10 most known palaces in Romania



10 best known palaces in Romania

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There are only 2 or 3 famous palaces in Romania, but few people know that Romania has a legacy of over 1300 castles, palaces, mansions and fortresses built by our ancestors. You can visit some of them, but unfortunately some are just ruins, also very exciting to explore.
Among these 1300 pieces of history, I only chose 10 palaces in Romania to recommend you for a visit. Palaces are many but the most known and beautiful ones are:

  1. Palace of Parliament in Bucharest

    Built in Bucharest by Ceausescu, the Palace of Parliament is the second largest building in the world and the heaviest. It is surrounded with dark legends and probably on of the reasons why Bucharest seems gray sometimes. And after the revolution in 1989 it became known as Casa Poporului (People’s house). An Australian business man  wanted to buy the building for US $1 billion, but his offer was rejected. The Palace of the Parliament in Bucharest is valued at €3 billion ($3.4 billion). And that makes it the most expensive administrative building in the world. You can visit it  if you book our Bucharest city tour.

  2. Palace of culture in Iasi

    Palace of culture is the symbol of Iasi. The building served as Administrative and Justice Palace until 1955. Then, it became host for the four museums nowadays united under the name of Moldavia National Museum Complex. Also, the building houses the Cultural Heritage Conservation-Restoration Centre and hosts various exhibitions and other events. The Palace has 298 large rooms. The entrance of the palace is through a great tower, the central architectural piece of the palace. On each of the three exposed sides there is a face of the clock with a diameter of 3.25 m. You can read more of the history of this impressive building and what you can see inside on their website.

  3. Cuza palace in Ruginoasa

    You can find Cuza palace in Ruginoasa, Iasi county. It is the palace of a former Romanian ruler, Alexandru Ioan Cuza, the first prince of the United Romanian Principalities. He bought it in 1862, renovated and used it as a summer residence. His wife, Elena Cuza, lived here with her husband’s two illegitimate sons. Today, Cuza palace in Ruginoasa hosts the Museum Alexandru Ioan Cuza. And you can visit its beautiful interiors restored after the original plans.

  4. Sturza palace in Miclauseni

    Sturza palace is a historic monument in the village of Miclăușeni, near Iasi. It is part of the Miclăușeni Historic Monastery complex in Miclauseni. The palace was rebuilt in 1752 by Lord Ioan Sturdza, building it with a semi-basement and 20 room.s, ten of them on each floor. His son built a church in the vicinity of the palace in 1821-1823. And his grand-son built a park stylied as an English garden with ornamental tree species. Today, you can visit the palace and the monastery, but they have a strict schedule for visits.

  5. Mogosoaia palace

    Mogosoaia palace it is near Bucharest so it is ideal for a half day trip outside Bucharest. It was built between 1698-1702 by Constantin Brancoveanu in what is called the Romanian Renaissance style or Brancovenesc style. The name of the palace, Mogosoaia comes from the name of the widow of the Romanian boyar Mogoș. He owned the land it was built on. In 18 century, after Constantin Brancoveanu was executed with his entire family, the palace was converted into an inn. It became a museum in 1957. The Mogosoaia palace has also a beautiful garden and other old buildings nearby.It is a popular location for weddings and also for families. You can explore it during our Family tour in Romania.

  6. Brukental palace in Sibiu

    Brukental palace lies in the center of Sibiu and today is an art museum. The museum is housed in the palace of Samuel von Brukenthal , Habsburg governor of Transylvania. He established its first collections around 1790. And they were officially opened to the public in 1817, making it the oldest museum in Romania. You can read more about the collections and the schedule of Brukental museum in Sibiu on its website.

  7. Cantacuzino palace in Bucharest 

    Cantacuzino palace from Bucharest is located on Calea Victoriei and it is built in French Baroque/Art Nouveau style. Today it is the George Enescu museum and remains one of the most beautiful buildings in Bucharest. Built by Gheorghe Grigore Cantacuzino, mayor of Bucharest and inherited by his daughter in law, Maria, the building hides dark love stories.  Maria remarried with music composer George Enescu and they leaved behind the palace, in a modest house that can be visited today. The Cantacuzino palace became George Enescu museum in 1959 and you can find its whole story in our Bucharest city tour.

  8. Royal palace in Bucharest

    The largest and most significant royal residence in the country, the Royal palace in Bucharest served as official residence for the Kings of Romania until 1947. Three years later became the National Museum of Art and today hosts several important collections. In the beginning it was a large mansion and when Carol I was invited to become the first king of Romania, he started to enlarge the building. The royal palace in Bucharest suffered major fires and it was partially destroy during the Revolution in 1989. But every time the palace was renovate and came back to life!

  9. Roznovanu palace

    Roznovanu palace in Iasi is the former residence of the Rosetti-Roznovanu family. After his inauguration in 1832 it was considered the most beautiful building in Iasi. In 1891 it was bought from the Roznovanu family and became the headquarters of the City Hall. Today  it is still the City hall of Iasi, so you cannot visit it. But you can admire it from outside.

  10. Micul trianon palace in Floresti

    Cantacuzino palace in Floresti Prahova belonged also to Gheorghe Grigore Cantacuzino, the one that owned Cantacuzino palace in Bucharest. The one in Floresti was built after the plans of Versaille palace in Paris and it is called Petit Trianon. Micul trianon palace in Floresti is only a ruin today, but you can admire it from outside.

The palaces in Romania are reminiscences of the past and all of them have many stories behind. You cannot live those times, but you can feel the fragrance of other ages when you visit them. Try our tours in Romania and visit the palaces you like.

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