Best Romania tours from Bucharest in 2023

If you are interested to explore this amazing country, Secret Romania has prepared some great Romania tours from Bucharest for a perfect holiday! Read also our travelers’ reviews.

All those who are interested to see the most of this beautiful country, discovering its secrets and being amazed by its beauty, are in a good place. Our private tours of Romania starting in Bucharest will show you the best of it, and also the secret places.

Authentic experiences, breathtaking landscapes and the best-known attractions – you will enjoy them all plus some less-known places ready to be explored.

Below are some itineraries in Romania we can customize for you. All our private tours are customizable, and we can include the attractions you want. You didn’t find the one you wish or you need a custom-made itinerary? We will design it for you.

Romania tours & itineraries starting in Bucharest

new unesco heritage romania tour

Unesco heritage sites in Romania 14 days

UNESCO Heritage sites in Romania was created to offer you a 14 days holiday in which you will enjoy a mix of culture, adventure and relaxing moments. During this 14 days itinerary you will discover Romania’s UNESCO sites and other famous places.

Road trip Romania tour

Spectacular self-drive tour in Romania 12 days

Are you planning a self-drive trip to Romania but you don’t know where to start? Don’t worry about that! The “Spectacular self-drive tour in Romania – 12 days” was designed to show you the best roads in Romania and also…

new Romania wine tour

Food and wine tour of Romania 5 days

The Food and wine tour of Romania was created to offer you the opportunity to visit the famous wine regions, to taste delicious traditional dishes and to see some important attractions. In these 5 days, you will have the chance to experience Romania with all your senses!

Haunted Romania

Haunted Romania 4 days

This private 4-day tour will show you the mysteries, the hidden places, the haunted castles, the unusual locations. On top of that, it guarantees you horror stories,  terrifying legends and goosebumps. It is among the most memorable Romania holidays you can have! Are you brave enough to book it?

Romania grand tour

Romania Grand tour 10 days

This 10 day Romania tour will take you to see the best-known attractions and regions of Romania. It has a little bit of all: Bucuresti, Transylvania, Maramures and Bucovina. The big cities mingle with natural attractions and old fortresses for a perfect holiday in Romania.

new Dobrogea and Danube Delta tour

Dobrogea and Danube Delta 4 days

The newest land of Europe, the Danube Delta in Romania is a wild place, full of surprises. Every year, it gains 40 m2 from the water. When you visit it, you feel like you’ve entered a region with no rules, where the man doesn’t make its presence felt yet. Dobrogea, the Eastern land of Romania, has a rich history behind…

Viscri-One week Romania

One week itinerary in Romania

Discover Bucharest and the best-known attractions in Transylvania during this one week itinerary. Medieval cities, ancient castles and natural wonders will show you their beauty and make you fall in love with Romania!

Romania driving tour 7 days

Spend 7 days in Romania driving on its most beautiful roads. Romania is known as a land with breath-taking landscapes, as a country where nature is still wild and waiting to be explored. Discover its belvedere points in the mountains and enjoy the ride on winding roads!

Brasov in transylvania

Best of Romania tour 5 days

Enjoy 5 days in Romania discovering some of the best-known attractions in the country, but also the less-known natural places. 5 days are enough to visit Bucharest and 2 main cities in Transylvania

If you want to plan your holiday in Romania and you are not sure what to choose, here are some frequently asked questions that can help you make a better choice.

What is the best way to travel in Romania?

There are many ways to travel in Romania and enjoy this experience to the fullest. But whatever you choose, it is good to pay attention to certain aspects.

If you choose to book a guided tour, make sure that the travel agency that organizes it complies with the legal requirements (to have a travel license issued by the Romanian Ministry of Tourism, to have valid insolvency insurance and to work with authorized guides).

If you decide to explore Romania with a local tour operator (as we are), you can choose to go on a private tour with guide or on a self-drive tour.

Private tours with guide in Romania

Our private tours in Romania are guided tours in which you will be permanently accompanied by a guide-driver. He will help you with check-in and check-out at the hotel, will tell you stories about the places you visit, will accompany you inside the tourist attractions to give you more details about them and will make sure that you have the best possible experience.

Private tours are suitable for those who need flexibility and someone to take care of the whole trip. Basically, in a private tour, your only concern is to enjoy the trip. The itinerary can be customized from 0 and can be easily adapted. If you want more free time on certain days or you want to visit certain attractions that are harder to reach, the itinerary will be adapted to your needs.

Private tours are also very popular among those who want to combine a vacation in Romania with discovering the places where their ancestors lived. On a private tour, you can include both the well-known attractions in Romania, as well as visits to isolated villages and talk to locals so you can discover your Romanian ancestors.

Self-drive tours in Romania

Driving tours in Romania are self-guided tours, meaning that you will not be accompanied by any guide. Yes, you can rent your own car and you can plan your trip to Romania alone, enjoying a successful vacation. What we offer through these driving tours is that you can enjoy the flexibility of a trip on your own, without the hassle of planning and researching in advance.

Our self-guided tours in Romania include car rental, accommodation, a detailed itinerary and assistance before and during the trip. This means that we do all the planning and include in the route the attractions you want and those that we agree upon, tips and tricks to visit them, important notes and information (that you can find only on Romanian language sites), restaurant recommendations and self-guided walking tours that you won’t find anywhere else.

Also, once you start the route you can contact us for assistance. Another advantage is that they are cheaper than private guided tours.

All our tours can be booked as both driving tours and private guided tours.

Group tours to Romania

For those who prefer to visit Romania with a guide, at a more affordable price, we sometimes offer escorted tours to Romania in small groups. These are group guided tours, with fixed departure dates and include accommodation, transport, guidance, tourist attractions and some meals.

Escorted tours are suitable for those who prefer standard tours. Departure dates and routes cannot be changed and therefore these tours do not offer the same flexibility as private tours.

What is the best time to visit Romania?

Summer in Romania is from June to September. Temperatures can be as high as 40 degrees in big cities, but on the other hand, it is also the most popular season for traveling in Romania. Winter is from December to February, quite cold and in some areas with snow. The Christmas period is suitable for those who want to experience the local Christmas traditions and the food cooked then.

Spring can be rainy and quite capricious, with average temperatures or it can be sunny and warm. Spring is suitable because all nature is green and you can have warm days, perfect for long walks in the cities. Autumn is usually sunny from September to November. Now you can fully enjoy the unique colours of this season and the natural attractions in Romania. No matter which month you choose to visit Romania, you will surely find the right vacation for you. More details about the best month to visit Romania can be found here.

How many days do you need in Romania?

In order to fully enjoy your vacation and to discover the main tourist attractions, you need at least 7 days in Romania. But if you have fewer days, you can start with a day in Bucharest to which you can later add 2-3 days in Transylvania.

More time means more places to visit. The itinerary can be adapted depending on the time you have available. After you saw Bucharest and part of Transylvania you can continue with Maramures, Bucovina and the Danube Delta.

When you plan how many days to spend in Romania, you must take into account that although the distances do not seem long, sometimes the lack of highways makes them be travelled in a long time.

For example, a plan to visit Transylvania and Maramures from Bucharest in 3 days is unrealistic. Another example of an unrealistic tour is a day trip to the Danube Delta or Sibiu from Bucharest.

Is the food in Romania expensive?

No, the food in Romania is not expensive. For 25-30 euros per person, you can enjoy a full wine&dine meal. Also, if you don’t want to sit in a restaurant, you can buy sandwiches or other street food to go for 5-10 euros. We usually don’t include meals in our tours in Romania because it depends on every traveller’s choice if he wants a take-out or a restaurant meal.

What part of Romania is the most beautiful?

That is a tough question. And probably the best answer to it is: it depends. All those who know Romania will recommend you to visit Transylvania: beautiful landscape, rural life and amazing castles. The party people love Bucharest due to its many pubs and clubs. The Danube Delta is a unique place you can visit if you like to admire the wildlife. And I could go, but as you can see it depends on what you are looking for.

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