Best Transylvania tours from Bucharest in 2023

If you are interested in some great Transylvania trips departing from Bucharest, you are in the right place. This part of Romania is magical, it’s a land where the time is frozen and people invite you to discover their ancient traditions. Book the Transylvania holiday  you like (or more than one) and we guarantee you an amazing experience! Are you ready to travel to Transylvania and enjoy this beautiful region with Secret Romania?

Whether you want to discover the traditional villages of Transylvania, the medieval cities of this region or you want to see what the connection has with Dracula, a guided tour in Transylvania is what you need.

Our Transylvania tours from Bucharest depart from the capital of Romania and take you to see all the attractions you want. This is the best way to discover the Secret Transylvania and all its wonders!

Transylvania tours & itineraries starting in Bucharest


Escorted tour to Transylvania – Legends of Transylvania in 5 days

 It’s time to try the Legends of Transylvania escorted tour! In 5 days you will see the best of Transylvania, learn some secret legends and taste the delicious food. Perhaps you will also make new friends. Are you ready to enjoy this trip?

dracula new travel tour 2021

Dracula tour in Romania 8 days

Transylvania is known to be the land of Dracula, but do you know how the legend of Dracula came alive and who really was he (because he was a real person that inspired the story)? Did you feel chills and goosebumps when reading Bram Stocker’s novel? Are you curious to visit the places mentioned in the book and the castles that hosted the major life events of Vlad the Impaler, the cruel ruler known to be Dracula?

new transylvania travel tour 2020

7-day Transylvania road trip self-driving tour

This 7-day Transylvania itinerary was designed to offer you a relaxing holiday in Romania. During this Transylvania road trip, you will discover mysterious legends and interesting stories. Medieval cities and fairy tale castles will unveil themselves in front of you. Your taste buds will be charmed by the local cuisine. Beautiful landscapes will amaze you. The most beautiful places in Transylvania will be discovered one by one!


Medieval Transylvania tour 3 days

Transylvania is a land full of legends. This part of the country hosts some of the most modern cities in Romania, but it still has a lot of places that kept its medieval charm. Ancient castles, romantic citadels and old cities will unveil in front you the great history behind them. Do you accept to be their guest? If “yes”, please book this perfect Transylvania tour.


Best of Transylvania tour in just 2 days

If you don’t have too much time, but you still want to travel to Transylvania, we have the perfect tour for you! In two days you will discover the most important medieval cities, beautiful castles, and some Saxon villages for which this region is famous. After taking this tour in Transylvania you will fall in love with this region and for sure you’ll decide to come back! We guarantee it!

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