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Dobrogea Romania Travel Guide

Dobrogea Romania

For those looking for a destination off the beaten path, the region of Dobrogea, Romania should definitely be on your list. Here you can experience beautiful landscapes with rich and diverse cultural offerings – a perfect mix of tradition and modern life that will have you captivated.

With its warm climate and traditional cuisine, this region offers all the ingredients for an unforgettable holiday: stunning ancient monuments, sandy beaches, vibrant cities with bustling nightlife scenes, some exceptional sceneries, rolling green hills forested by lush vineyards, traditional fishing villages filled with friendly locals and plenty of opportunities to explore the local culture.

Whether you’re a keen traveler looking to explore or a history buff searching for stories of its past, let us take you on a journey through one of Romania’s most delightful treasures: Dobrogea!

Where is Dobrogea?

Dobrogea is in southeastern Romania, located between the lower Danube River to the west and the Black Sea to the east. Bulgaria borders it to the south, Ukraine and Moldova to the north. It is a region that combines the best of both worlds – the majestic beauty of nature with a rich cultural heritage.

Enjoy our tours in Dobrogea:

Black Sea vacation Romania & Bulgaria in 7 days

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Have you thought about spending a holiday at the Black Sea? During this 7-day tour in Romania and Bulgaria on the Black Sea shore you can combine beach days with visiting interesting tourist attractions. This is a private tour, so it can be customized according to your wishes. So, if you just want a beach holiday to relax, you can visit fewer attractions and spend more time at the seaside. This 7-day itinerary in Romania and Bulgaria was created to show you the most beautiful sights on the Black Sea coast. You will discover the best-known beaches in Romania and Bulgaria, the popular resorts on the Black Sea, and also the charming cities with an ancient past. During this Bulgaria and Romania holiday, you will visit 2 major ports on the Black Sea: Constanta and Burgas and you will be able to explore their old town. Sozopol and Nessebar are two charming cities built on peninsulas that go into the sea. A walk through their narrow streets will delight you! But apart from these old cities, you will also have days to relax, sit on the beach and swim in the warm seawater. The well-known resorts will be your hosts and here you can enjoy the holiday atmosphere. The itinerary starts and ends in Bucharest, but if you have more time to spare, you can extend it with another tour through Romania or Bulgaria. If not, you can add one night of accommodation before and after. This way you will have enough days to cover the whole route. Discover other tours of Romania and Bulgaria and extend your holiday in Bulgaria and Romania.

Dobrogea and Danube Delta tour from Bucharest – 4 days

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If you are looking for Danube Delta tours from Bucharest, try our 4-day itinerary in a less-travelled region of Romania and enjoy its natural wonders. The Danube River flows into the Black Sea forming one of the largest deltas in Europe: the Danube Delta. During this 4-day tour in Dobrogea and Danube Delta, you will get the chance to explore Constanta, the largest Romanian port at the Black Sea, to visit the remote villages in Dobrogea and to discover the amazing delta of Romania, the Danube Delta. Dobrogea, the Eastern land of Romania, has a rich history behind it with influences from all the people that lived here once. Ancient citadels, beautiful villages and diverse fauna will make you want to discover more of this place. The newest land of Europe, the Danube Delta in Romania is a wild place, full of surprises. Every year, it gains 40 m2 from the water. When you visit it, you feel like you’ve entered a region with no rules, where the man doesn’t make its presence felt yet. Unfortunately, there are one day trips to Danube Delta from Bucharest, but they are done by speed boat, so they ruin the environment. That is why you need to spend at least 2 days in Danube Delta to get to know it and to admire its nature in a s way. This is a trip back in time, back to nature, back to the simple life. In 4 days you will have enough time to get a first impression. But after that, you will definitely want to go back for more! Or you can try another long tour in Romania.

Private tour to Constanta and the Black Sea

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Enjoy a private tour to Constanta and the Black Sea on a relaxing day trip from Bucharest. The largest port in Romania and also one of the oldest cities in the country is Constanta. During summer it is a very popular destination, but you can enjoy a Constanta city tour all year long. If you want to discover the Roman traces and other civilizations that still live in the city, but you don’t have time to stay there, you can book this day trip from Bucharest. After a guided tour in the old town of Constanta, you will have a few hours at the beach in Mamaia, a well-known resort on the Black Sea. If you stay longer in the city, you can try also other day trips from Bucharest.

A Short History of Dobrogea

Dobrogea’s rich and complex history dates back to the ancient Thracians and Greeks, who arrived in the region in the 7th century BC. In 101 AD, Dobrogea became part of the Roman Empire and was subsequently invaded by Goths and Huns.

Bulgarians and Byzantines also fought over the region until the settlement of the Romanians in 1218.

The area experienced a brief period of prosperity under Wallachian rule from the 16th to 18th centuries before the Ottoman Empire annexed it in 1420. In 1878, Dobrogea was returned to Romania after the Russo-Turkish War.

Today, Dobrogea is home to many cultural attractions ranging from ancient ruins and monasteries to modern cities. It is an area with a unique cultural identity where people of all nationalities, religions and backgrounds live together peacefully.

Places to visit in Dobrogea Romania

Dobrogea is a region in Romania known for its stunning landscapes and diverse wildlife.

The area offers visitors some of Europe’s most beautiful natural scenery, with rolling hills, lush forests, secluded beaches and crystal clear waters providing breathtaking views wherever you look. The rich biodiversity makes it a paradise for nature lovers who can spot rare species such as wild horses, lynxes and pelicans while exploring many wetlands and national parks.

History buffs will also find plenty to admire in Dobrogea, from ancient ruins to old fortresses that tell stories of past conquerors – all set against spectacular backdrops that make them even more captivating.

With so much on offer here, it’s no wonder why this region has become one of Romania’s top destinations. Now let’s have a look  at some of the top attractions to explore in Dobrogea:


Constanta casinoConstanta, the largest city in Dobrogea, is a vibrant port city located on the Black Sea coast. With a rich history that dates back to 600 BC, Constanta is full of fascinating attractions for visitors to explore.

One of the most popular sites is the Roman mosaic from the fourth century AD, which can be found at the Great Mahmudiye Mosque.

Another top attraction is the famous Casino. This is one of Constanta’s most iconic and historical places to visit. King Carol I built it in 1910, and it stands as a symbol of Romania’s rich heritage.

The building is impressive, with ornate decorations and styles from various time periods, including Byzantine, Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque. The casino offers a stunning view of the Black Sea and is a great place to explore on a sunny day.

Other historical attractions include the Archaeology Museum and Genovese Lighthouse, and several old churches – some date back to the 13th century.

When not exploring its many landmarks, stroll along the beach promenade and visit the nearby Genovese port, where plenty of restaurants serve fresh seafood dishes.

You can visit Constanta on a day trip from Bucharest.

Danube Delta

Danube delta Dobrogea region

The Danube Delta is a stunning area in Romania and Ukraine, consisting of wetland ecosystems, including rivers, canals, backwaters, and lakes. It is located at the mouth of the Danube River, which flows into the Black Sea. It is home to an abundance of wildlife and an incredible diversity of plants, making it a protected UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The Danube Delta is a paradise for wildlife watching, birdwatching, and fishing. Over 300 species of birds call the delta home, including rare species such as the Dalmatian pelican, red-breasted goose, and Ferruginous duck. Reptiles and amphibians, like frogs, lizards, and snakes, are also abundant.

In addition to wildlife watching, visitors can explore the delta’s many waterways in small boats or kayaks. The area is dotted with small villages where visitors can stay overnight while they explore the delta.

The site is also known for its traditional villages with thatched houses, colorful boats and friendly locals. Here, visitors can experience a part of Romania largely untouched by time.

The Danube Delta is a fantastic place to explore and experience natural beauty. Whether you’re looking for a peaceful getaway or a unique wildlife-viewing experience, you’ll have a memorable time here. With its stunning waterways and abundant wildlife, it’s definitely worth visiting at least once in your lifetime!

Ready to discover the Danube Delta? Try our Dobrogea and Danube delta tour.

The old citadels: Histria and Enisala

Enisala fortress Dobrogea

The old citadels of Dobrogea are a reminder of the region’s rich history and cultural heritage. The two most well-known are Histria and Enisala, both situated along the Black Sea coast.

Histria was founded by the ancient Greeks in the 7th century BC, making it one of the oldest cities in Romania. Its ancient ruins, including the Temple of Artemis and the remains of a Roman amphitheatre, are well worth a visit.

Enisala is a medieval fortress near Mahmudia, known for its well-preserved towers and walls dating back to the 14th century. Today, it’s a popular destination for those looking to explore the region’s past and take in the stunning views of the Black Sea.

Traditional villages

Dobrogea traditional villages

The Dobrogea region in Romania is renowned for its traditional villages that have been standing for centuries. The area is home to many small villages, some of which have preserved their traditional architecture, culture and customs. Many of these villages are located on the Black Sea coast and have strong ties to the local fishing industry.

Traditional villages are the perfect place to experience authentic Romanian culture and cuisine. There are two villages that you shouldn’t miss when visiting Dorbogea.

Jurilovca and Sarichioi are famous for their rich cultural heritage and folklore. While people see Jurilovca for its direct access to Dolosman Cape and Razim Lake, two unique attractions in Romania, Sarichioi highlights the traditional and peaceful life of the local inhabitants.

The wild beaches: Vadu and Corbu

Corbu beach Romania

The wild beaches of Dobrogea, Romania, offer visitors the opportunity to explore some of the most stunning coastal scenery in the country. Vadu and Corbu are two of the wildest beaches in Dobrogea, located along the Black Sea coast. Both boast an impressive array of wildlife, as well as untouched views of the sea.

Vadu is a sprawling beach with secluded coves and sandy bays, perfect for sunbathing or swimming. Over the summer, the place is home to several travelers and wanderers looking to enjoy the area’s unique landscape.

Corbu is slightly less accessible than Vadu but still just as stunning, with its towering cliffs, crystal clear waters and golden sand. Both beaches are perfect for a day trip or even an overnight stay in one of the nearby guesthouses.

Discover our offer for a beach holiday in Romania and Bulgaria.

Dobrogea Gorges

Dobrogea gorge

The Dobrogea Gorges are some of the most spectacular natural attractions in Romania. Located near Macin, the gorges have a wealth of wildlife and breathtaking scenery.

The impressive gorges, carved by the powerful currents of the Danube river, offer visitors an exciting adventure and spectacular views. From hiking trails to kayaking trips, there are many activities to participate in when visiting Dobrogea Gorges.

With its dramatic landscapes and diverse wildlife, it’s an ideal destination for those looking for an outdoor adventure or simply wanting to explore nature’s beauty up close.

Macinului Mountains

Macin mountains

The Macinului Mountains are renowned for their impressive views and breathtaking landscapes. The area is a paradise for outdoor adventurers, from hiking trails to camping spots and waterfalls.

The Macinului Mountains are also home to some rare species of flora and fauna, making it ideal for those interested in nature conservation. Visitors can explore various trails, enjoy birdwatching and even go horse riding.

These mountains offer an unforgettable experience for both adventure seekers and nature lovers alike.

End your trip in style with a wine-tasting experience at Murfatlar

The Murfatlar Winery is a must-visit destination for wine lovers and enthusiasts visiting Dobrogea, Romania. Located in the southeastern part of Romania, this winery offers visitors a unique and unforgettable experience. The vineyard stretches across a surface of over 3000 hectares, also offering a stunning view.

Murfatlar is renowned for its wines from local grapes such as Feteasca Regala, Feteasca Neagra and Muscat Ottonel. Visitors can take part in a guided tour of the winery and learn about the traditional winemaking process. Afterward, visitors can enjoy a tasting experience of some of Murfatlar’s finest wines.

Before you go

The beauty of Dobrogea, Romania, is unmatched and has something for everyone. From the wild beaches of Vadu and Corbu to the impressive Dobrogea Gorges and Macinului Mountains, countless destinations offer unique experiences. And no trip would be complete without a visit to Murfatlar Wine Yard for a wine-tasting experience like no other! Whether you’re looking for an outdoor adventure or want to explore nature’s beauty up close, this region will not disappoint. So what are you waiting for? Start planning your next vacation in one of Romania’s most beautiful regions, and book your tour today.

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