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Wednesday locations in Romania: 10 Places You Shouldn’t Miss

Wednesday locations Romania

If you want to enjoy a different kind of holiday, try a themed tour and explore Netflix’s Wednesday locations in Romania.

The show is a truly immersive experience, allowing viewers to explore a vast array of atmospheric settings. From the decaying opulence of gothic interiors filled with mysterious artifacts to the lush forests stretching for miles in serene tranquillity, Wednesday takes its audience on a journey that is both visually stunning and emotionally compelling.

The show is based on the famous Addams Family, one of the most iconic families in all of pop culture. Brought to life by cartoonist Charles Addams in 1938, they were originally depicted as a ghoulish group of characters with a twisted sense of humor and an appreciation for the macabre.

The popular Netflix show is, however, focusing on a teenager Wednesday Addams who has just enrolled at a new school–Nervemore Academy.

The first season of the series was filmed entirely in Romania to ensure this rendition captures the same eerie spookiness as its predecessors.

Director Tim Burton found Romania perfectly fitting for the characters of this beloved family and their peculiar world. For that reason, the first season of Wednesday was filmed mainly in Bucharest.

Whether you’re an experienced traveller or you are a fan of the show, our article will reveal all Wednesday sites. Romania has many more attractions to offer. So, prepare yourselves for a memorable exploration that combines history, adventure, and mystery.

Wednesday Castle in Romania: Cantacuzino Castle

Nevermore Academy Romania

The famous exterior of Nevermore Academy is actually a beautiful castle placed in the Carpathian Mountains. Cantacuzino Castle is a lovely Neo-Romanian-style palace located in the small town of Busteni, Romania.

Built between 1911 and 1913, the castle was commissioned by Gheorghe Grigore Cantacuzino, a former Prime Minister of Romania, and decorated with exquisite works of art from renowned artists of the era.

Today, the castle serves as a museum and tourist destination, featuring grand rooms filled with historic furniture, works of art, and other antiques from the early 20th century. Visitors can explore the many chambers on a guided tour or wander through the estate’s gardens.

Buftea Studios

Given the show’s popularity, fans can visit the ghostly town (Jericho) where everything was filmed, as this town is actually an entire filming studio.

Buftea studios are now open to the public and are pretty close to Bucharest. So if you want an authentic gothic experience, make sure you rush to Romania as soon as possible!

Niculescu-Dorobantu House

Wednesday filming locations Bucharest

Your next stop should be at Casa Niculescu-Dorobantu, as it plays a significant role in the show.

Niculescu-Dorobantu House is a historic building located in the city of Bucharest. It was built between 1875 and 1876 by architect Ion Mincu as a residence for the Niculescu-Dorobantu family.

The house is an example of Eclectic architecture, combining classicism, neo-Grecian, and French Renaissance styles. It is one of the few monuments in Bucharest that has survived intact since its completion.

The house was mainly used for the interiors of Nevermore Academy. The building cannot be visited inside and it is for sale at the moment.

Monteoru Palace

Netflix filming locations

Mainly used for the ball scenes, Monteoru Palace is another place you should put on your must-see list.

Monteoru Palace is a stunning 19th-century palace bought by Grigore Constantinescu-Monteoru and renovated by the famous architect Ion Mincu. The place served as a meeting place for intellectuals and high society figures during the 19th century. It is now an architectural gem of Bucharest, built with a unique combination of neo-classical, Baroque, and Oriental styles.

Inside, the palace offers a grand hall with an impressive ceiling painting, several salons full of beautiful furniture from different eras, and an extensive library. The Monteoru Palace also has a lovely garden featuring lush vegetation, statues, pavilions, and fountains, creating a charming atmosphere for guests to enjoy.

Bucharest Botanical Garden

Bothanical garden Bucharest Wednesday filming locations

If you want to know where the gorgeous greenhouse of the Academy hides, you should stop at Gradina Botanica Dimitrie Brândza or Bucharest Botanical Garden. This place was established in 1860, and it holds the name of its founder, Dimitrie Brândza.

The garden is placed in the Controceni neighborhood and covers almost 45 acres, home to over 10,000 species of plants. It features various themed gardens, including a Japanese garden, a greenhouse, rock gardens, wildflower meadows, and even a cactus garden.

In addition to its diverse plant life, the Bucharest Botanical Garden also offers visitors a range of educational and recreational activities. Guided tours of the park are available, as well as horticultural courses and workshops. There is also a playground for children and plenty of benches to relax on while enjoying the beautiful surroundings.

The Bucharest Botanical Garden is open to visitors all year round, providing an enjoyable escape from the city at any time. Whether you are looking to explore the various gardens, take in the stunning views, or simply relax and soak up some of nature’s beauty, this park will surely provide an unforgettable experience.

Polytechnic University of Bucharest

Universitatea Politehnica din București (UPB) or the Polytechnic University of Bucharest is one of the most popular universities in Romania. Founded in 1864, it is the oldest engineering school in the country and can be seen as a symbol of success. It is renowned for its excellence in research and teaching, providing students with an outstanding education.

Besides all this, the place was used to illustrate the Nancy Reagan High School. Here’s where Wednesday and Pugly’s shared school before Wednesday transfers to Nevermore.

Dinamo pool

The famous scene with the swimming pool in episode one was filmed in this location. Actually, Bazinul de Înot Dinamo Tolea Grințescu served as the Nancy Reagan High School’s swimming pool.

The Dinamo pool is one of the oldest and most renowned swimming pools in Romania.  It was opened in 1962 and served as a training center for the Romanian National Team.

Royal Train Station in Sinaia

Sinaia train station - Wednesday locations in Romania

Even though Jericho is a real town in Vermont, the train station scene was shot at Gara Regala, Sinaia (the Royal train station in Sinaia)

Royal Train Station in Sinaia, right in the heart of the mountains, is a magnificent example of late 19th-century rail architecture. It was built in the year 1881 and commissioned by King Carol I as part of his effort to bring the royal family closer to the royal summer residence, Peles Castle.

The building has spectacular murals on the outside walls and is adorned with sculptures of significant figures in Romanian history. Inside, visitors can explore the impressive neoclassical decorations and admire its chandeliers, bronze railings, and marble statues.

The station is still in use today and offers tourists one-day trips to various locations around the region. It is also a popular tourist attraction due to its impressive architecture and its long history with the royal family.

Olga Greceanu mansion

The abandoned Gates House in Wednesday is a real place in Dambovita, Romania.

Dating back to the 1800s, the Olga Greceanu manor house was carefully restored by renowned architect and historian Mihai Popica. He also helped create the extensive grounds which feature beautiful gardens and pathways.

The manor cannot be visited today, but you can stop shortly to see it from outside on the way from Bucharest to Targoviste.

Branesti lake

The last place of your Wednesday tour is Branesti Lake. The scene with the Poe Cup, where students of Nevermore paddle across the lake, was filmed here.

This stunningly beautiful lake is located in the Romanian countryside and is surrounded by lush rolling hills. Visiting Lake Branesti is an experience that you shouldn’t miss!

Wednesday is an excellent example of how far Netflix has come in recent years. The show is a visual feast, with stunning locations that immerse the viewer in its world. If would like to visit some of the Wednesday filming locations in Romania, book a tour. And we’ll take you to some of the most iconic places seen on screen. So what are you waiting for?

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