Lacerta winery, Bellu manor & Thracian necropolis day trip from Bucharest


Highlights of the Lacerta winery, Bellu manor & Thracian necropolis day trip from Bucharest:

  1. Bellu manor – a beautiful manor built in the old Romanian style
  2. Lacerta winery Romania – a private wine tasting session
  3. Thracian necropolis – old, Thracian tombs dating back from 2600 years ago
  4. Stone church – the church made of travertine

Details of the Lacerta winery, Bellu manor & Thracian necropolis day trip from Bucharest:

Start and endpoint: in Bucharest, at your hotel or another chosen location
Distance: 220 km
Departure time: 08:00 AM
Note: This is a private tour and it is available from Wednesday to Sunday

Bellu manor Urlati
Thracian tomb romania
Stone church Buzau

Lacerta winery, Bellu manor & Thracian necropolis:

Those who are passionate about wine, can find in this day trip from Bucharest the perfect opportunity to get acquainted with the vineyards of Romania.

Discover one of the best-known vineyards in the Dealu Mare region: Lacerta winery and taste its production. Visit a beautiful manor very well preserved. Explore the Thracian necropolis located on the hills next to Lacerta and admire the beautiful view.

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Lacerta winery, Bellu manor & Thracian necropolis day trip from Bucharest

The trip starts at your hotel in Bucharest, from where the guide will pick you up in the morning. After about an hour and a half you will reach the base of the hills on which lies one of the largest wine regions in Romania: Dealu Mare.

But until you reach the vineyards, you will stop at an old aristocratic manor to get to know the old-fashioned lifestyle: the Bellu manor in Urlati.

Bellu manor in Urlati

The Bellu manor was built in the middle of the 19th century, in the old Romanian style. It was the home of the family of Baron Alexandru Bellu, a descendant of a wealthy Macedonian family who settled in Urlați.

The manor is located in a picturesque area, surrounded by a park with old trees.

After a guided tour inside and in the pavilion, you can take a walk on the domain to see the vineyards that stretch out on the hills.

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Bell manor in Urlati

The trip continues with a long-awaited activity: a visit to the Lacerta winery and the wine tasting session.

Lacerta winery

Once you reach the winery in Dealu Mare, you will first admire the vineyards and then enter the main building. The wine tasting session includes 3-5 varieties of wines, and at the end you can choose to buy one or more bottles if you want.

During the tasting, a specialist will tell you about the history of the wines obtained here and about their production process.

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Wine tasting at Lacerta winery

Your last stop will be on the top of the hills, first to admire the breath taking view and second to visit the 2 attractions there.

The stone church

The stone church is built of the famous Naeni stone extracted from the nearby quarry. From the foundation to the altar, the builders used the same material – stone.

The Thracian Necropolis

Near the church you will see the Thracian Necropolis. Between 800 and 600 BC, Thracians living on the tops of the area buried their dead in stone-hollowed tombs. The first such tombs were opened in 1938 and since then the place has been called the Thracian Necropolis.

After you explore the Necropolis, it’s time to go back to Bucharest. Your guide will drop you off at your hotel or other location of your choice.

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Thracian necropolis and the Stone church


Individual tour – 265 €

2 persons – 145 €/pers

3 persons – 130 €/pers

4-5 persons – 115 €/pers

6-8 persons – 99 €/pers

*For larger groups please contact us to send you the best offer

A friendly, English speaking guide
Assistance during the entire tour
Transport by car or minivan
Entrance fee to Bellu manor

Not included:
Wine tasting session (~ 12 €/pers)

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