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6 places to visit in Romania

Places to visit in Romania

So you have decided to visit Romania? That is a great choice! You’ve probably checked when is the best time to come here and you already know a few things about Romania, but now you are wondering – where should you go? Maybe you are one of the tourists that already have a lot of details about this country or you chose to have a holiday here only because someone told you that you will find great things to see in Romania and you are wondering what are those things. My purpose is not to create a top with the most beautiful places, nor to persuade you to choose a certain spot. I just want to make a list that will help you decide considering your interest and the number of days you want to spend here. So here is the list with the six places to visit in Romania:

Places to visit in Romania in 2024


Probably is not as exciting as Rome or Prague, but Bucharest has its charm! It was called the little Paris long time ago and you will discover here some similarities with the most romantic city in the world. The capital of Romania is a mixture of modern buildings, art nouveau details and communism traces. Plus, is a great start for your trip in Romania because it has the biggest airport in the country, Henry Coanda, and with it the connections with cities around the world. For those in hurry a day here may be enough, but the others who prefer a slow travel can find things to do in Bucharest even for a week. And not to mention the great coffee shops and restaurants.

Dobrogea and the Danube Delta:

A region that is not very known to tourists, Dobrogea is a wild jewel waiting to be discovered. You have several options here. Go to Constanta, an old city and the biggest port in Romania and the Black Sea to enjoy the modern resorts. Or head to Danube Delta for an unforgettable experience in the most well preserved delta in Europe. If you enjoy nature, the Delta is the place for you! Wild birds, wild horses and numerous other animals can be spotted in the day trips on the channels. Danube Delta is not very accessible, so if you need someone to help you get there and enjoy it at the maximum you can ask for a customized tour.


All you Dracula fans, welcome to Transylvania! Bram Stocker made it famous, but once you get there you will discover plenty of reasons to fall in love with it and reasons that have nothing to do with Dracula! If you are a fan of the story you can discover the places that Bram Stocker mentions in his book. If you are just a beauty lover and admire the medieval wonders, don’t miss in Transylvania Brasov, Sibiu and Sighisoara, three old cities that will charm you forever! You can discover these 3 cities and other medieval traces in our Medieval Transylvania tour. Or maybe you just want to step back in time and enjoy the ancient villages and the untouched nature. Visit the traditional villages with fortified churches and take long walks in the forest that surrounds them.


Maramures is the land of unspoiled traditions. Wooden churches that are UNESCO heritage, wooden gates and even a merry cemetery with wooden crosses that show how important the forest still is  here. And if you choose to visit Maramures, don’t miss a ride with the steam train called Mocanita. It is the best way to admire the wild nature.


Among the six places to visit in Romania, Bucovina is the perfect choice if you need serenity, inner peace and repose. Bucovina means both traditions and religion. The painted monasteries from Bucovina are UNESCO heritage due to their beauty and splendid colors. And the landscapes are breath-taking! And if you taste the food cooked here you will feel like in heaven! Romanian traditional food is known to be delicious and natural.

Carpathian mountains:

Laying in the center of Romania like a tornado ready to absorb the whole country, the Carpathian mountains separate the three major regions of Romania: Transylvania, Moldova and Muntenia.

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If I were to recommend a part of the Carpathians where you should go, I wouldn’t know which one to choose! Apuseni, the west side of the Carpathians are full of amazing caves and gorges. They host the biggest underground glacier in Europe, Scarisoara. Bigar waterfall, voted the most beautiful waterfall in the world is in the south-west part of the Carpathians. The most popular ones, the Southern Carpathians, are crossed by the amazing roads Transalpina and Transfagarasan. The East Carpathians have natural lakes and great peaks. And all of them are wild and offer amazing views and great mountain trails. Now tell me, which one would you choose?

places to visit in Romania


This is just a small list with six places to visit in Romania. In each of these places you can spend a few days or weeks if you want to be sure you have discovered it completely. You can choose which one you like, but I can guarantee you one thing: you will have a memorable experience and, at the end of your trip, you will start to think when can you come back. All those who visit Romania are surprised with its beauty. No wonder it is often called “the secret gem of Europe”!

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