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Top 10 Places to enjoy Summer in Romania

Romania in summer places to visit

If you plan to spend your summer in Romania, then buckle up as you’ll explore an impressive palette of possibilities. Do you want to soak up in the sun at the beach or hike up the untamed mountains? Maybe visit vibrant cities or remote villages? Romania’s got you covered!

Romania is a country full of contrasts that intrigues every traveler with its cultural scene, iconic landmarks, and, especially, beautiful landscapes. Summer is especially beautiful in this country as it offers countless possibilities to enjoy good weather regardless of your location.

In this article, we’ve put together the top ten places to visit in Romania in summer that are ready to amaze you. So, let’s get started!

Transfagarasan Road

Summer Transfagarasan Romania

A famous spot, especially for fans of Top Gear, is Transfagarasan. This highway was gouged out in the steep mountains making it one of the most spectacular roads on earth.

Given its peculiar location, the road is only traversable in the summer and autumn months. Yet it’s totally worth the wait offering you jaw-dropping scenery. Transfagarasan promises a memorable experience, especially for drivers.

Although everyone says that the main attraction is the highway itself, you can also see landmarks of surreal beauty such as Balea Waterfall, Balsa Lake, and Poenari citadel here.

Transalpina Road in Romania

Transalpina road July morning

Have a spectacular drive on Transalpina, another famous road this country offers. This curvy alpine road that cuts through the Parang Mountains in Romania’s Southern Carpathians will leave you in awe.

As it is the highest road in the country, many legends surround it. Locals even call it the King’s Road or the Devil’s Pathway.

In many ways, Transalpina is majestic regarding sheer natural beauty, allowing you to peek into landscapes untouched by modern times.

The cherry on top is the road across the Urdele Pass plateau, which is the road’s highest point. This is the place where you are quite often driving above a sea of clouds.

TransBucegi Road in Bucegi mountains

Places to visit in summer Bucegi mountains

Another fantastic road located in the south-central part of the country is TransBucegi. This road traverses Bucegi Natural Park offering you crisp mountain air, spectacular vistas, and the opportunity to spot wildlife if you’re lucky enough.

The road is 20 kilometers long, with several bends, hairpin curves, and numerous hiking trails. If you wish to take a break from driving and enjoy that fresh air, hiking could be a great way to get closer to stunning nature.

Although less famous than the first two roads, TransBucegi is the road that links Sinaia with the Bucegi Mountains Plateau. So make sure you spare some time to see the natural wonders like “The Old Dames” (Babele) and the “Sphinx” (Sfinxul). These are immersive rock formations. You can also make a short visit to the Caraiman Heroes Monument because the view will be worth every hiking step.

Apuseni Mountains and the stunning Scarisoara Cave

Apuseni mountains Romania

There’s no better place to visit in the summer than the mountains. Apuseni mountains are described as the ideal tourist destination for the hot season, given the cool temperatures, empty pathways, winding through ancient forests, and limestone ridges. All these beauties have even convinced CNN to include the Apuseni Mountains among Europe’s top tourist attractions.

These mountains are full of hidden gems and abundant in tourist attractions. You can say that it has the right seasoning to spice up your summer in Romania. One of the hidden gems of the mountains that everybody wants to visit is Scarisoara cave.

The pathway to the cave uncovers dream landscapes, and it reaches the cave at an altitude of 1,165 m. The cave is truly unique in the world, given that it nestles the largest underground ice block. So if you’re looking for a cooler retreat, this is the place for you. The temperature inside the cave drops under zero degrees even during the summer months, so make sure you pack a sweater.

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The Wooden Churches of Maramures

Summer Maramures Romania

Look in awe at these ornately crafted wooden churches that have remained untouched for generations. Maramures is recognized in Romania for its abundant timber resources. Even from the begging, locals used wood to build their homes, carved wooden gates, and traditional churches. There are over a hundred sacred monuments all over the county, yet only eight were chosen to be a part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site thanks to their irreplaceable significance.

The churches impress with their unique details that have deep roots in orthodox features with a touch of gothic influences.  They have imposing roofs with high and narrow towers with a rare shape of shingles, highlighting the craftsman’s precise skills.

Traditional churches leave you in awe from exterior to interior. The interior painting depicts scenes of religious events with secular motifs that reflect people’s everyday life and beliefs.

Usually, they are located away from the hustle and bustle of the city, and you can experience silence and serenity to the fullest.

Transilvanian Villages

Summer Transylvania village

Romania is famous for its preserved traditional villages. And if you want a taste of that peaceful life, then visiting some of them might be a great idea. You’ll have an unmatched experience and a real history lesson from the people of the community. As you’re in for a traditional experience, you’ll have the opportunity to explore historic homes and a world full of traditions. The villages that will impress you with their stories and kind people are:

  • Viscri: It is considered by many the treasure village in the heart of Transylvania. It boasts of traditional houses, streets full of stories, and finger-licking food. You can ride your bike or walk peacefully while enjoying the fresh air and the thrills of the simple life.
  • Rasinari: This place is famous for its scenic beauty and local customs and traditions, such as harvesting pine resin. This activity actually gave the name of the village. You can either take part in this craft of wonder around the narrow streets to hear stories about Romanian literary figures or scientists that were born there.
  • Alma Vii: This remote village is a rare presence in a region that’s famous for its rural landscape. Here is the place if you want to unwind and enjoy quality time with your friends and family. If you want to be more active, just rent a bike and discover the village, its people, the meadows, and the forests. You’ll be amazed to see that wildlife shows up on the side of the road giving you a real connection with nature.

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Tihuta (Borgo) Pass

Borgo pass sunset

If you are a fiction enthusiast, follow in the footsteps of Stoker’s Dracula and transverse the scenic mountain pass between Transylvania with Bucovina.

Borgo Pass, or by its true name, Tihuta pass, is actually a wonderful place to be and not as scary as described in the novel.

It is placed at an elevation of 1,116 m, and it reveals superb unspoiled views of the Carpathian mountains and the traditional villages that dot the hillside.

In case you still want to follow in the footsteps of the famous count, stop at Piatra Fantanele. You’ll find here a hotel that illustrates the book’s description perfectly. It is the perfect spot to enjoy a medieval adventure.

Cities to visit in Romania in Summer: Sibiu

Summer in Sibiu Romania

Cobbled streets, houses with eyes, narrow streets, and colorful buildings are just a few elements that can describe the fantastic medieval city of Sibiu. This is Romania’s most important artistic center, as it hosts some epic festivals and events.

Sibiu becomes a real magnet in the summer as it hosts the greatest theatre festival in the country,  the International Theater Festival. Actors across the globe come to show their craft to the people.

Streets are filled with performances for all ages, laughter, color, and fun. There are free shows in all important city locations, including the famous piece “Faust”. Everyone flies straight to Sibiu to enjoy this unique play.

Among other successful festivals and shows, we would like to highlight Sibiu Jazz Festival, The Seasonal Symphonic Concert on Cetatii Street, and several food festivals. And for those with a soft spot for rock music ARTMania Festival or FOCUS are a must.

As you can see, this city’s cultural scene is intense. Therefore, there are different events related to theatre, music, food, history, and other arts that make life brilliant.

The beaches of the Black Sea

Black Sea Beach in summer

The Romanian Black Sea Coast is ideal for those who want to enjoy summer on the beach. Some several resorts and beaches will exceed all your expectations. Enjoy golden sands and crystal green water wherever you like, as Romania’s seacoast has everything from select resorts to wild and remote beaches.

Looking for some fun, and why not a bit of a party scene? Then Mamaia or Vama Veche should be on your list. If you just want to enjoy the sunlight and the soothing sound of water, remote beaches such as Corbu, Tuzla, or Vadu are good places to go.

The Danube Delta

Danube Delta houses

Romania isn’t only about mountain passes and one-of-a-kind churches. Other fantastic natural vistas are to be discovered, including the fascinating Danube Delta.

This is the largest and best-preserved delta in Europe, so it is home to over 5,000 species of plants and animals. Thanks to its scenic beauty and abundance of wildlife, this natural biosphere is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

While most international tourists flock to Transylvania or other famous regions, the Danube Delta deserves the same attention. It is a vital spot for those who love birds and for people with a real sense of adventure. Here you’ll have the opportunity to explore one of Europe’s last remaining expanses of pristine nature.

We hope this list of destinations will make your summer in Romania absolutely fabulous. To enjoy your journey to the fullest, we recommend you book a travel guide and we’ll guarantee your experience will be unmatched.

We’ll take care of every aspect of your journey including itineraries, bookings, and activities so that you can sit back and enjoy your trip.

So, are you ready for your next Romanian adventure? Pack your bags and let us lead the way to a fantastic time.

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