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6 Traditional Romanian desserts you must try

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Romanian desserts are not very known around the world, but when you decide to visit a country it is important also to taste it for the full experience. So after you have decided when to come to Romania and what to do here, you must also know what to eat. Romanian cuisine has influences from the people around and when you visit the country you will see that even the main regions of Romania have different dishes because their history is different. People in Transylvania are eating other things than the ones in Bucovina and are even using different spices when they cook.
But when it comes to Romanian dessert recipes, the local influences are not so strong. There are some traditional Romanian desserts that you can try everywhere in the country. Usually, dishes in restaurants are big, so if you want to try something sweet, you should ask from the beginning how large the portions are. And after you’ve tried them all, am curious which one is your favorite. But before you decide, it is important to taste:

  1. Romanian sweet bread (cozonac)

    The Romanian sweet bread called cozonac is a Christmas or Easter cake. Yes, you can find it all year long in the stores, but it is not very common to eat cozonac in summer, for example. Cozonac is a sweet bread with nuts, raisin, chocolate, and other fillings. The traditional Romanian recipe is difficult and you need several hours and a lot of work to obtain a delicious cozonac. But its smell is the smell of Christmas in many Romanian houses. You can eat it as a dessert or as a snack with hot milk.

  2. Romanian dumplings with plums

    More a traditional Transylvanian recipe, the Romanian dumplings with plums are now served all over the country. Its main ingredients are potatoes and plums. The dumplings are made of boiled, mashed potatoes mixed with flour, sugar, and eggs and are filled with fresh plums or jam. After they boil, they are dipped in sugar and breadcrumb. Probably when you say potatoes and plums, you cannot imagine something good, but I guarantee they are delicious!

  3. Crepes

    Even though crepes are not among the Romanian dessert recipes, we like them very much. The traditional part is the way they are served. They can be a tasteful sweet (filled with jam, ice cream, or chocolate) or an interesting appetizer (with cream cheese and dill, with ham and cheddar). A local version is “clatita brasoveana” (crepes from Brasov), filled with sweet cheese and raisins and cooked in the oven.

  4. Romanian donuts with cream cheese (Papanash)

    One of the best known Romanian desserts are papanasii(usually they are 2). These Romanian donuts can be boiled(the healthy option) or fried(the yummy option), but they are always made of cream cheese, flour, and eggs. To obtain the perfect texture of these donuts even the cheese can be made following a certain recipe. And once they are ready, they are served with sour cream and fruit jam. They can be found in almost every restaurant in Romania, but it is an art to cook papanash, so you must know where to try them!

  5. Romanian pastry and pies

    Pies in Romania are not just a batter filled with fruits and baked in the oven. Here you will find different specialties made with dough, fruits, cheese or meat and fried after. They are not very healthy, but they are delicious. A traditional Romanian pastry that comes from Dobrogea is the dobrogeana pie, filled with sweet or salty cream cheese. You can buy them at any pastry shop around the city if you like to try some street food. Other Romanian sweets to try as street food are mucenici with walnuts.

  6. Jofra

    Invented in the oldest cake shop in Bucharest (Casa Capsa), this Romanian chocolate cake takes its name from the French Marshal Joseph Jacques Cesaire Joffre. When the marshal came to Bucharest in 1920 to offer a medal to King Ferdinand, the owner of Casa Capsa (official supplier for the Royal family at that time) created a small cylinder cake covered in chocolate and named it Jofra. If you want to taste it, you can enter almost every cake shop in Romania, but only a few know the secrets of this cake!

These are only some of the traditional Romanian desserts you must try to feel the taste of the country. There are some specific recipes used only in certain regions around the country, but others have gained their national fame, so you can try them in every part of Romania. So, next time when you are in a Romanian restaurant, check also the dessert list. Your taste buds will thank you!

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