Whether you want to see what major attractions you can visit in Romania or you need some inspiration for your future holiday, our virtual tours in Romania will offer you a preview of the most beautiful places you will enjoy here. Secret Romania designed these virtual experiences to offer you the opportunity to enjoy them from your home. Our virtual tours will show you the main points of interest in Romania until it is safe to travel again!

How can you enjoy the best of our virtual experiences in Romania?

  1. Buy the tour you want from our online store.
  2. Make sure you have a computer or a mobile phone with Internet access
  3. Use headsets or speakers to hear the explanations
  4. If it is a live virtual tour access the link you will receive after you buy it and enter the Zoom room at the hour mentioned in the description. Your guide will welcome you there.
  5. If it is an online experience, start playing it whenever you want
  6. Have fun!

Or if you want to visit Romania in person check our tours starting in Bucharest.

Our online tours in Romania and virtual experiences:

Dracula online escape room

Dracula’s online escape room is an online tour combined with a digital escape room. If you want to find out more about the legend of Dracula and the places connected with him, you will need to solve different riddles. After each riddle, a short film will tell you a part of Dracula’s legend. This Dracula online experience combines vampire myths with pieces of Vlad the Impaler’s history.

What will you need?
1. Internet connection
2. Pen and paper
3. A mirror
4. Headphones or speakers
Do you want to see these places with your own eyes? Check the Dracula tour in Romania.

Halloween Dracula virtual tour

Private Dracula virtual tour

Visit the places connected with Dracula and discover his legend during this Dracula virtual tour. Dracula virtual tour it’s an interactive online experience designed to show you the mysterious places connected with the famous vampire from the comfort of your home!

More than a vampire tour! Dracula virtual tour highlights:

  • Experience a virtual trip to Dracula’s castle
  • Discover the places connected with Vlad the Impaler
  • Travel to Transylvania (online or see our tours in person)
  • Stay safe, at home
  • Enjoy the live online tour with a professional English speaking guide
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