First 11 things you must know about Romania

Are you planning to visit Romania? I prepared an infographic with the first 11 thing you must know about Romania. And also some guided tours. So, when you decide to travel to Romania, you will probably need and want to know: Location of Romania in Europe. Romania is situated in the South-East of Europe, neat Central […]

Bucharest's shades of grey

Bucharest’s shades of grey

Everybody in Bucharest thought at some point that Bucharest is a grey city. Many inhabitants still believe this. You can see here more than 50 shades of grey – maybe hundreds! Take a tour and discover Bucharest’s shades of grey. Here are the grey blocks from communism period, all the same and the old buildings […]

Best time to visit Romania

Best time to visit Romania?

Before selecting your next holiday destination it is important to see when it’s the best time to visit it. Sometimes it rains and nobody likes to be wet when travelling. Sometimes it is so hot that you are melting! You are not sure if the building you are seeing is actually a palace or you’re having […]