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Sinca Veche monastery, Romania

Temple of Sinca Veche Romania

Carved into the rock, the Sinca Veche Monastery, also known as the Ursitelor Temple (the Temple of the Chosen Ones), has a single source of light: a hole in its ceiling. Passing from light to the darkness of the entrance and back to light inside is enough to make you feel you have arrived in a magical place. What you find inside only solidifies this feeling.

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Sinca Veche monastery location

The road from Zarnesti to Sercaia, the one that winds around Brasov and continues towards Sibiu, passes through superb landscapes, off the beaten track, and not far from Sercaia goes through Sinca Veche. This cave church is not located in the village. To get to it follow the sign “Manastire rupestra” (cave monastery in Romanian). The road to the monastery is paved, but pretty narrow. A few hundred meters from the edge of the village, on the left side of the road, there is a parking lot. A sign guides visitors in two directions: Grota Sinca Veche (Sinca Veche Cave) and Manastire (Monastery). To visit the Sinca Veche Temple, you go towards the cave.

You can leave the car in the parking lot and walk towards the large, white cross. In less than 5 minutes you arrive at the entrance to the cave. This is one of the most mysterious places in Romania and one of the most interesting monasteries near Brasov. You will understand why when you go in.

Visit Sinca Veche monastery

At first glance, the Sinca veche monastery has nothing to do with spirituality. A black tarp that can be seen to the left side of the path, at the bottom of Plesu hill, covers the entrance, making it seem more like a shack or a construction site.

The monastery is known for many miracles that took place here. Women who want to have a baby come here and pray. The visiting hours of Ursitelor Temple are between 8 AM and 8 PM and they are posted right at the entrance.

The first time you go in, you may have a strange feeling when stepping into the darkness. The chill that comes from inside only amplifies this sensation. However, after advancing more confidently, you will arrive in the first room of the church, the one with the “window” in its ceiling.

The interior is yellowish, made entirely of stone, and there are two altars, one in each room. Near them, there are a few images carved into the walls. Other than that, there are some burning candles and many small, folded papers with prayers are left on a rock. The church is small and does not resemble the classic Orthodox ones at all. Inside, there are also other symbols carved into the wall, symbols that have nothing to do with orthodoxy (the Star of David or Yin and Yang).Sinca veche cave monastery

A garden has been arranged around the church, where there are a few wooden sculptures, a cross, and a spring. It’s worth planning more time to spend here to take a walk through the surrounding park, to climb Plesu hill, and to explore the forest on your way to the St. Nectarie Monastery, built in recent years.

Sinca Veche Monastery is known as a place where wishes come true and miracles take place. You need to stand in the light that enters the temple and make a wish. Legend has it that paranormal activities have also taken place here. However, it’s unnecessary to witness such activities to feel like you’re in a magical place in Sinca Veche.

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