Romania holidays & tours 2019


Are you searching for holiday packages in Romania? Secret Romania has prepared some private tours or self guided tours for a perfect holiday in Romania! If you are interested to see the most of this beautiful country, to discover its secrets and to let it amaze you, you are in a good place. Authentic experiences, breath-taking landscapes and the best known attractions you will enjoy them all plus some less known places ready to be explored.

Haunted Romania

Haunted Romania tour in 4 days

This private 4 day tour will show you the mysteries, the hidden places, the haunted castles, the unusual locations. On top of that, it guarantees you horror stories,  terrifying legends and goosebumps. It is among the most memorable Romania holidays you can have! Are you brave enough to book it?

Romania grand tour

Romania Grand tour 10 day Romania itinerary

This 10 day Romania tour will take you to see the best known attractions and regions of Romania. It has a little bit of all: Bucuresti, Transylvania, Maramures and Bucovina. The big cities mingle with natural attractions and old fortresses for a perfect holiday in Romania. Those that want to discover the best of Romania now have a 10 day itinerary designed to cover all the interesting places. Are you ready to discover them? Try this itinerary.

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