7 things to do in Transylvania



7 things to do in Transylvania

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Bram Stocker made Transylvania famous in his novel “Dracula”. People who came here after reading the novel discovered a land of rich woods, green fields and wild animals, not a scary place, like the one in the novel. They found a fairy tale region with castles, fortresses, tasty food and friendly people. That is why the list with these 7 things to do in Transylvania it’s the minimum you can experience when visiting this wonder land:

7 Things to do in Transylvania

Admire the fortresses

Transylvania was a border region in the past and that is why you can still find plenty of fortresses to admire. They were built to defend the country at that time. Some of them are just ruins now, but the others are prepared to receive their visitors.

Wander through the medieval cities

Sibiu and Brasov are two of the most important medieval cities in Transylvania. Their narrow streets, old buildings, large markets and tiled roofs invite you to explore them. It’s better to get lost so you can feel their romantic atmosphere. If you want to visit the most important medieval places in Transylvania join our group tour.

Enjoy the countryside landscapes

Transylvania means “the land beyond the forest”. In conclusion, expect to find here a lot of green: green woods, green hills and meadows, farm animals and idyllic sceneries. They form the main part of Transylvania. It’s a place where people can relax and rest their eyes on beautiful views. That is why I think this should be your number 1 in the list of things to do in Transylvania.

Visit Dracula

The famous vampire is the best known character in the region, so why not to pay him a visit if you are around? If he is not at home, you can still see his interesting castle, Bran castle, the one said to be his residence. Dracula’s castle is the most visited attraction in Romania. If you want to know more about Vlad the Impaler try our 8-day Dracula tour.

Explore the fortified churches

In the past people needed protection against invaders so every village built a fortified church, like a small fortress. They stored food and water inside and they used church’s bell tower to supervise the area. When invaders attacked, the church bell rang. This way all the villagers came inside the church and closed the gate.
Today, these old jewelries can be explored and the views from the bell tower are amazing.

Taste the traditional Romanian food

Sour soups, vegetabl dishes, meat plates and fruity deserts form the traditional Transylvanian menu. Potato bread, polenta with cheese and sour cream, noodle soup and plum dumplings are only some of the traditional Romanian food courses. They are so tasty that you will want to try all of them! We have a special tour for that!

Enjoy an unique experience – sleep in a traditional, restored house

If you want to go back in time and enjoy an amazing experience, you can rent one of the traditional, restored houses and spend the night there. You will sleep like a baby! This way, you will always remember an authentic Transylvanian escape!

Corvinilor castle things to do in Transylvania Medias Things to do in Transylvania

These are only the most important things to do in Transylvania. You can experience some of them in an unique Transylvania tour! Use this opportunity and experience Transylvania at its best! See here other tours in Romania.

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