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Sarmizegetusa Regia Dacian fortress

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It’s a well-known fact that the Romanian people are descendants of the Dacians (the people that lived in present day Romania) and the Romans (who conquered Dacia, influencing even the language that is spoken in Romania today). There are two fortresses in Romania with very similar names, both Dacian capitals at different points in time and often confused with one another. However, Sarmizegetusa Regia and Sarmizegetusa Ulpia Traiana are not one and the same. If Ulpia Traiana Sarmizegetusa was the capital of Dacia after it was conquered by Trajan (after the Dacian wars with the Romans), Sarmizegetusa Regia was the capital of pre-roman Dacia. Read more

Romanian desserts

6 Traditional Romanian desserts you must try

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Romanian desserts are not very known around the world, but when you decide to visit a country it is important also to taste it for the full experience. So after you have decided when to come to Romania and what to do here, you must also know what to eat. Romanian cuisine has influences from the people around and when you visit the country you will see that even the main regions of Romania have different dishes because their history is different. People in Transylvania are eating other things than the ones in Bucovina and are even using different spices when they cook. Read more

Romanian castles

10 amazing Romanian castles

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Romanian castles are known to be among the most beautiful ones in Europe. Not all of them are well kept, so today some are in ruins, some are closed to public and only few still welcome their guests. The most visited tourist attraction in Romania is a castle: Bran castle, due to its “connection” with the vampire Dracula.

When visiting Romania some of these jewels will be among your points of interest, so you need which one to choose. Here is my list with the 10 Romanian castles: Read more

sustainable tourism in Romania

Sustainable tourism in Romania – what did we do in 2018?

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Sustainable tourism became an important subject since the number of tourists increased and their actions started to impact the places they visit. A large number of travelers in one place affect the lives of those living there and the whole environment. Even though tourism is an important way to raise the economy of an area, a bad management of it can create imbalances. Read more

6 places to visit in Romania

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So you have decided to visit Romania? That is a great choice! You’ve probably checked when is the best time to come here and you already know a few things about Romania, but now you are wondering – where should you go? Maybe you are one of the tourists that already have a lot of details about this country or you chose to have a holiday here only because someone told you that you will find great things to see in Romania and you are wondering what are those things. My purpose is not to create a top with the most beautiful places, nor to persuade you to choose a certain spot. I just want to make a list that will help you decide considering your interest and the number of days you want to spend here. So here is the list with the six places to visit in Romania:

Read more

10 most known palaces in Romania

10 best known palaces in Romania

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There are only 2 or 3 famous palaces in Romania, but few people know that Romania has a legacy of over 1300 castles, palaces, mansions and fortresses built by our ancestors. You can visit some of them, but unfortunately some are just ruins, also very exciting to explore.
Among these 1300 pieces of history, I only chose 10 palaces in Romania to recommend you for a visit. Palaces are many but the most known and beautiful ones are: Read more

7 things to do in Transylvania

7 things to do in Transylvania

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Bram Stocker made Transylvania famous in his novel “Dracula”. People who came here after reading the novel discovered a land of rich woods, green fields and wild animals, not a scary place, like the one in the novel. They found a fairy tale region with castles, fortresses, tasty food and friendly people. That is why the list with these 7 things to do in Transylvania it’s the minimum you can experience when visiting this wonder land: Read more

First 11 things you must know about Romania

First 11 things you must know about Romania

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Are you planning to visit Romania? I prepared an infographic with the first 11 thing you must know about Romania. And also some guided tours. So, when you decide to travel to Romania, you will probably need and want to know: Read more

Bucharest’s shades of grey

Bucharest’s shades of grey

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Everybody in Bucharest thought at some point that Bucharest is a grey city. Many inhabitants still believe this. You can see here more than 50 shades of grey – maybe hundreds! Take a tour and discover Bucharest’s shades of grey.

Here are the grey blocks from communism period, all the same and the old buildings full of scars left behind by the time. They are ruining the image of the city . People’s clothes are grey and black especially in winter. And, when it rains, you can find in Bucharest a sea of grey! Read more

Best time to visit Romania

When is the best time to visit Romania?

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Before deciding when is the best time to visit Romania, it is important to know what options you have in each season. I bet that before selecting your next holiday destination you always check how is the weather there. Sometimes it rains and nobody likes to be wet when traveling. Sometimes it is so hot that you are melting! You are not sure if the building you are seeing is actually a palace or you’re having hallucinations. Sometimes it is so cold that you prefer to visit the restaurants and pubs instead of walking around the streets.

In Romania you can experience all this situations, so you must first decide why do you want to visit it. And after that you will see when is the best time to visit Romania. Come and explore this beautiful country and see what has to offer each season. Read more