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Visiting Bucharest with kids – things to do & useful tips

If you want to visit Bucharest with kids, it is important to know a few things. From tips for a successful trip to the most interesting things to do in Bucharest with children, you will find them all below.

A holiday in Bucharest with family is always a joy, especially if it is planned properly and everyone feels good. Find below our recommendations. And do not hesitate to contact us. We can organize an unforgettable getaway for both you and your children!

Is Bucharest good for kids?

Yes, Bucharest is an interesting city for children. They can see here how the old mixes with the new forming an interesting urban landscape. Plus, there are plenty of kids’ activities in Bucharest. So, if you add them to your itinerary, they won’t get bored.

Visiting Bucharest with children challenges

When visiting Bucharest with kids, important things to know are:

Traffic – Bucharest is a busy city and traffic can be overwhelming. It is better to choose accommodation in the city centre. This way you will avoid using public transport.

Tight streets – Travelling with a baby in Bucharest or in any city means that you will use a stroller. Walking with a stroller can be challenging. The old town has cobbled streets that are hard for strollers. The sidewalk can be sometimes blocked by parked cars. This happens usually in the neighbours of Bucharest.

The city centre doesn’t have this problem so often. To avoid this, you can come equipped with a baby carrier and a good stroller for your holiday.

Best places to visit in Bucharest with kids

Herastrau Park

Herastrau amusement park bucharest

Herastrau Park has an area of 200 hectares and is considered the most spectacular and varied park in Bucharest. The park offers the possibility for a ride with boats, small ships and pedal boats. The surface of Lake Herastrau is about 74 ha. Those who are not interested in water have other options. They have here areas specially designed for skaters, the bicycle rental centre, or the adventure park.

Children find here various playgrounds, a mini amusement park and an adventure park.

Herastrau Adventure Park includes 4 trails with difficulties that increase progressively. They are structured by age groups. Thus, one route is for the group 4-7 years and the remaining 3 for 8-99 years. The routes total 584 meters, with 50 games, of which no less than 9 zip lines.

Miramagica is an amusement park in Herastrau. It welcomes its visitors big and small with the Bucharest Wheel, the tallest in Romania. This 25-meter-diameter wheel is complemented by seven other games and attractions. These are for the whole family. Among them are the Spark Tower, the Tornado Carousel, bumper cars, boats and the train.

The children’s town Bucharest

Childrens town bucharest

The children’s town of Bucharest is one of the most important parks in Bucharest for children. The entertainment areas alternate with the relaxation areas, and the games for which you have to pay the ticket are intertwined with the free playgrounds. So the park is for all tastes and all budgets.

The Children’s Town was inaugurated in 1976 and had everything an amusement park needed at the time: bombers, cars, horses, ladybugs, cotton candy, Montaigne-Rousse, and even a train with a rail.

Today, the children’s town has an attraction for everyone. From the panoramic wheel to several mountain Rousse routes, electric cars, spinning octopuses and even a carousel. In the town, there is also a large playground, Children’s World. Most of the fun is paid in cash here, so it’s a good idea to withdraw money before a visit to town.

See also the panoramic wheel in the Bucharest Christmas market.

Children’s Museum Bucharest

children museum bucharest

The Children’s Museum located on the Decebal boulevard has a total capacity of 350 visitors simultaneously. Here, the little ones can learn through play interesting things about the world in which they live.

It is structured in thematic sections in the 110 rooms that have been designed to cover a wide range of fields such as technology, geography, history, art and culture. In addition, visitors can see 25 permanent interactive exhibits in all areas.

Dedicated to children aged between 4 and 18, the museum has a total area of 1,850.77 square meters and is an ultramodern, interactive and innovative space, which offers children the opportunity to access various cultural and educational resources in an interactive mode.

The tours are made by age categories, with a companion, in the form of circuits. A visit duration of approximately 2 hours is indicated for each tour. Each tour goes through several sections, each section has a different guide dressed and themed costume, ready to explain in a very accessible way to children the elements of its section.

Bucharest for families: Therme

What could children like more, especially on a hot summer day, than splashing or running on a water slide? But you don’t just go to Therme in the summer, you always need to relax with your family. Therme is a relaxation and wellness complex, opened in 2016, being the largest complex of its kind in Europe, built greenfield, with a total area of over 250,000 square meters.

Therme Bucharest is one of the most interesting places to visit in Bucharest with your child. The largest wellness, relaxation and entertainment centre based on thermal waters in Europe is located in the northern part of Bucharest, in Balotești, on DN1- Otopeni.

Open all year round and designed as a relaxing and fun destination for families with children and adults, the centre can accommodate over 4,000 visitors simultaneously. The pools are supplied exclusively with thermal water brought from a depth of 3,100 meters, the deepest drilling carried out in Romania after 1989. The temperature of the water in the pools is 33 ° C, and that of the air is between 29 and 30 ° C, 365 days a year.

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Parents can relax in the pool with a cocktail while older children go on water slides with varying degrees of difficulty. And for the very young (1-3 years) there is a special pool where they can swim. The complex is open all year round. In summer you can go out on the sandy beach together or you can play various games in the outdoor garden. Finding a sandy beach in Bucharest is really unusual, but you have one here, in Therme.

Therme offers visitors three distinct areas, designed to offer experiences that are close to the real ones, from the tropical lands. Because we are talking about families with children, you will have to go to the Galaxy area, one for families, where there are several slides and a wave pool.

Beyond the classic splashing, at Therme adults can relax equally with children, can eat, and do therapies and treatments. There is even an aqua gym program called First Steps in the Water, in which, through the exercises supported by the parent and indicated by the trainer, the child gains confidence and forgets the fear of water.

Antipa Museum Bucharest

Antipa museum for kids bucharest

The Antipa Museum is perhaps the most famous children’s museum in Bucharest. It is visited annually by thousands of students who come here on a trip, not only by the children accompanied on the weekend by their parents.

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Organized in three zones, the museum presents the “biodiversity of Romania” section in the basement, on the ground floor it invites visitors to the world of ecosystems on Earth and the upstairs rooms are reserved for prehistory and human history, ethnology, marine biology, mineralogy, etc.

Certainly, the Antipa Museum is one of the places to walk with children in Bucharest, so the little ones will have a fascinating visit, during which they will be able to see, among other things, dioramas with exhibits such as the Black Sea seal. (species extinct in 1980), vertebrate and invertebrate collections, herpetology collections, etc.

Globe Circus in Bucharest

The first circus performances in Bucharest took place in 1877-1878, at the Sidoli Circus, installed in a place on the Dambovita quay, its activity continued until 1929 -1930, when due to lack of funds, its activity is interrupted. Until after the Second World War, circus performers did not have a circus building and participated in various impromptu performances, many organized at fairs and fairs.

Since 1954, the “State Circus” has been established, which has elevated the circus show to the highest art forms, along with ballet and opera. Unique in the country, the current circus building in Bucharest was put into use in 1961. Today’s Globus Circus organizes special shows, famous both in the country and abroad. Performances include music, dancing and acrobatics, with no animal numbers.

Indoor playgrounds in Bucharest

Most malls in Bucharest offer indoor playgrounds for children. After a shopping session, children can spend their energy climbing and playing various games. Here are just a few of these playgrounds:

Kiddo Play Academy in Baneasa Shopping centre is designed as an imaginary city with 12 special areas (Adventure Play, an adventure park built of soft sponge pieces, Climbing Mania – climbing area, Art Smart, for those with artistic inclinations, Fun Science etc), on an area of over 1200 sqm. The children embark on a journey through this city, being hard to get bored.

Gymboland from Mega Mall is for children aged 0-12. It has a trampoline arena, carousels and inflatables, special creative areas, activity panels, and even a special area for babies. Another Gymboland is located in AFI Palace Cotroceni, the largest mall in Bucharest.

Outdoor playgrounds

Outdoor playground Bucharest

All the parks in Bucharest have outdoor playgrounds. Add a park to your itinerary and the children will have the opportunity to play outside, while you can relax on a bench in nature. Herastrau park mentioned above is just the largest park in Bucharest.

But the capital of Romania has many green spots. Discover what are the most beautiful parks in Bucharest and choose the ones you find interesting.

The village museum

village museum bucharest

If you want to visit the whole country in one day, then go to the Village Museum. Currently, the permanent exhibition includes 123 distinct complexes, totalling 363 monuments, and the movable patrimony totals over 50,000 objects. This meant not only an increase in wealth but also a diversification of it.

Among the monuments recently transferred to the museum, respectively at the beginning of 2003, there is the church from Timiseni (Gorj county): a monument of special value for the old religious rural architecture (1773) and for the art of painting execution.

It is a place in nature where both adults and children can walk in the green alleys among old houses. It is a quiet place, perfect to learn as much as possible about country life, traditions, customs and Romanian culture. Sometimes, various workshops are organized for the little ones to experience the Romanian traditions and culinary dishes.

Book the Bucharest city tour and enjoy a perfect day in Bucharest with your children

Gardens with playgrounds in Bucharest

When it comes time for meals, the little ones, in addition to a quick dish and maybe dessert, are also thinking about playing. There are several restaurants and playgrounds in Bucharest, created especially for families with children.

Fabrica (June 11) is a restaurant with a terrace that has a playground both outside and inside.

Bellini Garden is another outdoor playground terrace located right next to the tables, so you can keep an eye on them while you talk to your friends.

Every day you can find enough events and activities for children in Bucharest. Beyond that, an activity in itself is visiting the Capital and especially the historical areas, where children can learn interesting things about the city. So, a holiday in Bucharest with kids can become a great memory for you and also for them!

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