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Do you want to plan your trip to Romania and you don’t know where to start?

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If you need a standard tour to explore the country try our tours. Also, if you dream of an amazing tour designed just for you then our custom made tours will fulfill your dreams. Finally, if you want to explore Romania by yourself, we are here to offer you the best conditions to do that. Your trip to Romania can become a great memory with just a little preparation and we will offer you our support for that. Not everyone needs a guide and some people prefer to experience a new country on their own. But to be sure you will have a great holiday and you will avoid the tourist trap, you may need some local expertise. And Secret Romania can offer you this! Contact us to get the best offer and excellent prices for:

  • Accommodation in Romania (hotels, traditional houses, mansions, castles and other special places)
  • Car rental (inclusive van and coach, with or without driver)
  • Information about roads, taxes and driving rules in Romania
  • Recommendation of beautiful attractions in Romania (touristic and off the beaten path places)
  • Restaurants recommendation/reservation in any part of the country
  • Unique experiences in Romania

A good trip needs good planning, so don’t start yours without the important details set. Romania is a great country and can offer you an amazing experience. Are you ready to begin a journey you will remember forever and enjoy your trip to Romania? Please use our contact page to contact us.

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