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Road Trip In Romania: 5 Unique Itineraries

Road trip in Romania itineraries

There’s no better feeling than hitting the open road with the promise of a good time and a lifetime of memories. Getting to discover new uncharted places along the way, making new friends, and living the best life must be something we all look forward to experiencing.

Some say that life is like a highway; in that case, a road trip certainly is the pulse that keeps every adventure-seeker alive. If you were thinking of planning your next road trip, then Romania could be the place for a guaranteed adventure.

This country has so much to offer, and there are places just waiting for you to be discovered. If you’re ready to embrace an epic Romania road trip, our guide will help you along the way. We’ve prepared a complete overview of driving in Romania, things you must be aware of, and of course, an excellent five days itinerary. Ready to discover what your next successful trip should look like? Read on and find out!

Best Time To Go On A Road Trip in Romania

Best time for a road trip in Romania

Whether you prefer the sun or the slopes, there’s no such thing as the perfect time to visit Romania. This country is beautiful all year round, and with an environment so diverse, it’s almost impossible to pick the right time. Thus, it all depends on your weather preferences. Now let’s see what makes every season so unique in this European destination.


Wintertime is perfect for those looking to enjoy heavy snow and winter sports. Around this time of the year, temperatures vary around 0°C. Also, it is the ideal time to enjoy mulled wine and hearty Romanian food and gaze at the magical views. We’re not even exaggerating, Romania looks just like a fairytale place when covered in snow. However, if you choose a road trip in winter, pay attention to the forecast and make sure your car is ready for snowy roads.


When the lovely spring covers the entire land of Romania, you can see how nature is reborn. The forests return to their emerald green, fields are covered in colorful flowers again, and you get warm temperatures for your exploration sessions. Even though the weather can be a little tricky, in May, temperatures hit 23 °C, which means that it is warm enough for a forest trip.


Most travellers prefer summertime for their road trip in Romania as the weather is warmer and all main attractions and landmarks are open again. On average, summer temperatures range between 25°C and 35°C, so it gets pretty warm in the cities. This is the perfect time for a road trip as you can access all famous places and fantastic hidden gems.


Even though days get shorter, the temperature is still acceptable for an unforgettable road trip. You’ll have the chance to admire the beautiful autumnal colors that cover the mountains and forest paths, giving you a picture-perfect landscape. Also, another benefit is that everything gets less crowded. Autumn in Romania is always a great idea!

How Many Days Do You Need For A Romania Road Trip?

On average, travellers who choose Romania as their destination for a road trip take between 5 to 14 days. While five days could be enough for just one region, fourteen days will definitely give you the proper time to explore even the hidden gems. It all depends on how much time you want to spend in the area and how many things you want to see. Of course, the itinerary can be adapted to the time you choose.

Driving in Romania

Driving in Romania

When driving in Romania, ensure you are adequately prepared for every situation since this country has strict traffic laws. Traffic police have the power to confiscate any form of driver’s license or permit for one to three months. They may also keep a driver’s license for driving under the influence of alcohol or causing an accident resulting in harm or death.

There is no tolerance for driving under the influence of alcohol or using your phone while driving. Also, in this country, children under 12 years can’t be seated in the front seat, and all occupants must wear seat belts.

Roads & Regulations

If you’re planning on staying in the country for a maximum of 90 days, you can drive in Romania with any international driving license. A kindly piece of advice for a successful road trip is to choose the national roads to have plenty of time admiring the surrounding stunning nature and the beauty of the countryside. However, you must pay attention to speed limits on Romanian roads. Here are the speed limits you should be aware of:

  • 50 km/h – inside the cities or villages (unless the road signs mention something else).
  • 90 km/h – on the other categories of roads outside the built-up areas.
  • 100 km/h – on express, national and European roads.
  • 130 km/h – on the motorway.

Another thing we want to highlight is the fact that in Romania, you will drive on the right side of the road. So, before venturing on your next trip, get to know all the regulations to avoid any bumps on the road.


Parking is never an issue on a Romanian road trip. You can easily find a free spot anywhere. You’ll find parking spaces that require a minimal fee in the vast majority of the most famous Romanian tourist attractions. You may pay the fee on the spot at a specific machine or via SMS directly to the parking administrators.

As we already mentioned, you’ll need somewhere between five to fourteen days to explore the untamed beauty of Romania. To help you a little bit, we’ve put together a list of 5 Fantastic Itineraries For A Road Trip In Romania to choose from for your next holiday. And remember that you can count on us to plan your trip to Romania.

Here are our top choices.

Itinerary 1: Scenic roads in Romania (7 days)

This 7-day itinerary is perfect for those interested in the scenic roads of Romania.

Itinerary Romania road tour

Day 1: Welcome to Bucharest
Day 2: Peles Castle & Sinaia
Day 3: Bran Castle & Rucar-Bran pass
Day 4: Poenari fortress & Transfagarasan road
Day 5: Sibiu /Driving to Paltinis
Day 6: Transalpina, the highest road in Romania
Day 7: Back to Bucharest

There’s no better deal than driving on Romania’s most scenic routes for seven days. This country is famous for its breathtaking scenery and for being a place where nature is still wild and undiscovered. The diverse landforms shape the almost magical scenery, offering an aesthetically pleasing view.

Your seven-day road trip is filled with unique attractions starting with the capital, Bucharest. Discover other 7-day itineraries for your trip here. You’ll get to experience city life and several landmarks that made this nation famous worldwide.

Then the real road trip begins on the medieval route linking Transylvania and Wallachia, where Peles Castle is placed. This Neo-Renaissance beauty was built for King Karol I. After gazing at this stunning architectural jewellery, you’ll discover the natural beauty of Sinaia. This is one of Romania’s finest holiday resorts, located deep into the Carpathian Mountains. It is mostly famous for its natural beauty and the rumoured medicinal properties of its mineral springs.

The itinerary continues with the legendary Bran Castle and the Rucar-Bran pass, just in time to see the Poenari fortress. This journey wouldn’t be complete without driving on one of the most beautiful roads in Romania—Transfagarasan, which leads the way to Transylvania.

You’ll then stop in Sibiu, this charming medieval city that boasts a bohemian atmosphere.  After you get all the positive energy of the city, it’s time to explore the curvy roads of Paltinis, which is right next to Sibiu.

If by now you’re impressed by the views, get ready to discover the highest road in Romania—Transalpina. Here you’ll also have the chance to see the natural beauty of Lake Oasa and Oltet Gorge and experience peace and silence at Polovragi Monastery.

Itinerary 2: Grand tour of Romania (10 days)

The Grand tour of Romania will show you the best of this country in 10 days.

Romania itinerary 10 days

Day 1: Bucharest – the capital of Romania
Day 2: Peles Castle, Bran Castle & Brasov
Day 3: Bicaz gorge & Red lake
Day 4: Painted monasteries of Bucovina
Day 5: Merry Cemetery and the wooden churches in Maramures
Day 6: Bontida castle & Cluj Napoca
Day 7: Turda salt mine & Alba Iulia
Day 8: Sibiu medieval city
Day 9: Biertan Fortified Church & Sighisoara
Day 10: Curtea de Arges monastery & back to Bucharest

Ten days are sufficient for an epic road trip in Romania. The Grand tour of Romania starts with the capital, Bucharest, where you’ll have the chance to see the symbolic House of The People and other essential landmarks.

Then the real adventure starts with visiting two of the most iconic castles of Romania, Peles and Bran. While Peles looks like a castle depicted in a fairytale, Bran will make you feel like you step into Bram Stocker’s novel. You’ll then stop in Brasov, a lovely medieval city famous for its landmarks such as The Black Church, The Rope Street (Sforii), the First Romanian School, Tampa Mountain and many others.

The journey continues to Bicaz gorge, an incredibly scenic canyon located on the boundary of Neamt and Harghita counties in the historical region of Transylvania. You’ll also have the chance to see the famous Red Lake. It is also known as “The Killer Lake” partly because of its reddish, blood-like colour. This is also the perfect spot to hear spooky legends.

The grand tour continues with the emblematic painted monasteries of Bucovina and their peculiar paintings. Their painted exterior walls are decorated with elaborate 15th and 16th-century frescoes featuring portraits of saints and prophets, scenes from the life of Jesus, images of angels and demons, and heaven and hell.

From Bucovina, you’ll discover another part of Romania, where customs and traditions are very much alive, Maramures. Its wooden churches are a place for meditation, silence, and prayers. However, there is one place that you may not find that serious, which is the Merry Cemetery. Those who created this place had an interesting approach to death, making a cemetery with poems full of fun, joy, and laughter.

Moving forward to a more urban area, Cluj Napoca will delight you with its welcoming people and good food. Also, near the city is this fantastic beauty called Bontida Castle. This is the largest castle ensemble in Transylvania. Formerly known as the Transylvanian Versailles.

You cannot leave Cluj county without a visit to the famous Turda Salt mine. It’s a complete underground park that offers different kinds of entertainment in a healthy environment.

Alba Iulia will be the next stop because it allows you to admire the unique baroque architecture that was once the city’s citadel. Not far is another medieval town called Sibiu, with a rich history and remarkable architecture. You’ll have a great time wandering the narrow street and sipping a cup of tea at one of their cafes. Biertan Fortified Church will offer just the right experience for those looking for a bit of history. And for those who love taking post-card-worthy pictures, Sighisoara will provide the proper view.

On the road to Bucharest, you’ll stop at Curtea de Arges monastery, one of the most famous attractions in Romania. It’s also an excellent choice if you’re looking to discover centuries-old religious sites. Its unique architectural style makes it special even in Romania, which has hundreds of religious monuments.

Itinerary 3: Self-drive tour in Romania (12 days)

This is a perfect 12-day trip for a family holiday in Romania.

Romania road trip 12 days

Day 1: Welcome to Bucharest
Day 2: Discover Bucharest
Day 3: Carpathian mountains and Peles Castle
Day 4: Brasov medieval city and the Bran Castle
Day 5: Explore Sighisoara
Day 6: Targu Mures and Turda salt mine
Day 7: Discover the Apuseni mountains
Day 8: Corvin Castle and the Bear cave
Day 9: Deva fortress and Alba Iulia
Day 10: Take a long walk in Sibiu
Day 11: Drive on Transfagarasan
Day 12: Good-bye, Romania!

Nothing beats a self-drive tour if you want to explore everything on your own. Like every other itinerary, this journey also starts with Bucharest and its incredible buildings. You’ll then venture to the mythical Carpathian Mountains and stop at Peles Castle.

Still covered in thick forests and emerald green, Brasov, the medieval city, will invite you to explore its spectacular streets and main attractions. Of course, you cannot leave Brasov county without a visit to the famous Bran Castle.

On a much more colourful and vibrant tone, Sighisoara, the small citadel, awaits to be explored. You’ll have the proper time to walk down the streets and take superb pictures if the weather is on your side.

Targu Mures is the true formula of harmony. You’ll discover here architectural masterpieces created by Romanian and Hungarian artists alike. Also, their citadel will give you an authentic feel of the past with its intact structure.

Relaxation at Turda salt mine is a must as you drive thru this little Transylvanian town. The former mine is now a substantial underground packed with all sorts of facilities. Not far from this area, you’ll have the opportunity to drive and walk to discover the mesmerising Apuseni Mountains.

The castle hunt continues with the stunning Corvin Castle, the largest medieval castle in Transylvania, surpassing even the mysterious Bran Castle and the royal Peles Castle. This unique castle is representative of the XVth century military architecture in SE Europe.

You’ll also stop at the Bear Cave, unique in Romania and Europe, thanks to the peculiar beauty of its rock formations and the fossilised remains of long-extinct cave bears.

You’ll then want to admire the view from the Deva fortress and walk along the Citadel in Alba Iulia. Walking is just as fantastic as driving, especially in a medieval town like Sibiu. You’ll have a full day to discover what the house’s “mysterious eyes” have to tell you.

This tour will end in style, meaning that you will drive on one of the most famous roads in Romania, Transfagarasan, which will offer a spectacular view.

Itinerary 4: Road trip in Transylvania (7 days)

Explore Transylvania on this 7-day road trip in the best-known region of Romania.

Road trip in Romania Transylvania

Day 1: Arrival and Bucharest tour
Day 2: Road trip in Transylvania – Sibiu
Day 3: A white citadel in Romania and Corvin castle
Day 4: Biertan fortified church & Sighisoara citadel
Day 5: Fagaras citadel and Brasov
Day 6: Bran Castle and Rasnov citadel
Day 7: Back to Bucharest

Even this legendary Transylvania road trip starts in Bucharest, where you’ll have the chance to explore the city’s main attractions. After that, you’ll venture on iconic roads to reach the medieval town of Sibiu and its elegant streets.

You’ll marvel at the white citadel in Alba Iulia, filled with plenty of baroque architecture that pleases the eyes. The exploration continues with a visit to Corvin Castle, a stunning masterpiece of the past.

The past is celebrated in Romania through a lot of landmarks. Another piece of architecture that will leave you in awe is Biertan Fortified Church. Not to mention the complex, colourful buildings of Sighisoara citadel.

On your way to the famous mountain town Brasov, you’ll stop to see the impressive Fagaras citadel, one of the best-preserved feudal castle complexes in the country. A trip to Brasov is only complete with a stop at Bran Castle, perhaps the most famous Romanian landmark.

Because the itinerary is filled with history and exploration of the Romanian past, you’ll also stop at Rasnov citadel before retiring to Bucharest. The Rasnov Fortress is a Romanian historical monument used as a defence system for the Transylvania villages exposed to Tartar and Ottoman invasions.

Itinerary 5: Maramures and Bucovina tour (9 days)

This 9-day tour starting in Cluj Napoca was designed for those who want to see the northern Romania.

Bucovina Maramures itinerary 9 days

Day 1: Land in Cluj Napoca & explore the city
Day 2: Visit Oradea
Day 3: Maramures county: Sighetu Marmatiei and the Merry Cemetery in Sapanta
Day 4: Traditional Maramures: wooden churches and beautiful villages
Day 5: A steam train ride and Bucovina region
Day 6: Bucovina – Painted monasteries tour: Sucevita, Moldovita, Voronet
Day 7: Bucovina tourism: Suceava citadel and Cacica salt mine
Day 8: Mountain resorts in Bucovina and Borgo pass
Day 9: Back to Cluj-Napoca and goodbye, Romania!

If you’re ready to discover the customs and traditions of Romania, then this Bucovina and Maramures tour is perfect for you. Unlike the other itineraries, this one starts from Cluj Napoca, also known as the unofficial capital of Transylvania. This city boasts of a good life atmosphere, and you’ll have time to explore every corner of it.

The journey continues to Oradea, another beautiful Transylvanian city that keeps its historical buildings in the best shape. You’ll marvel at their unique art-nouveau architecture and vibrant colours.

Moving further north in Maramures, the next stop is Sighetu Marmatieu, the most northern city of Romania. You may discover its troubled past with communism with a visit to the “Memorial to the Victims of Communism”.

On a more humorous note upon death, Sapanta Cemetery will cheer you up with its peculiar tombstones. This cemetery is like no other since it has jokes and poems about the inhabitants, specially crafted to make you laugh.

In Maramures, you’ll also have the chance to experience traditional life by visiting its marvellous wooden churches and beautiful villages.

Another region that still keeps traditions alive is Bucovina. Here you will travel via steam train that is still fully functional and entertaining. Bucovina is filled with beautifully painted monasteries. Sucevita, Moldavia, and Voronet will be on your visit list. These are famous for their exterior frescos and a unique shade of blue called “albastru de Voronet”.

A complete Bucovina trip includes a few stops at Suceava citadel and Cacia Salt mine. You’ll have a few days to enjoy the fresh air of the mountains at some of the best Mountain resorts.

On your way back to Cluj Napoca, you’ll also pass through one of the most remarkable paths in Romania —Borgo pass, famous thanks to Bram Stoker’s novel Dracula.

When you’re ready to enjoy one of them, don’t hesitate to contact us. If you like to drive, we will prepare a self-drive tour for you based on the itinerary you choose. The main advantages of this type of tour is that we take care of everything (accommodation, car rental, your detailed itinerary and offer you assistance during the trip), while you just enjoy the experience.

Another option is a tour with guide, perfect for those who want a road trip but need someone else to do the driving part.

If you want to know more about Romania, you can read other blog posts.

Final Thoughts

Romania is a beautiful country with a lot of potential to become your next favourite holiday destination. Its untamed nature and exceptional scenery will offer the road trip of a lifetime and memories to cherish forever. Castles, forests, mountains, medieval cities, epic roads and many other wonders await. So don’t wait too long! Book an itinerary and start planning your road trip to Romania today.