Most beautiful villages Romania

25 Most beautiful villages in Romania for a countryside holiday

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If you want to explore the most beautiful villages in Romania, you should know that there are several regions in the country. Each one has a different type of village. Some are known for their beautiful landscape, others for their traditional houses. It is not easy to decide where to stop, but you can always combine a trip to the large cities with a countryside holiday in Romania. Read more

Wednesday locations Romania

Wednesday locations in Romania: 10 Places You Shouldn’t Miss

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If you want to enjoy a different kind of holiday, try a themed tour and explore Netflix’s Wednesday locations in Romania. Read more

Walachia places to visit

Historical Walachia: A Complete Guide For Travelers

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The historical province of Walachia or Wallachia, the southern part of Romania, is not called like that today. But when you visit Romania, you will explore some old cities and natural attractions, heritage from the medieval Wallachia.  Read more

Dracula locations Romania

10 Must-See Dracula Locations In Romania

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There are several Dracula locations in Romania that the fans of the famous vampire don’t want to miss. Some are mentioned in Bram Stocker’s novel and some are related to Vlad the Impaler or Vlad Draculea, the cruel Romanian ruler who inspired the vampire’s character. Read more

Romania in summer places to visit

Top 10 Places to enjoy Summer in Romania

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If you plan to spend your summer in Romania, then buckle up as you’ll explore an impressive palette of possibilities. Do you want to soak up in the sun at the beach or hike up the untamed mountains? Maybe visit vibrant cities or remote villages? Romania’s got you covered! Read more

Top 10 Places to enjoy Spring in Romania

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Spring in Romania is a great moment to explore the country. The season is absolutely stunning because you can literally see how everything starts to come to life. Snow is melting, the grass and trees are getting their emerald green back, and colorful flowers are blooming, covering the wonderful meadows. Read more

Places to visit in Romania with kids

Top 10 things to do in Romania with kids

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Visiting Romania with kids it’s a great idea since this place still offers a fairytale-like atmosphere whenever you come. If you have always wanted to combine discovering the culture and history of a destination with some fun activities for your children, here are some suggestions about things to do with children. They will be enchanted by the dark woods, rich wildlife, giant ice caves, medieval walled cities, and castles surrounded by mystic legends. Read more

Family holiday Romania

Family Holiday in Romania: 4 Itineraries to Try With Kids

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If you want to plan a family holiday, Romania may be an excellent choice. This mountainous country on the Black Sea still remains undiscovered by the tourist hordes, which have already taken by surprise some of its Easter European neighbours.

This country surely knows what diversity means. From marvellous castles and fortified churches to pristine forests and meadows filled with wildflowers, this place will surely capture your children’s attention in its unique way. Read more

Winter in Bucharest

Winter in Bucharest – pictures to see the beautiful snow

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If you are planning to see how the winter is in Bucharest, find out everything you need to know for planning your trip here. Visiting the capital of Romania in the cold season has some advantages.

It is less crowded and you can see traditions that are not available to see if you come in other seasons. Plus, if it snows, the city looks like a frozen fairytale. I added some pictures of Bucharest under the snow so you can see how beautiful it gets when everything is white.

Read more

7 days in Romania itineraries

7 days in Romania: Discover 4 unique itineraries

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If you only have 7 days in Romania, that’s enough time to cover the essentials you must see at least once in a lifetime. Romania is a unique and spectacular country, thanks to its various environment that allows people to have a good time regardless of the season. This means that this place can adapt to your preferences which is good news for avid travellers who want to explore every bit of it. Read more