Road trip in Romania itineraries

Road Trip In Romania: 5 Unique Itineraries

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There’s no better feeling than hitting the open road with the promise of a good time and a lifetime of memories. Getting to discover new uncharted places along the way, making new friends, and living the best life must be something we all look forward to experiencing. Read more

Best time to visit Transylvania

Best time to visit Transylvania

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Knowing when is the best time to visit Transylvania and how is the weather there can help you plan a holiday to your liking, at the best cost and without the risk of missing something, considering the opening hours of specific attractions. Read more

Visit Transylvania Travel guide

Visit Transylvania – Travel guide for first time visitors

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When you visit Transylvania, a travel guide can help you solve the details you need for a perfect trip. Every time the moment to plan a new trip comes, things can get both exciting and annoying at the same time. Of course, getting to explore a new place out there is perhaps one of the best experiences someone can have, but there are also a few expected events that might occur.

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Visit Bucovina travel guide

Visit Bucovina Romania: The Ultimate Guide For Travelers

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Placed in the Northeast part of Romania, Bucovina is one of those regions that still have the charm of the countryside’s pure life. Surrounded by the magical landscapes of the Carpathian Mountains, this fascinating region is rich in history, geography, charming landscapes, and breathtaking landmarks.

Worldwide, Bucovina is very appreciated due to its vast number of monasteries built by important historical figures of Romania. So it’s the perfect place to find inner peace and learn about this country’s past. Read more

Visit Sighisoara citadel

Visit Sighisoara citadel – attractions & things to do

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Located right in the centre of the country, halfway between Brasov and Sibiu, Sighisoara seems to form together with the two medieval cities a triangle of the most beautiful settlements in Romania.

If you plan to visit Sighisoara, find out below what are the top attractions in the citadel. The fortress with narrow and cobbled streets is a jewel worth discovering. It has colourful houses, defence towers and witness walls to important fragments of the country’s history. Read more

things to do in maramures romania

8 Remarkable Things To Do In Maramures, Romania

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If you’ve ever wondered how it is to explore the beautiful wilderness of Romania or how it is to experience the actual traditional life of the people, then you should visit Maramures. Situated in the northern part of Romania, this region it’s very well known for its welcoming people, amazing landscapes, and authentic wood architecture. 

Maramures is a wonderful place to visit if you want to enjoy an active holiday. The best ways to visit this county are walking, cycling, and hiking. You’ll find dozens of hidden gems to see and plenty of new experiences to try every day. Ready to discover what this region has to offer? Let’s dive in.  Read more

Visiting Bucharest with kids – things to do & useful tips

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If you want to visit Bucharest with kids, it is important to know a few things. From tips for a successful trip to the most interesting things to do in Bucharest with children, you will find them all below.

A holiday in Bucharest with family is always a joy, especially if it is planned properly and everyone feels good. Find below our recommendations. And do not hesitate to contact us. We can organize an unforgettable getaway for both you and your children! Read more

cool places bucharest hidden gems

Hidden gems in Bucharest

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When you decide to visit the capital of Romania, it is important to visit its main tourist attractions. But don’t forget to discover the hidden gems in Bucharest! This way, you can feel the city better. Plus, you don’t even have to crowd with other tourists because they haven’t found out about them yet. Below are some of the secret places in Bucharest.

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Top 10 Museums in Bucharest

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There are several museums in Bucharest that manage to attract and delight their visitors every time. However, some of them are not on the list of places to visit in Romania. But these are the best things to do in Bucharest on a rainy day! Even in good weather, choose one or more of them to see. Besides the fact that you will find out interesting things, you will interestingly spend time. Most of them are also suitable for children.

Below are the best museums in Bucharest, what you can find inside and why it is worth visiting. Read more

A free self guided walking tour in Bucharest perfect for you

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There are several free walking tours in Bucharest and many of them have excellent reviews. These are guided tours and that means that a person will be your guide and will show you the main attractions in the city. They are organized at a certain hour and the guide will greet you at the meeting point.

The only thing with these free guided tours in Bucharest is that they are not completely free. And that happens all over the world not just in Bucharest. All the main cities in the world offer free walking tours. Bucharest is just one of them. Read more