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Top 10 Best cities in Romania to visit in 2024

Most beautiful cities in Romania

When you start to plan your trip, you must include some of the best cities in Romania, but also countryside locations in your itinerary.

When you say Romania what comes to your mind for the first time? Do you think of idyllic landscapes, fairytale castles, or urban areas? And when you say Romanian cities, do you already imagine grey blocks of flats and crowded streets or rather beautiful buildings, neat parks, and interesting museums?

When you want to explore this country don’t forget the mountains and the natural places. But to have a full image, you should visit also the large cities in Romania. It is important to know that there are many beautiful towns in Romania. Many of them have developed harmoniously so as to receive their guests in the best conditions.

Which cities are worth visiting you may wonder. Here is a list of the most beautiful cities to visit in Romania. And you can also learn more about the reason why they are included in this top.

Best cities in Romania

The biggest city in Romania: Bucharest

Bucharest, the capital of Romania, lags behind when compared to other cities in the country. But if you come with an open mind, you will see that it also has a special beauty that can attract visitors. And once you start exploring it and overlooking its flaws, you will discover a modern city. It also has a romantic heritage from the royal period. Bucharest was called “little Paris” once. A walk on its central boulevards will show you why it received this name.

The capital attracts with its delicious and varied restaurants. It also amazes with the contrast between its communist neighbourhoods and those with villas from the interwar period. It has some unique tourist attractions, of which it is worth stopping at:

The Palace of the Parliament in Bucharest

Parliament palace Bucharest - Best cities in Romania

One of the largest buildings in the world is the Parliament Palace, the seat of the Romanian Parliament. It is also the heaviest if you consider the materials used to build it . There are several tours available inside (here you will find the details). It is better to schedule your visit by phone the day before.

Bucharest old town

List of cities in Romania - Bucharest old town

The oldest part of the capital, the old centre is known today, especially for its nightlife, restaurants, and pubs. Among all these are scattered old buildings, real architectural jewels. Some of them have adapted to the current landscape of the area. The others are true oases of history in the middle of the Bucharest tumult.

When you are walking around here, I recommend you to stop at Carousel. Carousel is a beautiful bookstore that has probably become the most photographed building in the city. You can also make a stop at Manuc’s Inn for a traditional Romanian lunch. Carousel and Manuc’s Inn are two excellent examples of how old buildings take on a new breath. Among the oases preserved over time is the Stavropoleos Monastery.

The old centre of Bucharest hides a lot of mysteries. I invite you to discover them one by one during a guided walking tour. This tour was designed for those who like to wander on narrow streets.

Calea Victoriei

Biggest city in Romania: Bucharest

A boulevard that can bring the capital the nickname of a beautiful city in Romania is Calea Victoriei. Almost the entire architectural heritage of Bucharest can be admired here. The whole history of Romania is represented by at least one building.

Starting from Victoriei Square you will meet the Cantacuzino Palace, today the George Enescu Museum. The Romanian Athenaeum, and the Royal Palace In Bucharest (National Museum of Art) are the next ones. Down Calea Victoriei you will also meet the Revolution Square and the National Military Circle. The last two important buildings are the CEC Palace and the National Museum of History. Some of the most important museums in Bucharest are on Calea Victoriei.

Parks in Bucharest

Carol park Bucharest

Although less neat than in other cities, the parks in Bucharest manage to attract both locals and external visitors. Locals come here in search of nature. External visitors want to discover the city beyond its museums. There are several such green places in Bucharest that also hide historical places. Cismigiu Park Bucharest and Carol Park are home to pieces of history. And most of their visitors do not know much about it.

If anyone would make a list of Romanian cities, Bucharest won’t enter the top 3 most beautiful ones. But it is the largest city in Romania. And it also has enough tourist attractions to be worth a visit for a few days!

Constanta, the largest city in Dobrogea

Beautiful cities in Romania: Constanta

The largest port in Romania, Constanta, is a very popular destination during summer. Due to its location on the Black Sea coast, it attracts many tourists. Once there, you realize that the city means more than this. The fact that it is located that way only increases the charm it had anyway.

In the centre, you can visit the old part of the city (Ovidiu Square and the area around it). The old town is a mix of different cultures that have been gathered here over the years. It also has Roman influences, because the city hosts Roman ruins.

The symbol of Constanta is the old casino. The casino is a beautiful building from the 20th century, overlooking the Black Sea. After wandering the crowded streets and admiring the port, you can enjoy the sun on the long beach in Mamaia, one of the best beaches in Romania, or even on the beach of Constanta.

You can visit Constanta during the Dobrogea and Danube Delta 4-days tour

Sinaia – one of the most beautiful small towns in Romania

Sinaia Romania

Although Sinaia is considered rather a mountain resort by the vast majority of people, it is actually a town, a small town that is true. Her great luck was that King Carol I fell in love with the landscape here and decided to build his summer residence in the middle of the forest.

This is how Peles Castle appeared. It only took this happy event for most of the important people of that time to want to have a holiday home next to the king. And so the beautiful villas in Sinaia appeared, the park developed and the Casino in Sinaia was built.

Everything has been preserved to this day and the fact that this architectural marvel is framed by the high peaks of the Bucegi Mountains makes you understand why even today so many people want to go to Sinaia – it is one of the best resorts in Romania!

Discover Sinaia during a day trip to Peles Castle and Bran castle

Iasi, the largest city in Moldova

Iasi Romania

Iasi is one of the large cities in Romania, but it is often overlooked when it comes to holidays. I have rarely heard anyone go to Iasi just for the sake of the city and it is a great pity. It is the biggest city in Moldova and an important religious centre.

It is enough to search for attractions to visit in Iasi to immediately discover a lot of churches recommended. The Cathedral in the Center becomes a place of pilgrimage for Saint Paraschiva, but there are other monasteries and churches in the area where you can stop.

The city has hosted some important writers in Romanian literature and you can visit here places that inspired them. The house of Ion Creanga in Ticau is the place where the writer began to write his childhood memories. And in Copou Park, in a quiet walk on the alleys, you will meet Eminescu’s linden tree, the tree that is often mentioned in his poems.

But perhaps the most impressive place to visit in Iasi is the Palace of Culture, a beautiful newly renovated building that houses several museums related to the history of Moldova. The Palace of Culture in Iasi is open to the public today.

Brasov Romania

Brasov city

If we do not take into account Bucharest, which has the advantage of having a well-connected airport, Brasov is one of the most visited cities in Romania when it comes to foreign tourists. Some arrive here by chance coming to Bran Castle in search of Dracula, but there are also many who know about Brasov and come especially to discover its well-preserved medieval beauty. But they can also enjoy interesting attractions near the city, like the Racos volcano.

Brasov boasts the lively Piata a Sfatului, its defence towers preserved from ancient times, the houses that have remained standing for centuries, and the Black Church, the Gothic building that gained its name after the fire that darkened its walls.

Some of the tours reaching these cities in Romania are:

2 weeks in Romania Unesco tour

Price on request
The UNESCO itinerary in Romania was created to offer you a 14-day holiday in which you will enjoy a mix of culture, adventure and relaxing moments. During this 2 weeks in Romania you will discover the UNESCO heritage sites and other famous places. The Horezu monastery, the fortified churches in Transylvania, the old, wooden churches of Maramures, the ancient fortresses in Orastie mountains, the painted monasteries of Bucovina, with their unique colours and Sighisoara, the only medieval citadel in Europe will show you why they deserve to be on the UNESCO world heritage list. This Romania guided tour will take you to see also other beautiful attractions in Romania so you can have a full image of what this Eastern-European country has to offer to its visitors. Or you can try another long tour in Romania.

3 days in Transylvania medieval tour

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Transylvania is a land full of legends, fortresses, and shadows of the knights that once lived here. Are you ready to discover them? Medieval Transylvania tour will show you the beautiful cities of Sibiu and Brasov, both dated from ancient times, the Sighisoara citadel, the only citadel in Europe still inhabited, some amazing fortresses and the remains of medieval history – the fortified churches. This itinerary in Transylvania will be enough to make you want to come back again. And if you want more, choose a longer tour from our Transylvania experiences.

Bucharest city tour one day long

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Do you have a whole day to discover Bucharest? Spend it wisely! Bucharest city tour offers you the opportunity to see the main objectives in town, to hear their stories and to visit the most important of them. At midday, we will stop for lunch in a cosy restaurant. At the end of it, you will realize that you want to stay longer than a day. Check below the detailed itinerary for one day in Bucharest. Or you can try one of our shorter tours in Bucharest.

Private tour to Constanta and the Black Sea

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Enjoy a private tour to Constanta and the Black Sea on a relaxing day trip from Bucharest. The largest port in Romania and also one of the oldest cities in the country is Constanta. During summer it is a very popular destination, but you can enjoy a Constanta city tour all year long. If you want to discover the Roman traces and other civilizations that still live in the city, but you don’t have time to stay there, you can book this day trip from Bucharest. After a guided tour in the old town of Constanta, you will have a few hours at the beach in Mamaia, a well-known resort on the Black Sea. If you stay longer in the city, you can try also other day trips from Bucharest.

Sibiu, the most beautiful city in Romania

Sibiu most beautiful city in Romania

Considered by many to be the most beautiful city in Romania and my favourite, Sibiu has a certain charm that you will not find elsewhere. Its cobble-stone alleys, the Large Square (Piata Mare) surrounded by colourful old houses, and the Bridge of Lies decorated with red geraniums are just three elements that make any visitor want to discover more.

Besides its well-known attractions, it has other less-visited places. Two days are enough to explore it, but after that, you can stay a few more days to discover the beautiful villages in Transylvania located around Sibiu Romania. You will definitely come back here!

Explore Sibiu during our Best of Transylvania tour

Sighisoara, the beautiful medieval fortress in Transylvania

Sighisoara Romania medieval town

Listed in the UNESCO patrimony, the medieval Sighisoara citadel is today one of the most beautiful places in Romania for foreign visitors, but also for Romanians. The defence towers belonging to the various guilds that lived in the city (Tailors Guild, Shoemakers, etc.), the stone wall that surrounds it, and the access gates so well preserved are the ones that keep the medieval charm that surrounds you once you pass the Clock Tower.

In the fortress, you will discover only alleys paved with cubic stone, renovated old Saxon houses, but keeping their old characteristics and very few cars.

You can also visit the covered staircase on which you have to go up to the Church on the hill and to its evangelical cemetery. If you are interested to explore some medieval towns in Romania, Sighisoara occupies the leading position at that top.

Medieval Transylvania tour in 3 days will show you the Sighisoara fortress

Art nouveau in Romania: Oradea

Oradea Romania

Known as the Art Nouveau city of Romania, Oradea has flourished in recent years and it’s now one of the best towns to visit in Romania. Today, the buildings surrounding Piata Unirii have taken on a new look and it is a pleasure to walk its large streets admiring famous palaces and churches.

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Among the places to visit in Oradea, you should include the Black Eagle Palace, a construction known for the inner glass passage, and which takes its name from the eagle emblem that guards the entrances to this passage. In the centre, the landscape is complete with cafes and restaurants where you can relax.

Oradea also has a medieval history marked by the fortress that gives the city its name, a fortress completed in the 11th century. Today, its remains can be explored, and inside it is housed the Faculty of Visual Arts.

If you arrive in the area, you can spend a few relaxing days without getting bored. Nearby, the thermal water resort Baile Felix boasts large swimming pools and spas ready to satisfy any lover of this type of vacation. Here you will find some of the best spa hotels in Romania.

Cluj Napoca, the largest city in Transylvania

Cluj Napoca biggest city in Transylvania

Cluj Napoca is the second-largest city in Romania and the most modern one. It offers even better living conditions and jobs than in Bucharest sometimes and that is why it is considered the best city to live in Romania. Cluj Napoca also has some interesting attractions for tourists.

Starting from Piata Unirii you can easily reach almost all important tourist attractions by walking. The first would be St. Michael’s Cathedral located right in the square. And if you want to gain strength before you start exploring the city you can stop to eat or enjoy a dessert in one of the restaurants and pubs open on the sides of the square.

From Unirii Square, you can continue to Matei Corvin’s House and then to Museum Square, a place where it seems like a holiday forever due to the brightly coloured terraces and the animation here. The Museum Square is surrounded by the Franciscan Church and the History Museum of Transylvania.

Also in the centre, you can visit the Metropolitan Cathedral guarded by the statue of Avram Iancu in front. Those with good physical condition can admire Cluj from above climbing the Cetatuia hill. Cetatuia took its name from a fortification built here in the 18th century, of which only a few ruins remain today.

A little further from the centre you can visit the Botanical Garden and, right on the outskirts of the city, the most haunted forest in the world: Hoia-Baciu forest.

Explore Cluj Napoca during our Romania Grand tour in 10 days

Targu Mures

Targu Mures Romania

Targu Mures struggles in the shadow of his star brothers from Transylvania: Brasov, Cluj Napoca, and Sibiu. After a visit here, you will come to the conclusion that it is worth including it a longer holiday in Transylvania.

Targu Mures has a medieval fortress restored just a few years ago, with one of the most beautiful evangelical churches in Romania. It also has a city centre decorated with interesting buildings, imposing churches, and a zoo. If you decide to stop for several days, you will find hotels and guesthouses for all tastes and pockets.

These top 10 most beautiful cities in Romania is subjective, but it offers you an idea about what cities to visit in Romania. We can design a great itinerary for your next trip so you can enjoy the best of Romania and offer you a tour that will make you fall in love with this country. If you want to travel on your own, you can find here other suggestions for places to visit.

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