Best of Transylvania weekend trip


Day 1: Bran castle, Count Dracula’s castle and Brasov, the best known medieval town in Transylvania
Day 2: Sibiu, European cultural capital in 2007 and Cisnadie fortified church


Duration: 2 days
Start and endpoint: at your hotel in Bucharest or another chosen location
Departure time: 08:00 A.M.
Note: This is a private tour, so the schedule can be customized according to your needs.

Weekend in Transylvania
weekend trip transylvania 2 days
Best of Transylvania 2 days
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Weekend in Transylvania description

If you want to spend a weekend in Transylvania then you cannot miss this unique opportunity! This Best of Transylvania tour will show you the most beautiful medieval towns in Transylvania and the main attractions in 2 days.

On the first day, this tour will take you to Brasov. Brasov is one of the most important cities in Transylvania. And on the way to Brasov, we will stop to visit Bran Castle, the famous Dracula’s castle. After this enchanting day, you will spend the night in Sibiu.

The next day, your guide will help you explore Sibiu. Sibiu is another important medieval city in Transylvania. At the end of the tour, he will show you the fortified church in Cisnadie. You will finish your tour in Bucharest with your heart full of beautiful memories and amazing pictures.

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Bran castle and Brasov city tour

Your Weekend trip to Transylvania will start in Bucharest. The guide will pick you up from your hotel or from the airport. After a 3 hour ride, you will arrive in Bran.

Visit the Bran Castle

Explore the most famous attraction in Romania: Bran Castle. Also known as Dracula’s Castle, this national monument is known for its association with the Dracula legend. Situated on a hill near the town of Bran, on the border of Transylvania, it was built in the 14th century. It has a mix of architectural styles, Baroque, Gothic and Renaissance, and Baroque, but mainly its medieval look and location were the reason why the castle is connected to Dracula. It is open to the public and visitors can tour the castle grounds. The guide will tell you the real story of Vlad the Impaler, the ruler who became Dracula the vampire and his connections with this castle.

Brasov city tour

Before arriving in Sibiu enjoy a Brasov city tour. Start at the Black Church, a Gothic style church that gets its name from a fire in 1689 that blackened its walls. It is one of the largest in Eastern Europe, so it worths a visit. Head to the Council Square, the main square of the city, surrounded by historic buildings. Stop also on the Rope Street, the narrowest street in Romania and one of the oldest in the city. Don’t miss the towers and the bastions remaining from the old fortification wall. Your guide will take you to see all these places while telling you interesting stories about them. In the evening he will transfer you to Sibiu.

Accommodation: in the city center of Sibiu

weekend trip to Transylvania day 1 - Bran castle and Brasov

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Day 1

Sibiu city tour and Cisnadie fortified church

Sibiu guided tour

After a delicious breakfast, start your day with a guided tour in Sibiu. This is a beautiful, medieval city in Romania known for its charming Old Town. Your guide will take to see the Council Tower (you can climb inside it for panoramic views of the city) and the Brukenthal Museum, housed in a beautiful Baroque palace and hosting a collection of European art. Your tour continues with the Evangelical Cathedral in Gothic-style, the Liar’s Bridge (a popular spot for tourists and locals alike), the Great Square (Piata Mare), the main square of the city, surrounded by beautiful buildings and the Small Square (Piata Mica), framed by colorful houses and charming restaurants.

During this walking tour discover the narrow streets, the famous landmarks and other secret places hidden in the most amazing town in Romania! Probably you will fall in love with it, but it’s time to leave it behind and head to Bucharest. Before that, stop and visit the fortified church in Cisnadie.

Cisnadie fortified church

Cisnadie is a village located in Sibiu County, Transylvania. It is known for its fortified church, which is a type of defensive structure commonly found in Transylvania. These fortified churches were built with thick walls and towers, and were designed to provide protection for the local population in times of conflict. The Cisnadie fortified church has a rectangular plan with four corner towers and is surrounded by a defensive wall.

After a 4.5 hours ride, your 2-day tour in Transylvania will end in Bucharest and your guide will drop you off in front of your hotel.

Sibiu city tour, Cisnadie fortified church and Cisnadioara citadel

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Day 2


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A friendly, English-speaking guide
Transport by car or minivan
1-night accommodation at a hotel in Sibiu (3*, 4* or 5*)
1x breakfast

Not included:
Entrance fee
Photo/video fee for Bran castle

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