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Secret Romania has prepared some great Romania and Bulgaria tours if you want to book a holiday in this eastern Europe region.

Enjoy authentic experiences, unique places, and breathtaking views. All our itineraries can be customized according to your wishes. So, check them below and contact us to design the perfect trip for you!

Romania & Bulgaria tours and itineraries

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2 weeks Romania & Bulgaria itinerary – UNESCO tour

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If you are ready to discover what Eastern Europe has to offer, this 2 weeks itinerary in Romania and Bulgaria is a great option. During it, you will see the best of both countries and enjoy a great mix of natural attractions and cultural places. Also, you will visit the most important UNESCO heritage sites in Bulgaria and Romania. At the end of your trip, you will have a better understanding of these countries and you will leave back home with your heart full of memories. If you have less than 2 weeks to spend in Eastern Europe, check this itinerary and write us about what you would like to see from it. We will design a custom-made trip in Bulgaria and Romania according to your wishes and your availability. Or you can try another multi-day trip to Romania and Bulgaria.

Black Sea vacation Romania & Bulgaria in 7 days

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Have you thought about spending a holiday at the Black Sea? During this 7-day tour in Romania and Bulgaria on the Black Sea shore you can combine beach days with visiting interesting tourist attractions. This is a private tour, so it can be customized according to your wishes. So, if you just want a beach holiday to relax, you can visit fewer attractions and spend more time at the seaside. This 7-day itinerary in Romania and Bulgaria was created to show you the most beautiful sights on the Black Sea coast. You will discover the best-known beaches in Romania and Bulgaria, the popular resorts on the Black Sea, and also the charming cities with an ancient past. During this Bulgaria and Romania holiday, you will visit 2 major ports on the Black Sea: Constanta and Burgas and you will be able to explore their old town. Sozopol and Nessebar are two charming cities built on peninsulas that go into the sea. A walk through their narrow streets will delight you! But apart from these old cities, you will also have days to relax, sit on the beach and swim in the warm seawater. The well-known resorts will be your hosts and here you can enjoy the holiday atmosphere. The itinerary starts and ends in Bucharest, but if you have more time to spare, you can extend it with another tour through Romania or Bulgaria. If not, you can add one night of accommodation before and after. This way you will have enough days to cover the whole route. Discover other tours of Romania and Bulgaria and extend your holiday in Bulgaria and Romania.

Do you want to plan your holiday in Romania and Bulgaria, but you are not sure how to do it? Here are some frequently asked questions that can help you:

What is the best way to travel in Romania and Bulgaria?

There are many options for a tour in Romania and Bulgaria, but not all of them are efficient. It is important to know some aspects when you choose how to explore both countries.

Traveling to Romania and Bulgaria by train is not an option because the connection between these two countries is very poor. Plus, the train is not very fast in the Balkans, so you may spend too much time on the road.

By bus, it is a better option, but you need to plan each segment carefully because the bus schedule may not be the best. Another inconvenience is that you won’t find all the information you need available online, in English. If you prefer to travel by bus, make sure your itinerary is not very tight.

Direct flights between Romania and Bulgaria are not very often. If you prefer to travel by plane you will face some funny situations. Even though it takes around 5 hours to travel from Bucharest to Sofia by car, a flight may take you first from Bucharest to Wien or Italy and then to Sofia.

Exploring Romania and Bulgaria by car is the best option. This way you won’t lose time on the road and you can reach attractions that are not possible to visit by bus or by train. The most comfortable option is to book a tour with a local tour operator, as we.

This way, the tour operator will design the itinerary according to your wishes and the time you want to spend here will make all the arrangements and will make sure that you will enjoy your trip.

You can choose a tour with a guide or a self-driving tour.

Private guided tours in Romania and Bulgaria

Our private tours in Romania and Bulgaria are tours with guides in which you will be permanently accompanied by a guide-driver. He will help you with check-in and check-out at the hotel will tell you stories about the places you visit, will accompany you inside the tourist attractions to give you more details about them, and will make sure that you have the best possible experience.

Private tours are the best option for those who need flexibility and someone to take care of the whole trip. Basically, in a private tour, your only concern is to enjoy the trip. The itinerary can be customized from 0 and can be easily adapted. If you want more free time on certain days or you want to visit certain attractions that are harder to reach, the itinerary will be adapted to your needs.

Self-driving tours in Romania and Bulgaria

Driving tours in Romania and Bulgaria are self-guided tours. You won’t have a guide to accompany you, but you will have our full assistance during the tour plus all the other services we provide for a private guided tour. (itinerary creation, hotels, and car rental booking, etc)

Yes, you can rent your car and plan your trip to Romania and Bulgaria alone, enjoying a successful vacation. What we offer through these driving tours is that you can enjoy the flexibility of a trip on your own, without the hassle of planning and researching in advance. Plus full assistance during the trip if you have questions or face situations that you may need help to solve. (a local who doesn’t speak English, a website attraction only in the local language, tips & tricks)

Our self-guided tours in Romania and Bulgaria include car rental, accommodation, a detailed itinerary, and assistance before and during the trip. This means that we do all the planning and include in the route the attractions you want and those that we agree upon, tips and tricks to visit them, important notes and information (that you can find only on local websites), restaurant recommendations, and self-guided walking tours that you won’t find anywhere else.

Also, once you start the route you can contact us for assistance. Another advantage is that they are cheaper than private guided tours.

All our tours can be booked as both driving tours and private guided tours.

The border between Romania and Bulgaria

The border between Bulgaria and Romania is an international border, 631.3 kilometers long, of which 139.1 km is a land border, 470.0 km is a river border, and 22.2 km is a maritime border. It follows the line of the Danube for a large part of its course.

The Romanian-Bulgarian border is between the localities of Pristol (Mehedinți county) and Vama Veche (Constanța county). In this sector, there are 14 points for border crossing control, all in the international traffic regime (7 ports, 6 roads, and 2 railways).

The same traveling conditions apply for Romania and Bulgaria, so you can cross the border between these two countries if you meet the requirements for one of them.

When to visit Romania and Bulgaria?

Tours of Romania and Bulgaria

Summer is the most popular season to visit Romania and Bulgaria. The temperatures are high (around 30 degrees Celsius) and the weather is nice. It is also a good time for a beach holiday in the Black Sea.

Winter is quite cold and very often with snow in some areas. If you want to enjoy the local food and traditions, December is a great month to come and celebrate Christmas either in Bulgaria or Romania. Christmas and New Year are public holidays, so many attractions will be closed, but there are other things to do.

For those who love skiing, both Bulgaria and Romania have ski resorts prepared for those who want to enjoy the snow in the mountains.

Spring can be rainy and quite capricious or it can be sunny and warm. Spring is a good choice for those who want to avoid the crowds and the high temperatures.

Autumn is usually sunny and in my opinion, it is the best time to visit Romania and Bulgaria. Beautiful colors and warm weather are a great combination for a trip to remember forever!

How many days do you need in Romania and Bulgaria?

There are more than 1000 kilometers from the North of Romania to the South of Bulgaria and many things to see on the road. So, you need at least 7 days in Romania and Bulgaria to visit the main attractions, meaning Bucharest, Sofia and some cities between them.

To fully enjoy your vacation you can stay from 10 days till 1 month and you won’t get bored. 10 days are enough to explore Bucharest, a part of Transylvania, Sofia, Veliko Tarnovo, and Plovdiv. In two weeks, you can add Maramures or Bucovina and the seaside.

If you have fewer than 7 days, choosing just one country and visiting its capital and the main attractions near it is better.

When you plan your trip, there are many details to consider. That is why an itinerary designed by a local travel expert is a great option. You won’t risk choosing an unrealistic route, planning attractions that are closed on some days or missing some landmarks that you didn’t know about.

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