Complete itinerary 10 days in Romania

Romania itinerary 10 days:

Day 1: Bucharest – the capital of Romania
Day 2: Peles Castle, Bran Castle & Brasov
Day 3: Bicaz gorge & Red lake
Day 4: Painted monasteries of Bucovina
Day 5: Merry Cemetery and the wooden churches in Maramures
Day 6: Bontida castle & Cluj Napoca
Day 7: Turda salt mine & Alba Iulia
Day 8: Sibiu medieval city
Day 9: Biertan Fortified Church & Sighisoara
Day 10: Curtea de Arges monastery & back to Bucharest

Details of Grand tour of Romania in 10 days:

Duration: 10 days
Start and endpoint: your hotel in Bucharest or another chosen location
Departure time: 08:00 A.M.
Note: “Romania Grand tour – 10 day Romania itinerary” is a private tour, so the route can be customized according to your needs.

Bicaz gorge
Painted monastery in Bucovina
Maramures steam train
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If you are searching for a 10-day tour in Romania that includes the main attractions, this Romania Grand tour is the perfect choice for you! On this trip, you will discover what are the best places to visit in Romania and why is Romania worth visiting. The tour will help you discover the unspoiled Maramures, enjoy the green Bucovina and visit Transylvania, the mysterious land of Dracula.

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Grand tour of Romania in 10 days

Parliament Palace, Village museum & old town

Start your 10 days in Romania tour with a visit to the capital. Bucharest is a combination of old buildings and modern constructions, of tasteful restaurants and unique pubs. One day in Bucharest is enough to visit its main attractions and to get emerged into its atmosphere.

Start your day with a tour of the Parliament Palace, the second-largest building in the world and discover the story of Nicolae Ceausescu, the communist dictator. Continue with a long walk in the Village museum, an open-air museum where you can admire old houses and unspoiled traditions.

End your trip in the city centre at the Romanian Athenaeum. Inside the beautiful concert hall, you will learn parts of Romanian history. In the evening you can experience Bucharest’s nightlife in the old town.

You will spend your night in a city centre located hotel in Bucharest.

One day in Bucharest

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Day 1: Bucharest city tour

Peles Castle, Bran Castle & Brasov

On your way from Bucharest to Brasov, you will experience the most popular day trip from Bucharest: the castle trip.

Your first stop will be in Sinaia, a popular mountain resort where you can visit the Peles castle, hidden in the mountains. Peles castle is considered to be one of the most beautiful castles in Europe and inside it, you will discover important details about the Romanian royal family.

Continue your day with a tour inside the most famous attraction in Romania, Bran castle. Its supposed connection with count Dracula made it famous around the world. But once you go inside you will see that Bran is much more than its scary fame!

In the afternoon you will enter Transylvania and you will stop in Brasov, a beautiful medieval city. Discover Brasov on a walking tour that will show you its main landmarks and fortifications.

You will spend your night in a cosy hotel in Brasov.

Bucharest to Brasov

If you are want to visit other places on the way from Bucharest to Brasov, try the 7 stairs canyon and Bran castle day trip from Bucharest.


Day 2: Bucharest to Brasov

Bicaz gorge & the Red Lake

The next region you will visit in Romania is Bucovina. Located in the northeastern part of Romania, Bucovina is known to be the land of monasteries. Some of them are today UNESCO heritage sites.

The road from Brasov to Bucovina is long, but on the way, you will get the chance to experience beautiful nature sites. Your first stop will be in Bicaz gorge, a narrow pass through the mountains.

The Red lake, your next stop, is one of the most interesting lakes in Romania. It gets its name from the reflection of the mountain nearby that at the sunset makes the water seem bloody. In the evening you will arrive in Bucovina.

Spend the night at a cosy bed and breakfast in Campulung Moldovenesc.

Brasov to Bucovina

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Day 3: Brasov to Bucovina

The painted monasteries of Bucovina tour

On your fourth day, discover the painted monasteries of Bucovina, UNESCO world heritage sites. Their beautiful colours (some of them still a mystery for today’s painters) made them famous all over the world. Some are built as fortresses, others are just beautiful churches, but on this day in Bucovina, you will see the best-known ones: Sucevita, Moldovita and Voronet.

And they will show you what beauty looks like. The Voronet Monastery, the Sistine Chapel of the East, has a mysterious colour on its walls: the Voronet blue. And the experts are still wondering how this fascinating colour has been created.

For the night you will remain at the same B&B in Campulung Moldovenesc.

Painted monasteries of Bucovina

Day 4: Colorful Bucovina

Merry Cemetery & the Wooden churches of Maramures

It’s time to leave Bucovina behind and head to another historical region of Romania: Maramures. The road from Bucovina to Maramures will show you some of the most beautiful landscapes in Romania: traditional villages, breathtaking mountain views and high passes.  Maramures, the best keeper of traditions in Romania will spoil you with interesting attractions and delicious food. On this day you will visit one of the weirdest places on Earth: the Merry Cemetery, a place where death has also a funny face. On the way to the Merry Cemetery, stop and explore the Barsana monastery, one of the eight wooden churches of Maramures’ UNESCO heritage sites.

In the evening stay at a cosy hotel in Sighetu Marmatiei.

Visit Maramures

Winter is one of the best moments to visit Maramures. Read here other things to do in Romania in winter.

Day 5: Bucovina to Maramures

Bontida Castle & Cluj Napoca city

It is time to say goodbye to Maramures and prepare to explore Transylvania. Before arriving at the largest city in Transylvania, Cluj Napoca, stop and visit the Bontida castle. The Bontida castle is in restoration, but you can explore its rooms and spend some quiet time in the large park around it. In the afternoon take a long walk in the old town of Cluj Napoca, one of the most modern cities in Romania.

A hotel in Cluj Napoca will be your host for the night.

Cluj Napoca attractions

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Day 6: Maramures to Cluj Napoca

Turda Salt Mine & Alba Iulia Citadel

Now that you are back in Transylvania, it is time to enjoy the best attractions in the area. On your way from Cluj Napoca to Sibiu, visit the Turda salt mine. Turda salt mine is known to be an underground amusement park. Go down to the centre of the World, play some underground football or take a boat ride on the salty lake inside the salt mine. In the afternoon wander on the streets of Alba Iulia, the white citadel with Roman roots. Here, you can also have lunch at one of the medieval restaurants inside the citadel.

Spend your night in Sibiu.

Cluj Napoca to Sibiu

If you liked the underground adventure in the Turda salt mine, you should also try our “Muddy volcanoes and Unirea salt mine tour” to visit the biggest salt mine in SE Europe.

Day 7: Cluj Napoca to Sibiu

Sibiu old town & Astra Museum

If you are wondering what is the most beautiful city in Romania, you are lucky because you just arrived in it. Use this day to discover Sibiu, considered one of the best cities to visit in Romania. Have a long walk in the old town, wander on its narrow, medieval streets and visit Astra museum, the village museum in Sibiu. One day in Sibiu is enough to fall in love with this medieval city!

One day in Sibiu

Read here a list of the best cities to visit in Transylvania.

Day 8: Explore Sibiu

Biertan Fortified church & Sighisoara Citadel

Your 10-day itinerary in Romania is almost over, but you cannot end it without visiting Sighisoara, the most beautiful citadel in Romania. Sighisoara can be discovered on a day trip from Sibiu. Once in Sighisoara, enjoy this fairytale place and remember that this is the only inhabited citadel in Europe! A walk on its cobbled stone alleys will take you back in time. On the way to Sighisoara, visit also Biertan, the largest fortified church in Transylvania, another UNESCO heritage site. The Sibiu-Sighisoara road passes through another medieval city: Medias. You can stop and visit Medias if you have enough time on the way back.

Spend your night at the same hotel in Sibiu

Sighisoara day trip from Sibiu

Curious to know more about Transylvania and its medieval history? Read the article Where is Transylvania?

Day 9: Sibiu to Sighisoara

Oltului gorge & Curtea de Arges Monastery

The last of your 10 days in Romania will get you back from Sibiu to Bucharest. The road passes throughout Oltului gorge, a narrow pass between the Carpathian mountains. On the way stop and visit the Curtea de Arges monastery, considered one of the most beautiful churches in Romania. Your tour in Romania stops in Bucharest, where you will be transferred to the airport.

Back to Bucharest

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Day 10: Sibiu to Bucharest

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