Best time to visit Transylvania



Best time to visit Transylvania

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Knowing when is the best time to visit Transylvania and how is the weather there can help you plan a holiday to your liking, at the best cost and without the risk of missing something, considering the opening hours of specific attractions.

Even though Transylvania is beautiful in any season, some people prefer to visit it when is hot outside, while others want to see the winter traditions. Some activities depend on the weather, so it is better to choose a certain period if you know exactly what you want to do. Considering all this, let’s see when is the best time of the year to visit Transylvania.

Transylvania Climate & Weather

When to travel to Transylvania

The climate of Transylvania is temperate-continental, with some influences from the Atlantic Ocean that bring humid air. Temperatures and precipitation differ slightly from east to west due to the influences of air masses and altitude. In the west and centre, the average annual temperature is higher than 9-10° C (48-50° F), and in the east, where the altitude is higher, it is 7-8° C (44-46° F). Precipitation is richer in the west than in the east, increasing from 600-700 mm per year up to over 1,000 in the mountainous area.

The relief in Transylvania is a special one, due to the fact that in the South and East there are the Southern and Eastern Carpathians. Still, on the surface positioned in the middle of them, there are only areas of hills and plains, much lower than the Carpathians. There is also a difference in altitude between the eastern side (1000 m) and the western side (500-600 m).

The West Winds predominate here, and in the Făgăraş Depression, you can feel the so-called Great Wind, a foehn-type wind.

Due to the different climates between the various areas, agriculture in Transylvania is also varied. Each region, depending on the climate, has adopted the agriculture that suits it.

Transylvania, being protected from the East and South by the Carpathians, has a climate similar to the plains, i.e. continental. Compared to the temperatures measured in the plain area, here we will always meet about 3 degrees less. Precipitations are more frequent in the high areas and are less as we approach the plains.

The average annual temperature in Transylvania is between 8° C (46° F) and 11° (52° F). Summer in Transylvania starts with temperatures between 18° C (64° F) and 21° C (70° F) and reaches up to 38° C (100° F). The average winter temperature is between -3° C (26° F) and -5° C (23° F). Winters are milder, summers are warmer.

When to visit Transylvania?

If you still have a hard time choosing what would be the best time of the year to travel to Transylvania, here is a guide by seasons of things to do there.

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Winter in Transylvania (December to February)

Winter in Transylvania

Winter in Transylvania is between December and February. You will find snow in Transylvania for about 40-60 days in the centre of the region. If you visit its extremes, next to the mountains, the days of snow are 100-120 per year. The rivers are frozen for a maximum of 2 months a year. The direction of the wind, which mainly blows from the West, can be easily changed by the local relief.

Winter has a sheltered climate, due to its position inside the Carpathian arc; it also has oceanic influences, with a humid and moderately thermal climate. It is wonderful to visit Transylvania for Christmas to enjoy the local traditions. A white Christmas in Transylvania can be a memorable way to spend the winter holidays.

Also, some of the largest cities in Transylvania organize Christmas markets with traditional desserts and mulled wine. Go to Sibiu, Cluj Napoca or Brasov if you want to see the best Christmas markets in Romania.

January and February are perfect months if you are passionate about skiing and other winter sports.

Winter is considered a low season in Transylvania, so some of the attractions are closed or opened only on some days. Be sure to plan carefully your winter holiday here if you don’t want to miss some of the best-known landmarks.

Spring in Transylvania (March to May)

Spring in Transylvania

Spring in Transylvania is in March, April and May. But it often happens that winter is still felt in March and summer starts early in May. May can be a rainy month, so don’t forget your raincoat! April is an excellent month for a visit to Transylvania when everything is blooming and nature is already green. Book a trip to Transylvania in spring if you want to enjoy the fresh nature and avoid the crowds.

Except for a few public holidays when Romanians also visit the main attractions, spring is still a season with fewer tourists. That means that you can explore the most important landmarks without waiting in line. Also, the traffic on the main roads is not so busy.

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Easter is the most important religious holiday in Romania and also in Transylvania. If you happen to be there during Easter, you can knock on red eggs, eat the delicious cozonac (sweet bread with walnuts) and experience the different ways to celebrate this holiday. Some of the attractions are closed on Easter day, but there are other things to do.

Summer in Transylvania (June to August)

Summer in Transylvania

Although summer is the best season to go to Transylvania, it is not excluded to catch rainy days here. Usually, the temperatures are not as high as in Bucharest, and in the evening they can drop quite a lot, especially near the mountains. Pack t-shirts for a summer trip in Transylvania, but don’t forget to squeeze in the luggage a hoody or a jacket for the cold nights.

Summer is between June and August. In these months you will find the green of nature and the tourist attractions open and with extended hours. In the big cities, you can feel the holiday atmosphere: terraces full of people, tourists in the central squares and long evenings spent outside. That is why summer is a very popular choice for many tourists.

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But no matter how hot the weather is forecast to be, add also a raincoat when you pack. You never know when you will have a cool surprise.

Autumn in Transylvania (September to November)

Autumn in Transylvania

The colours of autumn make their presence felt even here, in the centre of Romania. Whether you go to the mountains or to the traditional villages in the area, you can enjoy them in a different way in autumn. The shades of copper, red and yellow highlight all the attractions. September is usually warm, but you still need to have thicker clothes. The best month to admire the autumn colours in Transylvania is October. At noon, it averages 15°C. And in November you can already see snow in certain areas.

Autumn is a good time to travel to Transylvania for hiking and trips in nature. The weather is stable and the areas are not busy at all. October is also my favourite month to explore Transylvania. Many people come here at the end of October to celebrate Halloween, considering that Transylvania is known as the land of Dracula. So, the last weekend in October is probably the busiest period of the year in the Brasov area (where the Bran castle is).

Best time of the year to visit Transylvania

The best months to visit Transylvania are April, July, September and October.

The warmest months are July and August. These are also the most popular for tourism in Transylvania.

January is the coldest month of the year, and the rainiest months are May and June.

Considering all the above, you can now choose when is the best time to come to Transylvania. Or there is always the option to visit Transylvania when you want and when you have the opportunity. In whatever month you decide to come, you will find something interesting to do, and Transylvania is beautiful in any season.