Unesco heritage sites in Romania 14 days guided tour

Highlights of the tour:


Day 1: Arrival in Bucharest
Day 2: Explore Bucharest
Day 3: Monastery of Horezu and the land of Romanian pottery
Day 4: Explore Sibiu
Day 5: Let yourself charmed by Sighisoara Romania
Day 6: Visit Biertan fortified church & Valea viilor
Day 7: Sarmizegetusa Regia – an ancient fortress
Day 8: Cluj Napoca – a modern city in Romania
Day 9: Maramures tour
Day 10: Visit Maramures – the secret part
Day 11: Painted monasteries of Bucovina
Day 12: Romania historical sites – Suceava
Day 13: Back to Bucharest
Day 14: Leaving Romania



Duration: 14 days
Start and endpoint:  in Bucharest
Departure time: 09:00
Note: This is a private tour, so it can be customized according to your wishes

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Unesco tour in Romania 14 days itinerary

The UNESCO itinerary in Romania was created to offer you a 14-day holiday in which you will enjoy a mix of culture, adventure and relaxing moments. During this 14 days Romania itinerary you will discover the Romanian heritage sites and other famous places. The Horezu monastery, the fortified churches in Transylvania, the old, wooden churches of Maramures, the ancient fortresses in Orastie mountains, the painted monasteries of Bucovina, with their unique colours and Sighisoara, the only medieval citadel in Europe will show you why they deserve to be on the UNESCO world heritage list. This Romania guided tour will take you to see also other beautiful attractions in Romania so you can have a full image of what this Eastern-European country has to offer to its visitors.

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Unesco heritage sites in Romania 14 days guided tour

Arrival in Bucharest

On the first day, your guide will pick you up from the airport and transfer you to your hotel in the centre of Bucharest. Use this day to relax or to explore the city taking a long walk in the city centre and enjoying a cup of coffee in one of the modern cafes. In the evening you can go dancing and have some fun in the pubs and clubs in the old town.
1-night accommodation in Bucharest

1 Arrival in Bucharest


Day 1

Explore Bucharest

On the second day, you will have the opportunity to explore the capital of Romania, Bucuresti. Discover the most important attractions in the city and visit the buildings for which Bucharest is known around the world: Parliament palace, the second-largest building in the world after the Pentagon, the Romanian Atheneum, a beautiful concert hall famous for its acoustic and the Village Museum, a collection of traditional buildings gathered from all around the country.
1-night accommodation in Bucharest

2 Bucharest old town

Day 2

Horezu Monastery and the land of Romanian pottery

On your way from Bucharest to Transylvania, you will start your tour with the monastery of Horezu, a beautiful monastery in the mountains, a World heritage site. Its name comes from “huhurezi” (eagle owls), a species of night birds with coloured plumage. According to the legend, the workers hired to build it, out of the enemy fear, were forced to work only by night, when the eagle owls were singing. Visit it and after that explore the small town Horezu and its pottery shops. In the afternoon your guide will transfer you to Sibiu.
1-night accommodation in Sibiu

3 Monastery of Horezu

Day 3

Explore Sibiu

You will spend your fourth day in Sibiu. The world heritage sites list, unfortunately, doesn’t include Sibiu, but I guarantee you will love this medieval town with large squares, colourful houses and great places to eat. Your guide will show you the main attractions in Sibiu and in the afternoon you will have some free time.
Accommodation in Sibiu

4 Unesco Sibiu

Day 4

Sighisoara Unesco heritage site

After a delicious breakfast, your guide will take you to visit Sighisoara, another Unesco site in Romania. Take a romantic walk in the beautiful Sighisoara, the only medieval citadel still inhabited in Europe, and you will remember it forever. In the evening you will come back to Sibiu.
Accommodation in Sibiu

5 Unesco Sighisoara Romania

Day 5

Visit Biertan fortified church & Valea viilor

Two traditional villages in Transylvania, Biertan and Valea Viilor host some of the most famous fortified churches in Transylvania. These are only 2 of the fortified churches chosen by UNESCO in Transylvania. Biertan fortified church is the larges one so it definitely deserves a stop. In the afternoon, your guide will take you back to Sibiu.
Accommodation in Sibiu

6 unesco fortified churches

Day 6

Sarmizegetusa Regia - an ancient fortress

These 2000-year old Dacian fortresses in the Orastie mountains will be a total surprise! It is very similar to Stonehenge in England, but your guide will tell you its story. On the way back to Sibiu stop in Alba Iulia to see the star-shaped citadel.
Accommodation in Sibiu

7 unesco heritage sites in Romania

Day 7

Cluj Napoca - a modern city in Romania

Leaving Transylvania behind you will head to Maramures county, another fairytale land in Romania, but not before a quick stop in the most known salt mine in Romania, Turda salt mine, and in the city centre of Cluj, one of the most modern cities in Romania. You will enjoy a walking guided tour in Cluj, so you can get to know the city better.

Accommodation in Cluj

8 Cluj Romania

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Day 8

Maramures tour

The next two days will be spent in Maramures, visiting the Maramures churches on the heritage list, enjoying the local cuisine, exploring the traditional villages. Start with a visit of Barsana the largest wooden church in Maramures, a Romanian cultural heritage, and continue with Desesti. In Desesti, a traditional village in Maramures Romania, you can admire some wooden houses specific to Maramures region. In the afternoon your guide will escorte you to Sapanta, to visit the Merry cemetery.
Accommodation in Sighetu Marmatiei

9 wooden churches of Maramures

Enjoy also the Maramures and Bucovina tour from Cluj-Napoca

Day 9

Visit Maramures - the secret part

Your second day in Maramures will be dedicated to exploring the unspoiled nature of this place. To do that, you will have a ride with an old steam train called “Mocanita” that will take you deep in the woods. After you come back to the civilized world, your guide will transfer you to Bucovina.
Accommodation in Gura Humorului

10 Unesco Maramures


Day 10

The painted monasteries of Bucovina

Crossing the Carpathian mountains you will enter Bucovina, a legendary land with warm people and a dark history. Their hard life made them very faithful so they have an impressive number of churches and monasteries here. The painted monasteries of Bucovina, built from the late 15th century to the late 16th century, have their external walls covered in fresco paintings, with unique colours. Bucovina has also some interesting fortresses very different from the ones in Transylvania. You will visit here three of the most beautiful painted monasteries on the UNESCO list, Moldovita, Sucevita and Voronet.
Accommodation in Gura Humorului

11 Unesco painted monasteries of Bucovina

Day 11

Romania historical sites - Suceava

You will spend your second day in Bucovina visiting an important historical city: Suceava and its medieval fortress. In the afternoon you can spend some time in nature and enjoy the idillic landscapes of Romania.
Accommodation in Gura Humorului

12 Suceava fortress

Day 12

Back to Bucharest

After seeing all these amazing places, Romania has another surprise for you. On the way from Bucovina to Bucuresti, your guide will stop in Targu Neamt to visit one last Romanian fortress: Neamt fortress. The road back to Bucharest is long.
Accommodation in Bucharest

13 Bucovina to Bucharest

Day 13

Leaving Romania

It is time to say „pa, pa(good-bye) Romania” because your guide will take you to the airport for your trip back home. But you are always welcomed back here!

14 Bucharest airport

Day 14


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