Interested in Dracula's castle? Discover the secret story of Dracula in a full day tour

Highlights of the Secret story of Dracula tour:

  1. Poenari fortress
  2. Curtea de Arges Monastery
  3. The royal court in Targoviste
  4. Poenari fortress replica

Details of Secret story of Dracula castle tour:

Start and endpoint: at your hotel or another chosen location
Distance: 410 km
Departure time: 07:30 AM
Note: To visit the Poienari fortress you must climb 1480 stairs in the mountains.
This tour is available Tuesday-Sunday

dracula tour castle royal court
arges monastery
Real Dracula castle

Secret story of Dracula tour description:

Everybody knows Dracula, the famous Bram Stocker’s vampire! But do you want to know who Dracula was for real, what the life of Vlad the Impaler was and how he became the most famous vampire in the world? The Secret story of Dracula tour will make the fascinating legend of Dracula come alive for you.
In this one day tour, you will admire Poenari fortress, the ruins of Vlad the Impaler’s real castle, placed in an enchanted landscape (because of bears sometimes the fortress is closed for visits). After that, you will continue with Curtea de Arges Monastery, a church with a strange history. You will also see Vlad the Impaler’s Royal Court, in Targoviste. Finally, our last stop will be in front of a Poenari fortress replica in Bucharest.

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Your guide will pick you up from your hotel and after an hour ride, he will stop you in front of Targoviste Royal court. The former capital of Wallachia, Targoviste is today a small town. But its architecture and important monuments show the glory it once had. You will visit the old church, the tower used as a prison and the ruins of the old court. Vlad the Impaler is the founder of the fortifications. Your guide will tell you the beginning of his story as you visit the royal court in Targoviste. And this is just the start of your trip! The next stop will be in a mysterious and full of legends place: Curtea de Arges monastery.

Royal court in Targoviste

One of the most beautiful churches in Romania, Curtea de Arges monastery will stun you with its architecture and interior. The legend of its creation is mentioned in many Romanian works of art. Considered magic and haunted by some people, the place hides one of the strongest beliefs of Romanians: every creation needs life to last.

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curtea de arges monastery

Curtea de Arges monastery

After you have enjoyed your visit of Curtea de Arges monastery, it’s time to see the real castle of Dracula. The fortress was reconstructed by Vlad the Impaler and it became one of his main fortresses. Sometimes it is closed due to bears, but if it is not, you must climb 1480 stairs to visit it – the view deserves every step. Here you will find how he became the most famous vampire of all times and who he really was. On your way up you will also see a small part of the Transfagarasan. The Transfagarasan is a spectacular road in the mountains and it was voted “the most beautiful road in the world”.

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Poenari fortress, the real castle of Dracula

You saw the ruins of the real castle of Dracula and the beautiful scenery that surrounds it. On your last stop, you can see how the castle really looked. Once you arrive in Bucharest, your guide will take you in front of a building less known, a replica of the Poenari fortress built in the XX century. Find out its story and ask your guide your last questions because after that he will drop you off at your hotel or another chosen location.

Poenari fortress replica in Bucharest

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Poenari fortress replica in Bucharest


Individual tour 210 €

Group of 2-4 persons – 119 €/pers

5-7 persons – 89 €/pers

*For larger groups please contact us to send you the best offer

A friendly, English speaking guide
Assistance during the entire tour
Transport by car or minivan
Entrance fees for Poienari fortress and the Royal court in Targoviste
Not included:
Photo/video fee for the Royal court in Targoviste

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