Self-guided tours in Romania 2023

Best Self guided tours in Romania

Our Romania self-guided tours were designed to show you the highlights of the country and to offer you amazing driving holidays in Romania.

Do you want to explore the country on your own? Do you want to enjoy the pleasure of driving on windy roads and discover the attractions in your rhythm? You have arrived at the right place!

Below you will find some of the most popular self-driving trips in Romania. You can start them in different cities, depending on your flight.

Do you like a certain itinerary, but do you need some changes in it? Do you want to a custom-made driving trip? We can adapt any tour for you. Secret Romania offers tailor-made trips according to your wishes.

Itineraries for self drive holidays in Romania:

new unesco heritage romania tour

Unesco heritage sites in Romania 14 days

UNESCO Heritage sites in Romania was created to offer you a 14 days holiday in which you will enjoy a mix of culture, adventure and relaxing moments. During this 14 days itinerary you will discover Romania’s UNESCO sites and other famous places.

Road trip Romania tour

Spectacular self-drive tour in Romania 12 days

Are you planning a self-drive trip to Romania but you don’t know where to start? Don’t worry about that! The “Spectacular self-drive tour in Romania – 12 days” was designed to show you the best roads in Romania and also…

Maramures wooden churches tour

Maramures and Bucovina tour 9 days

Discover the unspoiled nature, well-preserved traditions and beautiful landscapes of Maramures and Bucovina, the northen part of Romania. A trip here is like a trip back in time. The villages live their quiet life, people follow the rural practices and food has the same taste as it did 100 years ago: fresh and delicious.

Romania driving tour 7 days

Spend 7 days in Romania driving on its most beautiful roads. Romania is known as a land with breath-taking landscapes, as a country where nature is still wild and waiting to be explored. Discover its belvedere points in the mountains and enjoy the ride on winding roads!

Brasov in transylvania

Best of Romania tour 5 days

Enjoy 5 days in Romania discovering some of the best-known attractions in the country, but also the less-known natural places. 5 days are enough to visit Bucharest and 2 main cities in Transylvania

Viscri-One week Romania

One week itinerary in Romania

Discover Bucharest and the best-known attractions in Transylvania during this one week itinerary. Medieval cities, ancient castles and natural wonders will show you their beauty and make you fall in love with Romania!

new transylvania travel tour 2020

7-day Transylvania road trip self-driving tour

This 7-day Transylvania itinerary was designed to offer you a relaxing holiday in Romania. During this Transylvania road trip, you will discover mysterious legends and interesting stories. Medieval cities and fairy tale castles will unveil themselves in front of you. Your taste buds will be charmed by the local cuisine. Beautiful landscapes will amaze you. The most beautiful places in Transylvania will be discovered one by one!

Romania grand tour

Romania Grand tour 10 days

This 10 day Romania tour will take you to see the best-known attractions and regions of Romania. It has a little bit of all: Bucuresti, Transylvania, Maramures and Bucovina. The big cities mingle with natural attractions and old fortresses for a perfect holiday in Romania.

If you don’t know whether to choose a tour with a guide or a self-guided trip to Romania and what are the differences between them, below you can find some details about this type of tour:

What is a self-guided tour in Romania?

This type of tour means that you will have no guide with you and you will drive the car. When you book this type of tour we arrange the itinerary, book the car rental and the hotels and assist you during your trip.

We offer all these services as full holiday packages in Romania.

What are the advantages of a self-guided tour?

A self-guided tour is perfect for those who want privacy and prefer to take control over their holiday while enjoying the benefits of a private tour planned by a local specialist. It is the best of both options: a self-planned trip where you are in charge of everything and a private tour where everything is taken care of. We take care of all the important details, you enjoy the holiday on your own rhythm.

A second advantage is, of course, the price. A driving tour is less expensive than a private tour with a guide. That allows you to have a longer holiday or to save money for other things and experiences.

Can’t I book all these by myself? Why should I choose a tour organized by you?

Yes, of course, you can book the car rental and the hotels on your own. But our self-driving holidays in Romania include much more than that. And we designed them for people who want the comfort of someone else to plan the trip for them and the safety that when they need something during their trip they have a person to contact.

Also, we noticed that people who visit Eastern Europe for the first time, tend to underestimate the distances between places and miss some attractions because of their visiting hours. The language is also a barrier because in some regions is hard to find English-speaking people.

All these inconveniences disappear during a tour planned by us.

What do I receive when I book self-drive trips?

Hotel booking

We book the hotels for you, according to your itinerary. All the hotels have breakfast included.

Car rental booking

The car is also booked by us in your name. When you pick it up you must have an International driving license. If you travel with kids, we include appropriate child car seats in the reservation.

A detailed itinerary

All our self-guided tours in Romania include a detailed itinerary. This one includes the description for each day, driving details, restaurant recommendations, and tips and tricks for a perfect holiday in Romania.

We design the itinerary based on your wishes. Our major input here is that all the days are planned so that you can visit the attractions you want in the most efficient way. We make sure that you go to a certain attraction only during its schedule and that you have enough time to enjoy everything in the program.

An online map

The map is useful for driving but includes also the attractions in your itinerary, hotels booked for you, restaurants where you can eat, and other attractions that you can visit on the way.

Assistance during the entire tour

We assist you while you explore the country. You can call us or send a WhatsApp message when you need help or extra information.

Situations like that were when tourists found a Romanian written message on a museum door, a person who didn’t speak Romanian and they needed some information from him/her, etc.

We also had situations when due to the weather/some events roads were closed, so we called the national authorities for details and inform the travelers after. Most customers find this service extremely useful.

Self-guided walking tours

In the large cities, we also include self-guided walking tours on the phone, so you can learn interesting details about the places you visit. Or you can opt for a walking tour with a guide.

Other services

Other services that we offer are restaurant reservations and guided tours booked inside the attractions. (some attractions can be visited only with prior booking).

Can I drive in Romania as a foreigner?

Yes, you can drive in Romania as a foreigner with an International driving license.

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