Highlights of Dobrogea tour:


Day 1: Constanta city tour, Mamaia Black sea resort
Day 2: Dobrogea Gorge, Traditional fisherman villages in Dobrogea
Day 3: Danube Delta boat tour
Day 4: Back to Bucharest


Duration: 4 days
Start and endpoint: your hotel in Bucharest or another chosen location
Departure time: 08:00 A.M.
Note: “Dobrogea and Danube delta tour in 4 days” is a private tour, so the schedule can be customized according to your needs.

Danube delta tour from Bucharest
Black Sea beach
Constanta casino
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If you are looking for Danube Delta tours from Bucharest, try our 4-day itinerary in a less-travelled region of Romania and enjoy its natural wonders. The Danube River flows into the Black Sea forming one of the largest deltas in Europe: the Danube Delta.

During this 4-day tour in Dobrogea and Danube Delta, you will get the chance to explore Constanta, the largest Romanian port at the Black Sea, to visit the remote villages in Dobrogea and to discover the amazing delta of Romania, the Danube Delta.

Dobrogea, the Eastern land of Romania, has a rich history behind it with influences from all the people that lived here once. Ancient citadels, beautiful villages and diverse fauna will make you want to discover more of this place.

The newest land of Europe, the Danube Delta in Romania is a wild place, full of surprises. Every year, it gains 40 m2 from the water. When you visit it, you feel like you’ve entered a region with no rules, where the man doesn’t make its presence felt yet.

Unfortunately, there are one day trips to Danube Delta from Bucharest, but they are done by speed boat, so they ruin the environment. That is why you need to spend at least 2 days in Danube Delta to get to know it and to admire its nature in a s way.

This is a trip back in time, back to nature, back to the simple life. In 4 days you will have enough time to get a first impression. But after that, you will definitely want to go back for more!

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Your Dobrogea tour will start in the morning when you will travel from Bucharest to the Black Sea, in Constanta. Your guide will offer you a complete Constanta city tour where you will discover the most important attractions in the old town, you will take a walk on the long waterfront and you will admire the most mysterious building of Constanta: the Casino.

Next to the Constanta Casino, you will also see the biggest port in Romania, Constanta port. In the afternoon you can lay down and relax on the beach of Constanta or even visit the best known Romanian resort at the Black Sea: Mamaia. After you see it you will start planning your Black sea holidays!

Spend your night in a nice hotel in Constanta.Constanta city tour

You don’t have some days to spend in Romania? Discover the Black Sea on a day trip to Constanta.


Day 1: Constanta city tour

After breakfast, it is time to explore Dobrogea and discover the most wonderful places in the region. Dobrogea gorge is a natural miracle that very few people know about. Have a short stop to admire them and use the rest of the day to visit the unique villages.

You will notice here the Turkish and Greek influences and learn where they come from. The fisherman villages keep their traditions, some old houses, and a specific atmosphere that you will meet nowhere else. Enjoy a walk on their lanes and slow down a little to feel their natural rhythm.

In the evening, you will be transferred to Tulcea where you will spend your night.Explore Dobrogea


Day 2: Explore Dobrogea

The highlight of your 4-day tip in Dobrogea will be the Danube Delta boat tour. This day trip to Danube Delta will offer you an unforgettable experience. You will be amazed by the rich flora and fauna that you will see here.

The Danube, the second largest river in Europe, forms a delta when it drains into the Black Sea. Danube Delta is a very well preserved area because man has a small impact. Your Danube Delta boat trip will take you on the small and large channels that form the web of this area. On the way, you can admire different plants and animals and enjoy the beauty of this unexplored water land.
In the evening come back to your hotel in Tulcea.Danube delta boat tour



Day 3: Danube Delta boat tour

It is time to say goodbye to this wonderful region and come back from the Danube Delta to Bucharest. Your guide will transfer you to your hotel or directly to the airport if you want to. Danube Delta is another world, a world where water is still the king!Explore Dobrogea

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Day 4: Danube Delta to Bucharest

Mentions: If you need, you can add a transfer from the airport on day 1 or an extra night before the tour starts. Or, the Danube Delta tour can be customized and you can start with day 4 (go from Bucharest to Danube Delta, have the Danube delta boat trip, explore Dobrogea and enjoy the Constanta city tour on the last day)

If you still have some questions about this region and you are not sure whether is it worth going from Bucharest to Danube Delta, maybe the following answers will help you make the best decision:

Is the Danube Delta worth visiting and why visit it?

Yes, the Danube Delta is worth a visit and you shouldn’t miss it, especially if you love nature and wildlife.

The Danube delta is the only delta in the world declared entirely a Biosphere Reserve, being included in the UNESCO Universal Cultural and Natural Heritage List.

Sulina, the only city inside the delta, is located at the lowest altitude in Romania and is also the sunniest territory of our country.

The Danube Delta is a museum of biodiversity, where you can see trees and plants, molluscs, reptiles, mammals and lots of birds, many of which have been declared unique species and monuments of nature.

Are there crocodiles in the Danube Delta?

No, there are no crocodiles here, but there are other reptiles. One of them is the bad snake, known to be the longest snake in Europe, reaching up to 2 meters and it is a protected species throughout our continent.

What to do in Delta Danube?

The most popular activity here is a Danube Delta boat tour that will show you the main attractions of the area: the canals, the secluded beaches, the water villages and the wildlife. If you want to spend more days here, we can include in your itinerary one or 2 nights in a Danube delta resort.

The Danube Delta tourism has not yet affected the area, because there are several places where tourists do not have access. More than 50% of the biosphere reserve is intact, but motor speed boats affect its fauna and flora. That is it is better to explore it by normal boat.

How do you get to the Danube Delta in Romania?

If you land in Bucharest, the best way to travel from Bucharest to Danube Delta is by car. You can stop in Tulcea and try one of the Danube delta tours from Tulcea to explore the canals and get closer to the sea. And this is the most popular option.

Or you can go by car to the villages located next to Sfantu Gheorghe, one of the three branches of the Danube, Mahmudia, Murighiol or Dunavat. From here you can take boat trips on the Danube.

Danube Delta tour from Bucharest offer

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Day trip to Danube Delta by boat

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Medical insurance

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