Haunted Romania tour 2020


Haunted places in Romania you will visit:

  1. Iuia Hasdeu castle, a place surrounded with dark stories and great love
  2. Bran castle, count Dracula’s famous castle
  3. Sinca veche monastery, a place where wishes come true
  4. Bontida castle, the old ruins of a beautiful castle
  5. Hoia Baciu, a forest that appears in all the most haunted places in the world lists
  6. Sibiu, the best known medieval city in Transylvania
  7. Cisnadioara fortified church, a lonely church on top of a hill
  8. Carta monastery, the haunted abbey in Romania

Details of Haunted Romania tour in 4 days:

Duration: 4 days
Start and end point: at your hotel or another chosen location in Bucharest
Departure time: 08:00 A.M.
Note: “Haunted Romania tour in 4 days” is a private tour, so the schedule can be customized according to your needs.

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Haunted Romania tour in 4 days description:

Romania is a country with a bloody history and thrilling landscapes. With these premises, Romania is the perfect scenery for dark legends and horror stories. Here secret places are waiting to be discovered. Haunted Romania tour will show you some of these places in four days. Discover this land full of exciting stories and let it charm you forever!


Your tour will start your trip to the most haunted places in Romania in Bucharest where the guide will pick you up. He will take you to see the two castles famous for their ghosts. First stop will be at Iulia Hasdeu castle and and the second at Bran castle, count Dracula’s castle. Iulia Hasdeu castle is a mystery starting with its architecture and continuing with the sad story of Iulia Hasdeu, the girl who designed this castle after her death. Bran castle is known as count Dracula’s castle. In a guided tour inside, you will here the real story of this medieval attraction and discover its connections with the famous vampire. Sinca Veche, an old monastery in the mountains, is known as the place where wishes come true. Visit it and you will see a monastery that doesn’t look like any other. You will stop in Rasnov for the night in a 3*/4* guest house.

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Iulia Hasdeu castle, Bran castle, Sinca Veche monastery

Day 1: Iulia Hasdeu castle, Bran castle, Sinca Veche monastery

After your delicious breakfast in Rasnov it is time to go in the heart of Transylvania and visit the ruins of a beautiful castle: Bontida castle. Also known as Banffy castle, after the family that owned it, Bontida castle is called the Versailles of Transylvania. You will have the afternoon free to explore the modern Cluj and to enjoy its fancy restaurants. The accommodation will be also in Cluj, in a 3* guest house.

haunted romania tour day 2

Day 2: Bontida castle, free time in Cluj

Spend day 3 in Sibiu, a beautiful medieval city. Admire its narrow streets and romantic atmosphere, visit its medieval churches and take pictures of the old houses and their lovely windows. Sibiu is a jewel, but before visiting it stop near Cluj in the Hoia Baciu forest. Although it looks like an ordinary forest, it is famous for its strange appearances and unexplained phenomena. After your visit in Sibiu stop in your 3* hotel for the night.

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haunted romania day 3

Day 3: Hoia Baciu forest, Sibiu

Your last day of the Haunted Romania tour will start near Sibiu, in Cisnadioara, where you will visit a fortified haunted church or citadel. It is not known as haunted, but it has some interesting legends. Next on your list will be Carta monastery, the only Cistercian abbey still standing in Romania. There are only ruins left, but it is an amazing monument to see!

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Did you enjoy your Haunted Romania tour? I hope you did, because it’s time to go back to Bucharest, where your guide will drop you off at your hotel or at the airport.

Cisnadioara church, Carta monastery

Day 4: Cisnadioara church, Carta monastery


Haunted Romania Individual tour – 1199 €

Group of 2-4 persons – 620 €/pers

Group of 5-7 persons – 460 €/pers

*For larger groups please contact us to send you the best offer

A friendly, English-speaking guide
Assistance during the entire tour
Transport with car or minivan
3 nights accommodation in 3/4* hotels in Rasnov, Cluj and Sibiu
3 x Breakfast
Entrance fees

Not included:
Photo/video fees

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