First 11 things you must know about Romania



First 11 things you must know about Romania

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Are you planning to visit Romania? I prepared an infographic with the first 11 thing you must know about Romania. And also some guided tours. So, when you decide to travel to Romania, you will probably need and want to know:

  1. Location of Romania in Europe: Romania is situated in the South-East of Europe, neat Central Europe. That makes it a great place to to explore its neighbors after you enjoy its beautiful landscapes.
  2. Time zone of Romania is GMT +2.
  3. The national flag of Romania is a tricolor with vertical stripes, beginning from the flagpole: blue, yellow and red, meaning Liberty, Justice, Fraternity.
  4. Population of Romania is formed mainly of Romanians (84%). We also have minorities, Hungarians (6%) and Gipsy (3%).
  5. The main religion in Romania is Christian Ortodox (81%) and only 4% of the population is Roman Catholic and 3% is Reformed.
  6. You can choose the best time to visit Romania depending on what you like. I wrote a post about this here, so you can decide when to come. Romania is great in all seasons!
    And there are other 5 things I bet you didn’t know about Romania:
  7. The name Romania comes from the Latin word “Romanus”, citizen of the Roman Empire.
  8. The jet engine used by modern airplanes was invented by Henri Coanda, an inventor born in Bucharest.
  9. The youngest continental land in Europe, Danube Delta, is in Romania. You can discover it during our Dobrogea and Danube delta tour.
  10. In the Middle ages, Romanians were also known as Vlachs, a term used by Germanic people.
  11. And Transylvania means “the land beyond the forest”. Explore Transylvania on your own with our self guided tour in this beautiful region and this way you will support sustainable tourism in Romania.

You can find here the infographic with the things you should know about Romania when you decide to pay it a visit:

Autumn forest in Romania

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