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Family Holiday in Romania: 4 Itineraries to Try With Kids

Family holiday Romania

If you want to plan a family holiday, Romania may be an excellent choice. This mountainous country on the Black Sea still remains undiscovered by the tourist hordes, which have already taken by surprise some of its Easter European neighbours.

This country surely knows what diversity means. From marvellous castles and fortified churches to pristine forests and meadows filled with wildflowers, this place will surely capture your children’s attention in its unique way.

Visiting Romania with kids, it’s a great idea since this country is highly family-friendly. And there are several things to do, from nature walks to full experiences; this country has a little bit for everyone.

If you were thinking of booking your next holiday with kids in Romania, then you’re in luck. In this article, we’ve put together four itineraries that promise a magical experience. So, read on and find out what a holiday should look like.

Romania has a lot of potentials to become your next favourite family destination. This country gains every traveller’s heart with its diverse environment and welcoming people. However, its infrastructures are still in full development, so you’ll need someone to tell you how things work.

A guided tour is ideal, especially when you travel with little kids. A professional will help you adapt your itinerary to your family’s schedule making your holiday a real success. If you prefer a self-driving tour, leave the details to us and you will have no worries about the accommodation or where to eat with the children.

We have cherry-picked the following itineraries as they include fantastic experiences for you and your loved ones. Let’s discover them together.

Itinerary 1: Dobrogea and Danube Delta in 4 days

Dobrogea and Danube delta with kids

This itinerary is perfect for a short family trip to Romania, especially if you all love nature.

Day 1: Constanta city tour, Mamaia Black sea resort
Day 2: Dobrogea Gorge, Traditional fisherman villages in Dobrogea
Day 3: Danube Delta boat tour
Day 4: Back to Bucharest

One of the fascinating parts of Romania is Danube Delta, but you’ll have some incredible stops before getting there. This itinerary focuses more on the southeast part of the country as it is rich in beach resorts, port cities and stunning wildlife.

As you commute from Bucharest to Constanta, you’ll be free to discover the port city. Here resides one of the best buildings in Romania–the famous Casino. Your trip to Constanta can not be complete without a well-deserved sunbathing at Mamaia Resort.

Your trip to Danube Delta also gives you the opportunity to explore Doborgea and its wonderful places. You’ll find here the Dobrogea gorge, which offers spectacular natural landscapes complemented by antic fortresses, monasteries and mosques, famous vineyards, caves, and sunny beaches.

Even though the fisherman villages with their Turkish and Greek influence are beyond fascinating, the highlight of your family holiday will be the Danube Delta.

The natural biosphere has spectacular beauty and unique characteristics, which place it in the UNESCO World Heritage Site. As you reach the area, you’ll observe that time passes by slower, offering you relaxing moments with your loved ones.

The cruise through Delta’s waterways will give you a glimpse of the abundant wildlife and also the traditional Romanian fishing villages. The kids will be thrilled to try birdwatching. As Delta it’s home to over 360 species of birds, your family will definitely enjoy a good show.

Book this 4-day itinerary for your family.

Itinerary 2: A Beach Holiday in Romania & Bulgaria in 7 days

Romania beach holiday for children

If you visit Romania with toddlers, a beach holiday may be a great choice.

Day 1: Bucharest to Constanta transfer & Constanta guided tour
Day 2: Beach day – Mamaia resort & Corbu beach
Day 3: Vama Veche resort – Balcik Castle – Sunny beach
Day 4: Sunny beach resort & Nessebar
Day 5: Burgas & afternoon at the beach
Day 6: Sozopol guided tour & the Black Sea wonders
Day 7: Madara rider & transfer to Bucharest

If you were thinking of a summer vacation in Romania with your family, make sure you pinpoint this relaxing itinerary. This one promises a lot of fun not only on Romania’s shores but also some exciting activities in Bulgaria. Find out what are the top things to do in Romania with kids.

This vacation starts with a trip from Bucharest to Constanta, Romania’s most important port city. You’ll have the chance to explore the old town and see the famous art nouveau building of the old Casino.

Of course, one week at the beach means a few hours of sunbathing. You and your loved ones will enjoy the clean beaches of Mamaia resort and the serene silence of Corbu.

Your journey continues on one of the most famous beaches in Romania, Vama Veche. For a very long time, this place was recognized as a land of freedom where everyone is equal. Nowadays, you’ll find the perfect accommodation and atmosphere for your little ones.

Your trip moves forward with a top at the marvellous Balchik Castle. The Palace was the former summer residence of the Romanian Queen Maria, so it includes a gorgeous Botanical Garden. The place is still glorious since its creation in 1925.

Not long after, you and your little ones will have a lot of time to spend playing in the sand at Sunny Beach resort and Nessebar.

If you want to offer your kids more than just a regular day at the beach, stop in Burgas to see the famous pink lake, Atanasovsko, and walk around the most beautiful park Sea Garden.

Adding some finishing touches with a historical twist, Sozopol will be your next destination. This is probably the oldest city on the Bulgarian coast. A guided tour will offer the opportunity to see the Black Sea wonders.

The last destination in this itinerary covers a famous location, the Madara Horseman. The kids will be mesmerised by the grandeur of the carved bas-relief.

Read more details about this 7-day beach holiday.

Itinerary 3: Family holiday in Romania in 12 days

Family trip to Romania

If you want to enjoy an authentic family trip, then a self-drive trip might be the next great idea.

Day 1: Welcome to Bucharest
Day 2: Discover Bucharest
Day 3: Carpathian mountains and Peles Castle
Day 4: Brasov medieval city and the Bran Castle
Day 5: Explore Sighisoara
Day 6: Targu Mures and Turda salt mine
Day 7: Discover the Apuseni mountains
Day 8: Corvin Castle and the Bear cave
Day 9: Deva fortress and Alba Iulia
Day 10: Take a long walk in Sibiu
Day 11: Drive on Transfagarasan
Day 12: Goodbye, Romania!

Like any other trip, this one also starts from Bucharest and its stunning architecture. You’ll have plenty of time to discover the streets of the old city centre and perhaps some great exhibitions especially created for kids at Antipa Museum. Discover other attractions for kids in Bucharest. You’ll then start the real journey with a drive through the mysterious Carpathian Mountains at a stop at Peles Castle, a place that boasts a fairytale-like atmosphere.

Brasov, the medieval town with thick green forests and fortresses old as time, will invite you to discover its narrow street and stunning attractions. You might stop at the famous Bran Castle for a good scare and stories worthy of the next Halloween season.

Moving to a more colourful atmosphere, Sighisoara opens its citadel doors to discover important towers, secret passages, and vibrant streets. If your kids adore taking pictures, this is the place to raise some likes.

Your journey continues to Targu Mures, a city that will tell you that harmony is possible. You’ll get to see stunning architecture developed by both Romanian and Hungarian artists. Also, you’ll have the chance to step into the past with a walk in the old citadel.

As you travel to Transylvania, your little ones will love Turda’s Salt Mine. The underground park is filled with different facilities and several entertaining activities for parents and children.

Driving through the mesmerizing Apuseni Mountains surely is a unique experience. You’ll gaze at their natural beauty and emerald-green forests.

More castle legends mean more fun, and that is why your next stop will be the imposing Corvin Castle. This is indeed the largest medieval castle in Transylvania, representing the XVth century military architecture in SE Europe.

On a more natural path, you’ll have the chance to explore the famous “Bear cave”, unique in Romania and Eerie, thanks to its unique rock formations and the intact skeleton of a cave bear. Studies claim that the skeleton is more than 15,000 years old.

Soon after, a little sightseeing from Deva citadel will amaze your senses. Then a long walk in the White Citadel in Alba Iulia will make the little ones run free on the safe streets.

Yes, driving is fun for parents, but kids will want to stay active. They will have the chance to walk, run and play on the largest boulevard in Romania, Balcescu street in Sibiu. They will surely be intrigued by the “mysterious eyes” of the causes and the smell of sweets.

The self-drive tour ends with one of the most scenic roads in Romania, Transfagarasan, which offers a spectacular view not only for parents but for kids too.

Find out more about this 12-day itinerary in Romania.

Itinerary 4: Unesco sites in Romania in 14 days

Maramures family tour

Day 1: Arrival in Bucharest
Day 2: Explore Bucharest
Day 3: Monastery of Horezu and the land of Romanian pottery
Day 4: Explore Sibiu
Day 5: Let yourself charmed by Sighisoara Romania
Day 6: Visit Biertan fortified church & Valea viilor
Day 7: Sarmizegetusa Regia – an ancient fortress
Day 8: Cluj Napoca – a modern city in Romania
Day 9: Maramures tour
Day 10: Visit Maramures – the secret part
Day 11: Painted monasteries of Bucovina
Day 12: Romania historical sites – Suceava
Day 13: Back to Bucharest
Day 14: Leaving Romania

Looking for something more unique to share with your loved ones? Perhaps a 14 days holiday discovering Romania’s UNESCO sites will be an excellent opportunity to enjoy culture, adventure, and relaxing moments.

This new journey starts in Bucharest, where you’ll have the time to relax and explore the city. Take a long walk in the city centre and share some artisanal ice cream in one of the modern cafes. Discover main attractions such as the Parliament palace (the second-largest building in the world after the Pentagon), the Romanian Atheneum, and much more.

As you travel to Transylvania, the first stop will be Horezu monastery, an important UNESCO site where the children will hear old legends about the monastery’s name. Also, they have a taste of an ancient Romanian craft, pottery. They will have fun getting their hands dirty and creating their trinkets.

The adventure continues with a stop in Sibiu, a medieval town you’ll adore. It’s a family-friendly town with cute cafes and many activities for the little ones.

Not far from Sibiu, an important Unesco world heritage site, Sighisoara awaits. Its colourful streets and tall towers remind you of fairytale villages and stories with princes and princesses. The kids will love the view from the clock tower and the sweets prepared everywhere on the streets.

Traditional villages are an essential part of Romania. This is why you’ll see two of them, Biertan and Valea Viilor, which also host some of Transylvania’s most impressive fortified churches.

You’ll walk into the past as you visit the 2000-year-old Dacian fortresses in the Orastie mountains, Sarmisegetusa, compared to Stonehenge in England. You’ll also have the chance to see the star-shaped citadel in Alba Iulia, which is beyond beautiful.

Moving to a more traditional land, Maramures county will offer you authentic country life. Yet, before that, you’ll visit the modern Cluj Napoca and Turda’s Salt mine, a true underground jewel.

In Maramures, you’ll experience peace and silence at the wooden churches and monasteries, taste the local cuisine and explore traditional villages. Also, you’ll have a good laugh at the Merry Cemetery in Sapanta. Your family will also have the chance to explore the unknown part of the area. To do that, you’ll travel by an old steam train that will offer the view of a lifetime.

Crossing the Carpathian mountains to Bucovina, your family will explore a mythical land. This part of Romania has impressive churches and monasteries, all having peculiar characteristics. In the heart of Bucovina, you’re going to visit Suceava and its medieval fortress. You can also spend some time in nature and enjoy the spectacular landscapes.

On your way back to Bucharest, you’ll stop to see one last fortress, Neamt fortress, ending the itinerary on a historical note.

Check the details of this 14-day Unesco tour.

Romania is a wonderful holiday destination since it is family-friendly and far less touristic than other European sites. These family-friendly itineraries can always be adapted to your preferences.

So, are you ready for your next family holiday in Romania? If yes, book your favourite itinerary today and we’ll take care of every aspect of your journey. You just have to pack your bags and tell your loved ones it’s time for a fun family adventure.