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Top 10 things to do in Romania with kids

Places to visit in Romania with kids

Visiting Romania with kids it’s a great idea since this place still offers a fairytale-like atmosphere whenever you come. If you have always wanted to combine discovering the culture and history of a destination with some fun activities for your children, here are some suggestions about things to do with children. They will be enchanted by the dark woods, rich wildlife, giant ice caves, medieval walled cities, and castles surrounded by mystic legends.

Besides these, Romania might also be the place where your family can try out timeless rural activities that got lost in time. You can all engage in activities such as scything hay by hand to pile into vast stacks, moving around with a horse-drawn cart, milking cows and making cheese, and carving wooden utensils or musical instruments.

This country is an excellent travel destination since it’s family-friendly and much less touristy compared to other European destinations. If you land in Bucharest and you want to stop there, you should know that there are some great attractions for kids in the capital of Romania. However, if you want to explore the country with your family, in this article we’ll share a list of family-friendly places in Romania and insights on how to get an exceptional holiday here. So, here are our top 10 things to do:

Enjoy Nature’s Miracle Garden: Danube Delta

Danube delta reservation

The Danube Delta is the largest European wetland and reed bed. This area is famous for its abundance of birdlife, Delta being home to over 5,000 species of plants and animals. Given its outstanding beauty and peculiar characteristics, the natural biosphere is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

As soon as you reach the area, you’ll feel that time passes by slower and calmer giving you the proper time to enjoy the enchanting views. The site always leaves its visitors in awe, given the beautiful scenery and active wildlife.

Birdwatching is one of the best things you want to do with your kids while visiting. As it is home to over 250 species of birds, your family will definitely enjoy a good show. With the help of a local guide, you get a boat ride and binoculars to enjoy this experience properly.

Observe Wildlife At Libearty Bear Sanctuary

Bears romania

Moving a little closer to the mountains in Brasov County, your family can enjoy an exciting experience—observing bears in their natural habitat. It’s time to forget about zoos and observe animals in liberty.

Liberty Bear Sanctuary is home to over 70 bears abandoned in the wild or victims of other unfavorable conditions all over Europe. Even though it is a private initiative, the sanctuary has one purpose–to build a habitat close to their natural one.

You have the possibility to observe the bears while resting and playing in the open meadows or by the freshwater pools. A visit here is a great learning opportunity for kids, but please keep in mind that children under 5 years old are not aloud inside.

As this is not a zoo, access and visits are available only during certain hours. Also, to offer maximum protection, the tours are guided by the sanctuary’s staff.

Get The Thrills Of Dracula Castle

Dracula castle visit

Kids will absolutely adore discovering the legends of the mysterious Count Dracula. Even though he is a fictional character, a trip to Bran castle is a must if you’re traveling through Brasov county. Located only 40 km away, from the medieval city, Bran Castle is an impressive masterpiece of a fortress perched on a hill.

Your family could wander around the corridors to scare each other and climb the castle’s towers and defense walls to admire the stunning landscapes surrounding this picturesque sight. Also, they will enjoy hearing stories and legends about the famous vampire.

Attractions for children in Romania: Dino Park

Dino park rasnov with kids

Since you’re already in the Brasov area, you can also travel to Rasnov to see the famous citadel and stop by Dino Park. This dinosaur-themed park is a delight for the little ones, as they can explore a large number of species throughout the forest. Besides the impressive route with 100 life-size dinosaurs, the park also has a lot of perks. It is equipped with children’s playgrounds, tree houses with science exhibitions, a 9D cinema and a 360° cinema, adventure trails, a zip line, a laser maze, a soundbox, unique exhibitions and many other delights.

This place promises a lot of fun for your children and you as well. That is why Dino park is one of the best-known attractions for kids in Romania. Just make sure you visit around the schedule.

Discover a Unique Ride with Mocanita Steam Train

Maramures for children

A complete holiday in Romania must have at least one stop in Maramures. Placed in the northern area, Maramures is a county rich in the authentic countryside experience. Yet, before delving into stories of countryside life, you should try the Mocanita Steam train.

This steam train travels at a slow speed in the Vaser Valley, offering stunning views of the little villages and abundant green forests. If, in the beginning, this ride was used for material transportation, nowadays, it serves as a fun family activity.

The kids will be fascinated to know that the locomotive that’s pulling the carts is over 100 years old. The ride takes a few hours, with some stops, so they will have enough time to explore the surroundings and take pictures worthy of a postcard.

Discover 4 itineraries to try on a holiday with kids in Romania.

Maramures with kids: Pottery Classes in Baia-Sprie

things to do with kids romania pottery

Maramures is a magical place that has a lot to offer. From wooden churches and monasteries to welcoming people ready to provide an authentic country life experience. In Baia-Sprie, a little town next to Baia Mare, you’ll have the opportunity to attend to one of the oldest crafts in the area– pottery.

With lessons taught by a master in this art, your family will have the greatest time playing with the old techniques. You can form plates, cups, and other utensils with your hands.

Also, while you are in this area, you can make a short trip to the “Blue Lake”. You have to follow a forest path to get to it, but it is surely worth it. The blue shades of the lake will charm you and your loved ones with its beauty.

Some tours you can try with kids:

2 weeks in Romania Unesco tour

Price on request
The UNESCO itinerary in Romania was created to offer you a 14-day holiday in which you will enjoy a mix of culture, adventure and relaxing moments. During this 2 weeks in Romania you will discover the UNESCO heritage sites and other famous places. The Horezu monastery, the fortified churches in Transylvania, the old, wooden churches of Maramures, the ancient fortresses in Orastie mountains, the painted monasteries of Bucovina, with their unique colours and Sighisoara, the only medieval citadel in Europe will show you why they deserve to be on the UNESCO world heritage list. This Romania guided tour will take you to see also other beautiful attractions in Romania so you can have a full image of what this Eastern-European country has to offer to its visitors. Or you can try another long tour in Romania.

Black Sea vacation Romania & Bulgaria in 7 days

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Have you thought about spending a holiday at the Black Sea? During this 7-day tour in Romania and Bulgaria on the Black Sea shore you can combine beach days with visiting interesting tourist attractions. This is a private tour, so it can be customized according to your wishes. So, if you just want a beach holiday to relax, you can visit fewer attractions and spend more time at the seaside. This 7-day itinerary in Romania and Bulgaria was created to show you the most beautiful sights on the Black Sea coast. You will discover the best-known beaches in Romania and Bulgaria, the popular resorts on the Black Sea, and also the charming cities with an ancient past. During this Bulgaria and Romania holiday, you will visit 2 major ports on the Black Sea: Constanta and Burgas and you will be able to explore their old town. Sozopol and Nessebar are two charming cities built on peninsulas that go into the sea. A walk through their narrow streets will delight you! But apart from these old cities, you will also have days to relax, sit on the beach and swim in the warm seawater. The well-known resorts will be your hosts and here you can enjoy the holiday atmosphere. The itinerary starts and ends in Bucharest, but if you have more time to spare, you can extend it with another tour through Romania or Bulgaria. If not, you can add one night of accommodation before and after. This way you will have enough days to cover the whole route. Discover other tours of Romania and Bulgaria and extend your holiday in Bulgaria and Romania.

One week itinerary in Romania

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Planning to spend one week in Romania? Make sure you visit all the main attractions! This tour was designed to show you the most beautiful cities in Romania, the natural attractions, and the medieval fortresses in Transylvania. This one week itinerary in Romania is fully customizable. You can enjoy it as a tour with guide, meaning that someone will take care of you from the pick up at the airport until the drop-off, or as a self-guided tour. Or you can try another trip to Romania.

Spectacular self-drive tour in Romania – 12 days

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Are you planning to visit Romania and you want a self-drive tour? Driving in Romania can be an adventure! So we have prepared some tips and tricks to help you plan this experience. Also we have designed a 12 days itinerary in Romania. This is a self-guided tour. That means that we can book the car rental and accommodation for you. We can also help you with local assistance on the way. If you like this Romania itinerary, but you are not sure whether driving in Romania is a good idea for you, we can also offer you this tour as a private guided tour. This way, your only job will be to admire the landscapes. Your tour guide will take care of everything else. Try also other itineraries in Romania. Before showing you how you can spend 12 days in Romania, let’s answer some questions. These are questions that you may have before any self-drive trip in Romania.

Adrenaline and Adventure Underground

Turda salt mine underground amusement

As you travel to Cluj Napoca, you must stop in Turda for a fantastic tour of the underground Turda salt mine. The old mine was transformed into an entire park equipped with many family activities.

While you benefit from the healthy environment, you may play different games or go on an adventure through deep galleries and tunnels, enchantingly lit and with impressive acoustics. Other attractions include a Ferris wheel, sports fields, an amphitheater for shows and concerts, and boats on the underground lake.

Get to Know Romania’s Icy Caves

Scarisoara underground ice cave

Romania is home to plenty of caves that await to be discovered. The natural underground network of Romania consists of a large variety of caves and narrow galleries, underground lakes, and water streams. However, only a tiny portion of them are open to visitors. But those accessible to the general public give us a glimpse of the magnificent universe that lies beneath our feet. Here is a list of the most beautiful caves in Romania that you should visit during your holiday here:

The Bear’s Cave from Apuseni Mountains

It’s probably one of the most famous caves in Romania. The names come from the multitude of cave bear fossils found all over the galleries. The diverse speleothems that can be found in different shapes and forms make the cave so unique, leaving tourists always in awe. Along with all these underground beauties, the main attraction remains the intact skeleton of a cave bear. Studies claim that the skeleton is more than 15,000 years old.

Meziad Cave

Only 40 km away from the Bear’s Cave impresses with its large and spacious chambers and its numerous colonies of bats. This cave will divinely let the children feel like one of their favorite superheroes.

Scarisoara Cave

It’s one of the most famous attractions in the Apuseni Mountains, and according to several scientists, it’s home to the largest underground glacier in South-Eastern Europe. The entrance will defiantly amaze you as it consists of a 30-meter steep stairway descending into the cave. If you’re visiting Romania in the summer this place will be the perfect place to cool down a bit.

Explore the Mud Volcanoes

Muddy volcanoes family trip

If you and your family love a good hiking trip, then a visit to the Berca Mud Volcanoes should be on your list. Placed in Buzau County, you’ll witness an out-of-this-world landscape as you approach the Mud Volcanoes. Given the constant mud eruptions, the whole area seems like a patch of land from the moon.

This phenomenon is possible due to an underground reaction to the combination of mud and water. The combination is then borough to the surface by oilfield-generated gases.

The area looks depicted from a Sci-Fi movie, as there’s no vegetation around the volcanoes, adding more to the bizarre atmosphere.

Embrace Family Fun on the Black Sea Coast

Black sea holiday with kids

If you want to enjoy summer fun with your loved one, then a holiday on the Black Sea Coast might be a wise choice. There are all sorts of beaches at your disposal that attract families with kids with their golden sands and crystal green water.

From select resorts to wild beaches, Romania’s Black Sea Cost has a little bit of everything. Besides the relaxing atmosphere, you can also find a vast scene of party places with your kids, including the nonconformist Vama Veche.

Another fun activity that children might enjoy at the seaside is a visit to an Animal Farm where they can pet, feed, and play with sheep, donkeys, geese, and other friendly farm animals.

It is not hard to find things to do for children in Romania, because this is a child-friendly destination. Except the attractions the children will love, there are also hotels and B&Bs with playgrounds for them and many restaurants with healthy food.

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