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Bucharest’s shades of grey

Bucharest’s shades of grey

Everybody in Bucharest thought at some point that Bucharest is a grey city. Many inhabitants still believe this. You can see here more than 50 shades of grey – maybe hundreds! Take a tour and discover Bucharest’s shades of grey.

Here are the grey blocks from the communist period, all the same, and the old buildings full of scars left behind by the time. They are ruining the image of the city. People’s clothes are grey and black, especially in winter. And, when it rains, you can find in Bucharest a sea of grey!

Yes, a few years ago Bucharest was a grey city! But now it looks better and better every day. That is because the shades of grey are disappearing to make place for the colours that conquer the city.

You will still see stains of grey here and there but, like everything in life. It’s just a matter of choice: you can choose to focus on those shades of grey. If you are interested to see the dark side of Bucharest, you will enjoy our Haunted Bucharest tour.

Or better, you can see the colourful Bucharest: green parks with flowers and large alleys, ideal to visit when you need to relax. Here are the fashioned boutiques with clothes and accessories that remind you why Bucharest is called “Little Paris”. And here are the girls and boys dressed fancy and in daring colours.

An explosion of colours will greet you in the busy markets with tasty fruits and vegetables. The renovated buildings that recovered their first colours will show you the nice face of the city.

The city is changing! And with all those changes, it will be difficult to spot Bucharest’s shades of grey! And now, that even the stairs are painted in colours, grey will remain only the dark history of some places in town and the inevitable greys from every big metropole. Meet Bucharest during our Best of Bucharest tour or try a free walking tour

So are you ready to enjoy Bucharest’s shades of grey and his bright colours?

Bucharest's shades of Grey Bucharest by night

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