Most haunted places in Romania 4 days tour

Our Haunted places in Romania tour will take you to:

  1. Iulia Hasdeu castle in Campina, a place surrounded by dark stories and great love
  2. Bran castle, count Dracula’s famous castle
  3. Sinca veche monastery, a place where wishes come true
  4. Bontida castle, one of the most interesting abandoned places in Romania
  5. Hoia Baciu, the haunted forest in Romania included in all the tops with most haunted places in the world
  6. Sibiu, the best known medieval city in Transylvania
  7. Cisnadioara fortified church, a lonely church on top of a hill
  8. Carta monastery, the haunted abbey in Romania

Details of the Haunted places in Romania tour 4 days:

Duration: 4 days
Start and endpoint: at your hotel or another chosen location in Bucharest
Departure time: 08:00 A.M.
Note: “Haunted places in Romania 4-day tour” is a private tour, so the schedule can be customized according to your needs.

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Haunted Romania tour in 4 days description:

Romania is a country with a bloody history and thrilling landscapes. With these premises, it has the perfect scenery for dark legends and horror stories. Haunted castles in Romania, a Transylvania haunted forest and other abandoned places are waiting to be discovered. Our Haunted places in Romania 4 days tour will show you some of these dark attractions and reveal the creepy stories. Discover this land full of fascinating myths and let it charm you forever!

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Most haunted places in Romania in 4 days

Your trip to the most haunted places in Romania will start in Bucharest where the guide will pick you up from your hotel or from the airport. Be sure to have a full day available because exciting attractions are waiting for you!

Iulia Hasdeu Castle – a scary place in Romania

Your guide will take you to see the two castles famous for their ghosts. The first stop will be Iulia Hasdeu castle and the second one at Bran castle, count Dracula’s castle. Iulia Hasdeu castle located in Campina (2-hours away from Bucharest) is one of the most haunted castles in Romania. It is a mystery starting with its architecture and continuing with the sad story of Iulia Hasdeu, the girl who designed it after her death. Her father built it after he contacts her during some spiritism sessions. Locals tell stories about weird noises coming from the castle at night and also some strange deaths are connected to this spot. When you visit it, you always have the impression that somebody is watching you. So, if you are interested to see the scary places in Romania, you cannot miss Iulia Hasdeu castle.

Bran Castle – Romania Vampire Castle

Bran castle is known to be count Dracula’s castle. In a guided tour inside, you will hear the real story of this medieval attraction, discover its connections with the famous vampire and find out the answer to your question “is Bran castle haunted?“. You will discover here that Bran hides not only secret passages, vampire myths but also royal history.

Interesting places in Romania: Sinca Veche monastery

Your last stop on the first day will be in Sinca Veche. Here you will visit an old monastery in the mountains, known as the place where wishes come true. Sinca Veche monastery was built in a cave and inside you will feel its magic: it is a monastery that doesn’t look like any other. Read more about Sinca veche monastery.

You will stop in Rasnov for the night in a 3*/4* guest house.

Haunted places in Romania

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Day 1: Iulia Hasdeu castle, Bran castle and Sinca Veche monastery

Banffy Castle – a haunted castle in Transylvania

After a delicious breakfast in Rasnov, it is time to go to the heart of Transylvania and visit the ruins of a beautiful castle: Banffy castle in Bontida. The castle is famous today because it hosts every year Electric castle, a popular music festival. But the domain is open for visitors every day. Because of its beauty, it was called the Versailles of Transylvania. Unfortunately, the castle has a sad story and during the second world war, it was used as a hospital. It is said that the German soldiers who died here are still haunting the area.

Cluj Napoca

In the afternoon your guide will take you to Cluj Napoca, the second-largest city in Romania and the most important one in Transylvania. Here you will have the afternoon free to explore the old town of Cluj and to enjoy its fancy restaurants.

Your accommodation will be also in Cluj Napoca, in a 3*-4* guest house.

haunted romania tour day 2

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Day 2: Bontida castle and free time in Cluj

Hoia Baciu, the haunted Romanian forest

Your third day will start with a tasty breakfast at your hotel in Cluj Napoca. After, your guide will take you outside the city so you can visit the Hoia Baciu forest considered the most haunted place in Romania. Although it looks like an ordinary forest, it is famous for its strange appearances and unexplained phenomena: wild animal roars(even though no large animals are known to live in the area), no phone signal, and trees with unnatural shapes. During our visits here, it happened more than once that the tourists wanted to get out of the forest as soon as possible and end the visit because of the strange feelings!


In the afternoon you will arrive in Sibiu, a beautiful medieval city. Admire its narrow streets and romantic atmosphere, visit its medieval churches and take pictures of the old houses and their lovely windows. Sibiu is a real jewel and very welcoming to its visitors.

You will be accommodated in Sibiu in your 3*/4* hotel for the night.

haunted romania day 3

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Day 3: Hoia Baciu forest, Sibiu

Mysterious places in Romania: Cisnadioara church

The last day of your Ghost tour in Romania will start near Sibiu, in Cisnadioara, where you will visit a fortified church. Cisnadioara monastery, one of the haunted churches in Transylvania, is surrounded by some interesting legends. And the graves inside it support the mystery.

Carta monastery – haunted abbey in Romania

Your next stop will be in Carta to explore the ruins of the only Cistercian abbey still standing in Romania. If you are wondering where was the Nun filmed? (the famous horror movie) now you will visit that place: it is the Carta abbey. There are only ruins left, but this haunted monastery in Romania is an amazing monument to see!

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After you enjoy the 4 days of visiting haunted and abandoned places in Romania, it’s time to go back to Bucharest, where your guide will drop you off at your hotel or at the airport.

Cisnadioara church, Carta monastery


Day 4: Cisnadioara church, Carta monastery

Price for private tour*:

Haunted Romania Individual tour – 1350 €

Group of 2-4 persons – 740 €/pers

Group of 5-7 persons – 490 €/pers

*For larger groups please contact us to send you the best offer

A friendly, English-speaking guide
Assistance during the entire tour
Transport by car or minivan
3 nights accommodation in 3/4* hotels in Rasnov, Cluj and Sibiu
3 x Breakfast
Entrance fees

Not included:
Photo/video fees

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