tourist places in your beach holiday, Dobrogea and the Black Sea coast offer you a variety of choices. Here are just a few of them:

Places to visit on the Romanian Black Sea coast

Constanta old town

Beach holiday Romania - Constanta casino

Constanța is one of the oldest historically attested cities in Romania (the first historical attestation dates from 657 BC). It is the largest port in the Black Sea, but also the fourth largest in Europe. It is also the fifth-largest city in the country.

On a tour of the city you will discover the old center, the port, the architecture of the buildings with their stories, the newly arranged Neversea beach, the Roman monasteries and vestiges. Take the time to wander on the seafront and take a photo of the Casino. And be sure to taste Dobrogeana pie, fish brine and other culinary specialities from Dobrogea cuisine.

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If you don’t have time for a summer holiday in Constanta, you can visit the city and also Mamaia resort on a day trip from Bucharest.

Old fortresses in Dobrogea

Enisala fortress Dobrogea

Dobrogea has been an inhabited territory since ancient times. The Greeks, Romans, Persians, and many other migrant people lived and left their mark here. Thus, some fortresses have survived to the present day and others are just ruins that you can also explore. Enisala is the only medieval fortress that has remained intact in this region. Otherwise, the ruins of some ancient fortresses can be seen by the sea: Histria, Argamum and others.

Fishing villages in Dobrogea

Dobrogea villages

The fishing villages in Dobrogea are another attraction worth visiting. The houses in the area are built in the characteristic style of the Delta and here you will find some of the best-preserved homes in the region. Built-in a very modest style, covered with reeds and painted white and turquoise, the houses here amaze with their beauty and simplicity. And you will see in them the Greek influences. The locals make a living from fishing and tourism,

These are some of the details you need when preparing for a beach holiday in Romania. Contact us to offer you the best vacation packages and be sure you will leave with wonderful memories!

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