If you have just a few hours to discover the capital of Romania or a whole day for that, we (Secret Romania) have the solution for you! Our Bucharest guided tours invite you to get to know a city full of interesting attractions and hidden gems. The modern restaurants, the old buildings, and the vibe of this place will make you fall in love with it. And you will definitely want to come back!

The capital of Romania is a city that conquers you on the spot or that you deeply dislike. One thing is for sure: it will not leave you indifferent! Whether you choose to explore it yourself or through one of our guided tours in Bucharest, there are some tourist attractions you can’t miss.

And if you still wonder “is Bucharest worth visiting?” In short, the answer is yes. Because you will surely find something interesting to see and do in Bucharest.

Private tours in Bucharest

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Bucharest city tour one day long

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Do you have a whole day to discover Bucharest? Spend it wisely! Bucharest city tour offers you the opportunity to see the main objectives in town, to hear their stories and to visit the most important of them. At midday, we will stop for lunch in a cosy restaurant. At the end of it, you will realize that you want to stay longer than a day. Check below the detailed itinerary for one day in Bucharest. Or you can try one of our shorter tours in Bucharest.

Bucharest Ghost tour – Haunted places in Bucharest

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Romania is well known for its dark legends because it’s the country of Dracula after all! Bucharest, its capital, looks like a quiet city, but it has also its secrets and its creepy stories. Amazing ghost tales and urban legends will be whispered and hidden places will be explored, all in one-half day Bucharest ghost tour!

Bucharest Walking Tour

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Is this your first time in Bucharest and do you need a city preview? So many places to see and you don’t know which one to visit? Is it not your first time and you want to see  Bucharest’s main attractions again? Then we have a special tour for you! A guided sightseeing tour of Bucharest will help you reach all the main places. Afterwards, you can decide which one deserves your time for a visit. 4 hours are enough to see that Bucharest is not at all a grey city! Do you have a whole day to spend in Bucharest? Choose one of our Bucharest guided tours. We start the Bucharest walking tour in Unirii square and we go by car to see the main attractions in Bucharest: Universitate square, Victoriei square, the Triumph Arch. Coming back on Victoriei street, the most famous boulevard in Bucharest, we will see the Romanian Atheneum, a beautiful concert hall that you can visit afterwards, the Royal palace, CEC palace and other important buildings from the capital of Romanian. The second part of the tour includes a guided walk on the narrow streets in the old town, followed by a stop in front of the second-largest building in the world, the Parliament Palace. So, are you ready to get to know Bucharest?

What is the best way to visit Bucharest?

A guided walking tour

A guided walking tour in Bucharest is the perfect choice for those who have a few hours at their disposal, but want to learn a lot about the city’s history. Usually, during the walking tours by locals in Bucharest, you have the chance to discover the attractions in the city center. A walk of a few hours will take you on Calea Victoriei, the famous boulevard, in front of the Romanian Athenaeum and in the old center.

A panoramic tour of Bucharest

Another option is a panoramic Bucharest tour by car combined with either a walking tour in the areas inaccessible by car, or a visit of the well-known tourist attractions. Usually, during these routes you will stop to visit the Village Museum, the Romanian Athenaeum, the Parliament Palace and other well-known attractions.

A thematic or cultural itinerary in Bucharest

Themed tours in Bucharest are in high demand among visitors of this city once called Little Paris. Whether it’s a culinary tour in Bucharest, a communist tour or another interesting topic, they are meant to show you another face of the city. These can be done wither walking or by car depending on how far the included attractions are.

A self-guided tour in Bucharest

Maybe you are not the type to visit a city with another person and you want to do it on your own. For travelers like that we have prepared a free self-guided tour in the old town of Bucharest. The tours takes around 1,5 hours and offers you important details about the best known places in the old city.

Tips & trick to enjoy your guided tours in Bucharest

  • Make sure that your guide is authorized to do this, and possibly seek feedback on past experiences.
  • Agree from the beginning what stops you will make on the route, what you will visit, if the entrance fee is included in the ticket price and what documents you need at the entrance. For example, to visit the Palace of Parliament you need an identity card or passport.
  • Even if you spend only a few hours in the company of the guide, ask him as many recommendations about the city as possible: delicious restaurants, shopping places and bars where you can have fun in Bucharest. You can use these recommendations if you spend more time in the city.