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Comana monastery and Neajlov delta near Bucharest

Comana monastery near Bucharest

If you want to spend a day away from Bucharest, but not too far away, Comana Monastery and the nature that surrounds it (especially the Neajlov delta) are an excellent idea. Unfortunately, during the weekend others may have the same urge as you, so it can get busy. 

In order to visit the Comana monastery, you have to drive for approximately one hour. The drive from Bucharest to Comana is an easy one, and to get there you just need to turn left off of the road to Giurgiu, at Calugareni. On this trip, you will also see other monasteries around Bucharest, Delta Neajlovului Monastery that can be spotted from the car. Once you have arrived in Comana, you can either park the car in the monastery’s parking lot or on the sidewalk.

Comana Monastery

Comana Monastery is founded by Vlad Tepes (Vlad the Impaler, the one who inspired the famous count Dracula character) in the 15th century, but it was ruined until the 16th century when it is rebuilt by boyar Radu Serban.

Many members of the Cantacuzino family are later buried here, making it the family’s crypt. In the 17th century, it is described by Paul de Alep as a sturdy structure, protected by stone walls and towers, a monastery stronghold in the Neajlov Delta.

Legend has it that this is the place where Vlad the Impaler died and if you’ve been wondering where is Vlad the Impaler buried, the Comana Monastery is one possible place. However, there is another monastery not far from Bucharest where it is said that Vlad the Impaler is buried: Snagov Monastery. But considering that he died in this area and that he built the Comana Monastery, many historians consider Comana his real burial place. 

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At Comana Monastery there is also a mausoleum in honour of the fallen soldiers of World War I, a mausoleum that houses the skulls and bones left from that time. They can be seen in the basement of the monastery.

Even if the parking lot is full, the inside of the monastery is peaceful. Once past the imposing walls, you can visit the church and the mausoleum. Here, you can also see the museum that is set up in the back.

On one side, through a small gate at the back of the church, you reach the shore of the Neajlov River. From here you can see the fortifications that defend the church very well. You can stand on the dock that was built here to admire the untouched nature. 

Neajlov delta

Neajlov delta near bucharest

From Comana monastery, after a short ride, you will reach the Comana natural park, a protected area around the Neajlov delta. Here, you can take long walks in the forest (during Autumn it has amazing colours) and even ride a bike. But if you prefer to enjoy the delta landscape and you don’t have time to explore Romania’s best-known delta (Danube delta), you can take a boat trip or just find a place to admire the rich fauna around: swangs, ducks, egrets and other animals.

Those who want a different day trip from Bucharest can find many beautiful things to visit here.

Unfortunately, some of them become somewhat hard to reach when it gets crowded. If the road to the Neajlov Delta is jammed, you can continue towards Mihai Bravu to enjoy the Comana forest.

Comana Monastery and the Neajlov Delta form a peaceful oasis near Bucharest. During the week this place is deserted and this way you can really enjoy it and discover how wonderful it is like that!

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