Black Sea vacation: 7-day tour in Romania & Bulgaria

Highlights of seaside vacation – 7 days in Romania & Bulgaria:


Day 1: Bucharest to Constanta transfer & Constanta guided tour
Day 2: Beach day – Mamaia resort & Corbu beach
Day 3: Vama Veche resort – Balcik Castle – Sunny beach
Day 4: Sunny beach resort & Nessebar
Day 5: Burgas & afternoon at the beach
Day 6: Sozopol guided tour & the Black Sea wonders
Day 7: Madara rider & transfer to Bucharest


Duration: 7 days
Start and endpoint: your hotel or another chosen point in Bucharest
Note: The “Black Sea vacation Romania & Bulgaria in 7 days” is a private tour so, it can be customized according to your wishes

If you need you can add extra nights in Bucharest before and after the tour

Holiday at the Black Sea
Black Sea resorts
Bulgaria beach holiday
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Have you thought about spending a holiday at the Black Sea? During this 7-day tour in Romania and Bulgaria on the Black Sea shore you can combine beach days with visiting interesting tourist attractions.

This is a private tour, so it can be customized according to your wishes. So, if you just want a beach holiday to relax, you can visit fewer attractions and spend more time at the seaside.

This 7-day itinerary in Romania and Bulgaria was created to show you the most beautiful sights on the Black Sea coast. You will discover the best-known beaches in Romania and Bulgaria, the popular resorts on the Black Sea, and also the charming cities with an ancient past.

During this Bulgaria and Romania holiday, you will visit 2 major ports on the Black Sea: Constanta and Burgas and you will be able to explore their old town. Sozopol and Nessebar are two charming cities built on peninsulas that go into the sea. A walk through their narrow streets will delight you!

But apart from these old cities, you will also have days to relax, sit on the beach and swim in the warm seawater. The well-known resorts will be your hosts and here you can enjoy the holiday atmosphere.

The itinerary starts and ends in Bucharest, but if you have more time to spare, you can extend it with another tour through Romania or Bulgaria. If not, you can add one night of accommodation before and after. This way you will have enough days to cover the whole route.

Discover other tours of Romania and Bulgaria and extend your holiday in Bulgaria and Romania.

Black sea vacation - Romania & Bulgaria 7 days itinerary

Bucharest to Constanta

On the morning of the first day, your guide will pick you up from the hotel or from Henri Coanda Airport in Bucharest. If your flight arrives after 10 o’clock, it is recommended to come a day earlier so that you can go through the whole itinerary established for the first day.

Bucharest to Constanta transfer

Start your 7-day vacation in Romania and Bulgaria with the transfer from Bucharest to Constanta. The road lasts about 3 hours and winds through the countryside, among wheat fields and wildflowers. Once you reach Constanta you can relax a few moments in your hotel and then you can have lunch at one of the fishing restaurants in town.

Constanta guided tour

In the afternoon you will have a guided tour of the old town. Constanta is one of the oldest cities in Romania. Many people have left their mark on him, from the Greeks to the Romans and Turks. The city still keeps track of those who have passed through here and is known as a multicultural centre.

During the guided tour you will discover the Casino, the most famous building in the city and the seafront. Once you enter the streets of the old town you will stop at various churches of the people of different religions who live here in harmony. You can visit the mosque, the Greek church, and the Catholic church. But besides the places of worship, the guide will take you to see the Roman ruins discovered here.

Accommodation: Hotel in Constanta
Romania Sea

If you are interested to visit Constanta, but you don’t have too much time, book the private day trip from Bucharest to Constanta.

Day 1

Mamaia resort & Corbu beach

The next day is a day of relaxation. After a delicious breakfast at the hotel, the guide will take you to see one of the wildest Black Sea beaches in Romania: Corbu beach.

Corbu Beach

It is a protected area and therefore it is not arranged at all. Here you will find only a large expanse of sand full of shells, unaltered by human intervention. You can stay at the beach here for a few hours to enjoy the wildness of the place and the beauty of nature. But be careful to bring a towel and something to drink. You won’t find anything to buy on the beach.

Mamaia resort

Around noon it is time to head to Mamaia, a well-known resort on the Black Sea coast. Here you can have lunch and then you will spend the afternoon at the beach. Unlike Corbu, the beach in Mamaia is organized. You can rent a sunbed with an umbrella and you can buy food and drinks directly from the beach. Coffee, juices and cocktails are all served at the beach bars.

If you want to admire the resort from above, you can take a gondola ride. And for thrill-seekers, there is even an aqua park at the entrance to the resort.

Mamaia is well known, especially for its nightlife, so after dark, it becomes more crowded than usual. In the evening, the guide will take you back to your hotel in Constanta.

Accommodation: Hotel in Constanta

Romania Black Sea vacation package

Your tour will continue to the south, but if you want you can combine it with a Danube delta boat trip.

Day 2

Vama Veche resort & Balcik Palace

The third day will take you to Bulgaria. But before visiting the beautiful beaches in Bulgaria, you still have to make a stop in Romania.

Romanian beach resorts – Vama Veche

After breakfast, you will set off on the Black Sea coast to the southernmost resort in Romania: Vama Veche. Vama Veche is known as a place of fun and a lack of inhibitions. In the past, nudism was even practised here.

Today, young people come to spend time together on the beach, around the campfires. You will have a few hours to enjoy the beach in Vama Veche and around noon you will leave for Bulgaria.

Balchik Palace in Bulgaria

The first stop on the Black Sea coast in Bulgaria will be in Balchik. Here, Queen Maria of Romania built a palace to enjoy the sea landscape. The Balchik palace can be visited and is especially known for its rich gardens. After a visit to the palace, you will head to the resort that will host you for the next days: Sunny Beach.

Bulgarian Black sea resorts – Sunny Beach

Sunny Beach is one of the largest resorts in Bulgaria and has a wide beach with fine sand. In the southern area, the landscape also has sand dunes. It is a lively resort with many hotels, suitable for a beach holiday in Bulgaria.

After you check in, go out to dinner at one of the restaurants in the resort or, if it’s not too late you can even enjoy a short beach session.

Accommodation: Hotel in Sunny Beach

Best Black Sea resorts

Day 3

Sunny beach resort & Nessebar

In the morning you will have free time to enjoy the generous beach in Sunny beach.

Sunny beach resort

Stay on the warm sand and swim in the sea or walk around the resort if you want to explore it on your own.

In the afternoon the guide will take you to Nessebar, the small town built on the peninsula that can be seen from the beach in Sunny beach.

Nessebar guided tour

Nessebar is one of the oldest cities in Bulgaria. In ancient times it was known as Messemvria.

Through his strategic position, Nessebar successively attracted various people: Thracians, Greeks, Romans, Byzantines and Bulgarians. They have all left their mark on the culture of this place. Having been permanently inhabited since the 2nd millennium BC, it is one of the oldest settlements in Europe.

After the Greek invasion in the 5th century, it became known as Mesambria. Both bays, located on either side of the isthmus, were protected by massive walls. The area of the city was twice as large as today. Much of the former city is now on the seabed.

Today the Nessebar resort is composed of 2 cities – the new and the old.

The old town is the one built on the peninsula. It impresses with its beauty, romance and the tranquillity of old houses and churches. The old town of Nessebar is on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

The new city is located on the seashore, west of the peninsula. At the meeting point of the old city with the new one is a yacht port. Those who enjoy the nightlife have at their disposal a wide variety of restaurants, bars and discos.

In a guided tour through Nessebar, you will have the opportunity to discover the beauty of the old town. And in the evening, for dinner, the guide will recommend you one of the traditional Bulgarian restaurants overlooking the sea.

Accommodation: Hotel in Sunny beach

One week Romania Bulgaria Nessebar

Day 4

Burgas guided tour & afternoon at the beach

Another day will follow when you will discover the places hidden on the Black Sea Coast in Bulgaria.

Guided tour in Burgas, Bulgaria

In the morning, the guide will take you to Burgas, the fourth largest city in Bulgaria. The first documentary attestations of Burgas date from the 13th-14th centuries. In 1306, a Byzantine poet mentions in a poem the name Pyrgos, which is the Greek translation of the Latin word “Burgos” and means “fire tower”.
In Burgas you will stop in the Sea Garden, a 7 km long “garden”, wooded and cool, ideal for walks. Along its alleys you will admire modern monuments and sculptures, but also centuries-old trees. From the Sea Garden, you can descend to the sea and walk on the well-known dam in Burgas, with a special T shape.

Shopping in Burgas

At lunch you can stop at one of the restaurants in the center for a delicious meal.
For the afternoon you have two options: shopping or the beach. The guide will take you back to Sunny beach if you want to relax on the beach or at a mall in Burgas for a shopping session. The choice is yours.

Accommodation: Hotel in Sunny beach

7 days tour Romania Bulgaria Burgas

Day 5

Sozopol & other seaside wonders

In the morning you will start visiting other tourist attractions by the sea. First, you will stop in Sozopol, a town similar to Nessebar, but smaller.

Sozopol guided tour

Here the guide will take you to the old part of the city, guarded by the sea in several places. The first vestiges found here attest to the fact that the area was inhabited during the Bronze Age. Artefacts and anchors dating back to the 1st millennium BC have been found here.
The first documented city was founded in the 7th century BC by Greek settlers. They named it Antheia, quickly renaming him Apollonia. It is known as Apollonia Pontica, Apollonia of the Black Sea. In the 1st century AD, it was renamed Sozopol.

Beglik Tash visit

After a walk through the old town, you will continue along the shore. The next stop will be at Beglik Tash. Beglik Tash is a Thracian stone sanctuary. Discovered in 2003, the Beglik Tash site contains a series of large, naturally formed megaliths, arranged and sculpted by a Thracian tribe for religious use. The site is part of an area containing many megalithic rocks of volcanic origin, formed by the solidification of magma spewed by Kitka, an active volcano in the Mesozoic era.

You will have the opportunity to walk among these large rocks and discover what rituals the ancient Thracians performed.
In the afternoon, the guide will take you back to Sunny beach for one last beach session.

Accommodation: Hotel in Sunny beach

Romania Bulgaria sea holiday

Day 6

Madara rider & back to Bucharest

It’s time to say goodbye to the Black Sea. After breakfast, the guide will take you back to Bucharest. It is a long road, so in the middle of it, you will stop to visit another place on the Unesco Heritage sites list: the Madara Rider.

The Madara Rider is a relief carved in the early Middle Ages in a rock on the Madara Plateau, east of Shumen. The monument dates from around 710 AD. and represents a rider, 23 m high, on an almost vertical rock, 100 m high.

After admiring this piece of history, you can move on. Once in Bucharest, the guide will drop you off at the hotel or airport.

Black Sea one week

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Day 7


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Private English speaking guide
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